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Are You A Citizen, or A Sovereign? Choice Is Yours

Today I’m going to tell yall a story. A story in which the people of a new country began as the sovereigns of that country, and ended up, so called citizens. For most people there is already confusion. Aren’t US Citizens free? Were they ever treated differently by each other and the state? 

Sovereigns rule over themselves and their property with absolute authority. Citizens accept the liberties allowed to them and believe extortion is noble, and paying a third of your earnings is freedom. Citizens are the subjects of the sovereign authority, not equals. If you doubt my words, send the IRS a letter opting out. If you own your property you will be successful. The IRS agent, after done laughing in your face, will explain that the taxes are voluntary but the penalties for doing so are not at all voluntary.

Before the people lost their real freedom they acted as king or queen in their own right. You were the king of your castle and the absolute authority over the use of the land and the profits created. No property tax, licensing fees, OSHA, or the million pages that “govern” farming. All industries are beset by the same looters but farmers provide perhaps the most gross example. Our farmers are forced to live hand to mouth. Constantly concerned if this seasons crop will cover last seasons loans. Farmers get it from all sides. The regulators want to inspect the farm, monitor water use and waste, and busy body themselves all over property they have nothing to do with.

Property taxes were the end of generational wealth and actual ownership of land. The system turns the owner into a mere renter that can lose his property for failing to keep up with the taxes. Not just property taxes either. They will use your home to threaten you with, if they decide you have failed to pay any tax, whether you even knew about it or not.

So what changed? Why were early Americans allowed to contract with each other for anything and any reason, without a license to do so? Why weren’t Americans forced to be licensed to ride a horse? Much more dangerous to ride a horse than a car. When did the state begin to license our behavior? In 1899 The first 2 states adopted license schemes. By 1935 39 states had gotten on the gravy train. In 1959 It was complete and every state in the Union required a license to use your private property to travel on public roads.

The progressive movement brought us the end of mutually beneficial and trusted contracts. It relies on the belief that bureaucracy is efficiency. That the expansion of the state is going to increase efficiency and the quality of our economy. It is progressives that demanded the regulatory nightmare we exist in today.

Early Californians invested in properties called “Thrifts”. These were loose organizations of members with shared goals and intentions. The financial structure was totally equal and default by any members were extremely rare due to the social stigma of letting your fellow partners down. This seems like a simple, cheap to get involved in, business interest that uses property for boarding or farming. Regardless, it was state free and solely governed by the people involved. The progressives attacked this first, it appears. By 1899 there were already challenges from losers who wanted regulation over this system of ethical contract and personal responsibility. Bureaucracy was begged for and the state obliged. Surprise, surprise.

Things got crazy in the early 20th century. After totally taking over our money and credit they wanted to design a system to keep you working for the worthless notes they receive. The income tax was that mechanism. It was sold as a 1% tax on the very rich. By the 1960’s there was a marginal tax rate of 90% on millionaires. The effective tax rate, what they collected, never reached much more than 40%. Still almost half of your fu**ing income. When can you call a man a slave? When he is free 2 thirds of the time? Working for the state for the first 3 or 4 months every year is slavery. Even chattel slaves were allowed to keep some money they earned on their own time. Obviously this depended greatly upon who your “master” was, yet it was regular enough. The lords managing the serfs during serfdom were very careful to keep his serfs from rebellion. Taking more than 15% of their production would likely cause a rebellion. Serfs were twice as economically free as you. And 100% harder and more manly than you.

Removing us from any source of hard money should have given us less taxation, not more. The fact that we now live off of currency that can’t be over printed would make taxes cruel and unnecessary. Unless contrived scarcity is the goal. They have a system of currency in which all currency enters the market as loans. When you sign on the line for that mortgage you invent the money with your signature alone. The bank doesn’t just run off to the vault and get your loan. They are enriched by the signature that invented another several thousand dollars into their bank records. 

All money comes into the system as a loan and thus, it comes at interest. That’s why the “interest rate” you hear so much about matters. Credit and currency are the sole prerogative of the private banking cartel and they are private banks, not the treasury. We could have interest free hard money, but that has a limit and can’t be expanded in perpetuity. Fiat money allows us to lend ourselves hundreds of trillions of dollars and if it’s dumped directly into the war machine they can even manipulate the inflation. The way it works is easy. The first to get the new money is the biggest winner. If it’s spent into the regular commercial market it would destroy the rest of the money in circulation. They loan these trillions to banks and military contractors that are juicing the stock market instead of spending it on cheerios. Thus we can be told the inflation rate is a mere 3%.

When they instituted social security it was the scam of the century. They offered a pittance that wasn’t needed for 99% of old folks who had kids to take them in, in their old age. This was a time of multi-generational households. It was totally normal for a single home to house several generations. It was how it should be done and required families to remain tight. The state just tried to destroy this family support, and has been replaced with state support. It’s taken a century but has worked. Today old people are abused by the millions, by foreign born, hateful, and repugnant “care takers.” This is the saddest aspect of the social security scam. The state can’t care for you while you are readying yourself for death. My grandma died at home with us and while it was awful to watch she is family. When she passed my daughter was about 8 and we all went in the room to pay our respects. My stepfather and I took a shot and we all bowed our heads.

If you wanna see red, search elder abuse on Duckduckgo, and see what you find. Men and women in their 90’s being punched by a “man” my age. Women being manhandled by lunatics. It’s truly disgusting.

This is gonna take more than one post can cover. This story is long and detailed and to myself, griping with intrigue and keeps me on the edge of my seat. I am a total nerd like that. Knowledge is the obsession I feed through constant research. The incredible resource we have is not guaranteed to be here forever. I save and download as much as I can if it seems juicy. Use it now while we still have it. The net might be taken away and we could be sent back to the Stone Age. I am archiving tons of the most important info I can. Several hard drives full of info so far.

Next time we’ll go into the details of how you went from a sovereign man on the land, to taxpayer, citizen that’s subject to the UCC and out of the jurisdiction of the Constitution. Jurisdiction is the governing boundaries of a governing body. If you think you live under the legal protections of the US Constitution, you are totally asleep. Or you haven’t ever read the like 500 word document that has been hailed as the most inspiring and copied governing document ever penned. Either way you will get the difference by the time I’m done.

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