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Banned on Reddit for Violent Threats

This began with a person asking about Sonoma County and if it’s changed. I very bluntly told him that it was nothing like it was a mere ten years ago. That he should reconsider coming here at all and that the people were parasites and worthless.

Then some “see you next Tuesday” told me I should leave. This was my reply to her and the simps that agreed.

Who, me? I was here first fruit loop. California is gigantic and has no reason to be. It’s not as if the people of Eureka and Long Beach are even on the same planet, let alone state. The disgusting parasite that is the growth from Mendo co down south, has gone malignant and needs to be cut out, poisoned, and starved before it destroys the entire state. Hollywood and Silicon Valley can move their champagne socialists and the underclass they’ve become dependent upon just south of the bay. The bridges make for nice natural BORDERS between California and lawless commiewood.

All the crying over minimum wage, healthcare as a right, working as a right. Nothing but crickets when someone actually asks, “who are you paying medical insurance for? Do you pay the foreign national raising your kids to have some medical insurance? Nope that’s what medical is for right? What about the citizens of Mexico you pay to clean your yard with outlawed pollution blowers? Certainly you aren’t just expecting them to pay everything when the blower cancer finally takes away Jose from his 13 youngsters. Yard and kids, whatever who cares bout those people. 

Surely you demand that the 45 year old who can’t speak a lick of English taking your order at McDontcare has free access to “healthcare”?!? After all it’s a corporation and not you a “person”. You just try to help by opening your wallet once a week and ovoid all the taxes, overtime, disability, etc that’s forced out of employers who follow the rules you forced upon them, but they can’t follow you and your cash for service business. It would lead to jail for the vineyard to act like the liberal domestic plantation. Apparently cash is king when it’s liberal and good for the liberal. Cash is criminal when it’s used to buy anything without tax, regulation or violence.

Liberals love this and why wouldn’t they, they set it up. They get basically free labor that’s bought with no record or enforceable contract. They exploit that labor to the maximum possible and without the slightest bit of shame or pity for the servants that indenture themselves until ready to retire back in Mexico. After working 20 years 3 jobs a time they can role that cash into a casa for their familia and never have to see y’all again. If you sissies could actually be a fly on the wall when they’re being honest, you’d be speechless for once, that’s for sure. I’m sure you’d cry if you knew what they really thought of you.

Cuck the loser can’t do anything like a man. Mexican culture is still macho and the men are so full of it they are inappropriate whenever a teenage girl is around. In Mexico the age of consent is 12. Fu**ing 12. Here you have to be 21 to smoke tobacco. How do you like 40 year old creeps gawking at your women and children? What would you do about it anyway? Nothing. Cucks gonna cuck. Cuck your wife, your daughter, let your boy be bullied and cuck some more if it will help. 

You can’t be the man of the house, you just pay for the help, keep, drugs and booze, and they hate you for it. You don’t deserve what you have and there’s an army of young men from a foreign country who have helped themselves to everything except permission. 

But hey, bosses don’t ask, they take. Lol, right tough guys? If your dog ignores you and jumps when the nanny snaps, the master don’t grovel for obedience. Cucks grovel and cry regardless of where they are or who is watching. Even foreigners who hate our culture and hate the men who built it, know it was MEN who did it. This metrosexual and sensitive “new man” makes them as sick as it does myself. 

Masculinity is toxic? Ok. Just mine? What about the rest of the worlds men? Are they all on birth control or something? What end is achieved by clipping the nuts of American men when we were already totally whooped? Our existence has been devoted to making earth safe for women. TIME saving inventions were brought to market long before LIFE saving inventions for the men in mines, falling timber, or fishing was. Irons, clothes washing machines, vacuums, etc… while we still relied on a canary to expire before we had enough poison to pass out from bad air.

I wanna see women really shatter that glass ceiling. Get you sweet asses up on the high steel and walk around hammering in red hot rivets 40 stories off the ground. Next, to the mines we go where you’re welcome to die of any number of poisonous gasses, or just lack of oxygen. That’s the easy way though, what about a cave in that leaves you crushed and drowning in your own blood? Or just a flood that came on sudden, what’s a quarter really worth to ya?

Be aware of the fact that the town that was here is gone. The Sonoma Co that existed for generations and made apples and walnuts and milk. Now just makes excuses for why it’s such a disgrace. Lost all sense of love and loyalty so it could be traded for envy and contempt. Cucksfornia is where shame grows tall and the men who used to be pioneers and freedom fighters are hobbled by fear of being called haters.

As for me, I’d rather have hate for some and passionate love for others than just indifference to everything and everyone.

That’s the “violent” post that got me banned. No threats and it was in response to assholes talking shit. Whatever, that’s why I have this place. Fu** them.

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