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Apparently The CDC Isn’t God After All

Apparently there has been an eviction moratorium for some time and it’s recently expired. The congress decided against extending it and the president hasn’t tried using executive orders to extend it. No matter, the CDC just decided it would extend eviction moratoriums until further notice.

Not surprisingly, or surprising depending on your view, landlords are pissed. For most landlords it’s an extra income source, for others it’s their sole income source. It costs money to invest in property, maintain the property, and keep it rented to respectful people who pay their bills. It costs lots of money and it requires huge risks.

You risk damage caused by tenants, legal costs over evictions, and the massive upfront cost of owning the property. There’s already so many laws in place that protect renters at the expense of the property owners it’s disgusting. The addition of a moratorium on evictions, even when the people can, but choose not to pay rent, is going to cause less people to rent. It will likely push the costs up as the risks go up as well.

The case is being heard in Louisiana and the folks are asking for the appeals court to block the edict while it considers the case. No word on that decision yet. This moratorium has been challenged all over the place and even the Supreme Court found the original moratorium illegal. Kavanaugh made a June 29th statement about a case in Alabama and said, CDC “exceeded its existing statutory authority by issuing a nationwide eviction moratorium.”

Even Cali is pissed off. Landlords represented by Pacific Legal Foundation said this, The “CDC’s eviction moratorium is illegal and the Biden administration knows not.” I don’t see how this is allowed to continue. The only reason it wasn’t stopped by the supremes is because it was only a month from expiring anyway. They said an extension would require an act of congress.

Around 100 pissed off landlords protested in front of NYC’s mayor Cuomo’s house. One fella had a very seriously sad story. We seem to forget landlords provide a service that isn’t cheap and is a requirement for life. Housing is a must if you intend on making anything of yourself. Without the ability to rent, what would most people do? Not all landlords are good, not all bad. Most are a mix of both leaning towards good.

This dude was livid. He began the eviction process in 2019, pre covid. His tenant works the same as he did, pre germ and he’s independently wealthy from an inheritance. The dude just stopped paying rent and according to the landlord has damaged the place to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars. Yet the CDC says it’s a medical emergency that he remain a squatter that ruins more and more value of the property every day he’s there. Yuck and fu** you CDC.

Apparently the courts aren’t even hearing cases or they are delaying them. Covid I’m sure. The landlords pay the property taxes, the maintenance on the home, and the repairs. Why are they hated so much? The city treats them like criminals or cons. They offer a service that’s desperately needed for productive people. They have to charge for their service and at least cover their expenses. Then truth be told they deserve a bit extra for the trouble and risk they take on with the whole thing. Profiting from an investment is kinda what they are for. Remove the profit incentive and see the rental market shrink dramatically and actually explode in price. The demand will not likely shrink but the amount of rental properties surely will. Good ole supply and demand. You folks think economics is some incredible mathematical formula are morons.

Economics is human action. The Keynesian crap that rules the mainstream is just that, crap. It has failed to predict anything. They were telling you to buy houses in 2007. The stock market is better than ever and no chance of being overvalued. The best non-prediction is the way they ignore the currency and what most would consider a crises. #% Inflation? By what metric? My gas, food, utilities, and rent are all up. Oh they don’t include those petty things in their inflation index. I’m concerning myself with silly necessities of life. Inflation only matters when it effects like 3 different prices and none of them matter a hill of beans to you.

When asked about a compromise the landlords were supremely reasonable. They simply asked that the courts reopen and adjudicate their cases. According to their personal estimates, the vast majority are bad actors taking advantage of a crisis to profit at the expense of their contractural obligations. 90% are lying to game the system. That’s fraud and they should be evicted and prosecuted for fraud. They should also be on the hook for all the back rent they owe, as well as the damage they caused to another person’s property. My guess is 90% of the landlords just want them gone and a modicum of assurance that they will be able to charge rent again.

There’s one lady in particular that is being screwed big time. I mean they all are but this takes the cake. Her tenant has stopped paying rent and refuses to leave. The property owner started the eviction process because she doesn’t want to rent anymore. She has cancer and wants the room to go to her sister so they can be close. A dying woman wants to use her property to spend her last time as close to her sister as possible, but the CDC, NYC, and whoever else is refusing her that. The tenant that must be aware of the circumstances and refuses to leave, let alone pay for her rent, is the lowest scum on Earth and she is protected by the state.

A quote from that lady,

“So this person is literally living in my home for free, while I’m working 3 jobs with an incurable cancer.” 

You still think landlords are slumlords? Sure, some are. The vast majority are upper middle class people who inherited a home from their parents or bought a starter home to rent out. They aren’t usually the super wealthy and they pay property tax on every single property they rent out. So they pay for your kids schools, not you. I have faithfully honored my agreement with my landlord throughout the entire germ. I haven’t taken a dime from any stimulus, stopped paying rent, or seen a break on my taxes.

Doing the right thing in this country is for suckers, I suppose. What a mess we are and the germ just amplified the problems that already existed. It just pulled them into focus and magnified them. We are seeing everyday just how disgusting, rotten, and irredeemably narcissistic our culture is. Let it burn. The patient is beyond saving. Time to pronounce America dead and move on.

It’s illegal to breath, work, learn, teach, rent property, and enforce any right you have. Whether right to life, property, or pursuit of happiness, you are out of luck. Fu** the courts, throw the squatters out by their hair. They are trespassing and should be led off of the property at gunpoint. Any suggestion otherwise is commie BS and total crap. If you don’t wanna pay for rent, go home to mommy if she will have your loser ass. 

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