Another 2 Months of “Eviction Relief” for the Germ

According to an Epoch Times article, the CDC has decided that it has the authority to halt evictions and allow people to legally squat in the home they are legally obligated, by contract, to honor the rent for. My landlady was on it and served me papers 30 days prior to the first and she quite likely lied to me to get me to move in 30 days as oppose to the 60 I was entitled to. 

So I have paid my rent like clockwork through this whole nightmare. I’ve changed jobs twice and now work for myself and still have had one late rent payment in 7 years. I gave her a heads up as soon as I knew I was going to be late and happily paid the late fee. She still made a gigantic deal out of it and tried to guilt me with the “I need to know I can depend on you…” Well, Who was dependable, me who never asked her to fix a thing in 7 years and paid my rent with cashiers checks like clockwork. Or her, who took the first opportunity to sell a house that’s literally falling apart as we speak. She is so eager to get the house sold because its foundation is wrecked.

The condition of the house isn’t terribly important. For a Frisco Fag that sees a 1/4 acre lot like a nature preserve, the house is just in the way. My guess is it will be sold as is and as dishonestly as the tortured legal language will allow for. The house has a standing water issue that’s terrible. 2 Sump pumps run all rainy season and can hardly keep up. The backyard and garage flood from the poor drainage. The dry rot damage is beyond repair I’m sure. Then there’s the mold, which I’m sure will fail to be disclosed.

I’ve never bought a house and when I do I will be doing the inspection myself. I’ve sold maybe 20 cars and trucks through the years and you have to be totally straight up with the buyer. If it’s a salvage title that needs to be made crystal clear. Any damage you are aware of is supposed to be disclosed as well as any work you’ve done to it. Full disclosure due to the cost, safety, and legal responsibility to act in “good faith”, are how honest dealers trade in whatever their wares are.

I was able to find a one bedroom apartment near my old place and move within the allotted time. I had to beg borrow and steal to get everything done in the 20 days notice I had. She offered my around $3000 for getting out in 30 days instead of the 60 I was legally entitled to. Living in a 3 bedroom house with pets, a kid, and a huge yard requires much more stuff to make use of the place than I can fit or want in my new hotel style apartment. No use for lawnmowers, weed eaters, or even the BBQ I so loved are all not allowed at my new place. No BBQ?!? I thought I was moving down the block, not to soviet Russia.

To make matters more interesting, I was only able to get an upstairs unit. I did not want to be above someone else. I like music and work early and would prefer not bother anyone. Too damn bad. The dude living directly below me has already complained about the music. I had it playing at speaking level while I cleaned and unpacked. I unplugged my subwoofer and he still says he can hear everything. This complex is on Farmers ln. Which is a through street that continues HWY 12 through town. It’s incredibly noisy from the trucks and cars that are far less pleasant to the senses than my wonderfully eclectic taste in music. In one session I will listen to Bob Dylan, Johnny Horton, Louis Prima, The Drifters, and David Alan Coe., just to name a few. If you don’t like the genre playing just wait a minute or 2 and you’ll get something.

I watched Saving Private Ryan last night. I’m sorry but I’m using my system for movies whether he loses his shit or not. I’ll kill the bass on my music but when a German 88 opens up I wanna feel like I’m there, and the sound is as important as picture. The opening scene when they are approaching Normandy is so intense and viciously realistic, but try watching it on mute. It seems totally unreal and takes the audience right out of the picture. 

The rattling of machine gun fire against the tin can Higgins crafts they were desperate to evacuate from, gives us an intense insight into the sounds of war and the terrifying audible proof that you were, fish in a barrel, once the door was lowered. Whether a tank company, landing party, or in an aircraft, you were constantly being shot at and only too aware of the possibilities of one getting through and bouncing around enough to kill anyone in its way. Airmen were also victim to flak. A brilliant explosive that can be set to detonate at the altitude of the bombers. Like a pipe bomb with shrapnel, it explodes with the intention of killing the occupants more so than disabling the plane. 

Plenty of aircraft were lost due to flak alone disabling their planes. Most casualties from flack were from razor sharp shrapnel that would cut through aircraft skin the same as it would a man’s. If the Germans had developed the engineering super weapon known as the fighter jet, more than it was able to, the allied bombings might have been stopped. The thousands of bombers at a time were never going to be stopped by any ground weapon prior to SAM’s. 

The jet fighter that saw action in the final days of the war was like alien technology to the allies. Hundreds of miles faster and capable of rapid refuel and rearmament, this might have given the Germans enough to halt the barbaric sacking of that city. Hitler visited the Eiffel Tower, the catholic cathedrals, and forbid the soldiers from acting like medieval conquerors. Rape, pillage, and arson were not tolerated at all. Partisan communists and the French resistance were not under the Geneva conventions protection. They were terrorists, not uniformed soldiers. Spies and sneak thieves, not honorable men of war. The fact that the Germans were even civil to the French is proof of good character to me. The treaty of Versailles was an outrage and every German living anywhere had every right to hate the French for what they imposed on the people of Germany.

After the French were beyond whooped and facing full blown mutiny throughout the entire military ranks, only then did American soldiers begin to do what the French were too soft to do and the British were just too stretched thin to accomplish. American “doughboys” charged artillery and machine gun fortifications with the courage or stupidity it takes to lose a quarter million men in a few months. At this point the French were worthless and had lost tens of millions of young men to a cause that was truly deranged and pointless. 

Even though they had no hand in victory, save for the negotiations, they were able to indict the German people and destroy them economically, physically with hunger, and morally by stripping them of their traditional borders. This also separated ethnic Germans from any protection they might need from Polish mass murderers. Hitler pleaded with the “international community” for years. He wanted to see German people reunited and he wanted to protect the Germans who, through no fault of their own, became foreigners in a foreign land. 

Polls, Checks, and the French who found themselves supreme authority over the German minority that lived within their jurisdiction, were barbaric psychos. Partisan commies, most of them, and hell bent on bringing pain to anyone German. Why the hatred for the Germans? The Jews have hated Germany since the Tsar. England, Germany, and Russia were all ruled by the nephews of Queen Elizabeth. Monarchy is right at the top of institutions that deserve death by the commie Bolsheviks, according to all of their documents, including the Commie Manifesto. Even though Jews received the best treatment in Europe from the Germans, it was the Germans who needed to be destroyed to bring about Palestine’s destruction. They needed to be real or contrived victims of genocide to get the world to hate Germany and displace the thousands of years old Philistine nation. 

They worked this out during a huge jewish convention where they get together and scheme their takeover plans for the “goyim” and the rest of God’s children.  The “World Zionist Congress” has existed for over a century and they are in session now. They have zionists from over 30 different countries there. What do you think they talk about? 20% Is an outrageous tip?  How can we improve the people’s lives who take us in and show us brotherhood by accepting us as citizens? 

Do they even advertise the existence of the WZC to the oblivious world they aim to control? No. They accuse people of anti-semitism for mentioning the plain fact that zionism is a political movement that is hundreds of years old. A movement of deception, manipulation, theft, treachery, and backstabbing without even a hint of conscience. The Mossad have an adorable and blunt guiding creed, “By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt do War”. Now consider the zionist congress in session right now and just what do you think the jews from the 30 nations other than Israel, are up to and scheming to bring about? 

Let me fill you in since you are denser then lead. They plot on how to divert the resources, lives, and weapons from the host nations they leach off of. AIPAC, the ADL, and TSPLC are all psychological warfare specialists. They use blackmail, bribery, and good old fashioned intimidation to control our government and the military that was once an honorable institution, that held a deep and special place in the hearts of Americans. Now it is Israel’s defense force and the missions are more dangerous to the minds of our soldiers than their bodies. 

The enemy is the people running the show but they are made to kill and be killed by peasants with no effective means for self defense. Their only recourse is to use unexploded bombs they find and wire them up to frustrate and kill convoys. When they were fighting the Soviets we armed them with stinger missiles and billions of dollars worth of other fun stuff. It’s the stingers that leveled the playing field though. It was the soviet equivalent to our Apache helicopters that were able to wreak so much unanswered havoc on the Afghani people. 

One man with a functioning brain cell can obliterate a multi million dollar aircraft as well the crew inside it. Think about the first couple of pilots who got to see these in action. An IED is a firecracker comparatively. Still they fight with what they have. They should be supplied by the Chi-Coms or the Iranians or someone. If IED’s are too much for our boys to handle, just what would they do with SAM’s, stingers, or predator drones? You know, anything that would even kind of level the playing field? At least we would have some casualties to talk about instead of the suicides they get to ignore.

War, bailouts, welfare, and lockdowns. This crap about evictions is beyond the pale. People invest in homes, often times with the plan of renting it out until they want to sell or move in. With the insane housing prices this is the most realistic way for any young person to own a home at all. Having the ability to rent it out for the mortgage payment os what allows them to keep the home and grow their equity in it. Now owning a home is even more of a joke, scam than before.

The old normal was a 30 year mortgage and then a property tax in perpetuity, that adjusts according to how much they have stolen through inflation. They already have made you serfs who own nothing. The title on your car? Fail to pay for their $1000/year sticker and they will take it and auction it off for pennies on the dollar. Live in a family home that’s a hundred years old and totally paid off? Better pay the adjusted property tax. Oh so the property was only $20,000 when your grandparents bought its? Well we say it’s worth $2 million today so if you could just cut a check for half that we will let you stay for another year.

The most basic act of self preservation is illegal. Hunting is so regulated as to be completely impractical for anyone with a job and limited resources. Depending on what you want to hunt, you require a license. You don’t get your money back if all you end up with is a cold and wet camping trip. If you are fishing you have to be wearing a lanyard with your fishing license visible to rangers from a distance, so they don’t have to walk around asking to see your “papers”. A one day license is like $60 last time I checked. Even if all you catch is a buzz, you put a line in the water without the paper permission slip and you are in deep shit.

Pigs are an invasive species, bear and moose are dangerous and increasingly coming into contact with people. Wolves are fully evolved packs of coordinated killers and need to be kept in balance. The first war in the new world was against the elements and the wildlife. Grizzly bears, cougars and mountain lions, and wolves were dangerous. Rattlesnakes, bears, and even poison plants that will kill you, were all dealt with by culling them and shoving them back out of civilization. People respected animals and the danger they posed. You didn’t’t have idiots like the Yellowstone morons tempting fate with natural born predators. Wolves were not worth preserving if you had one drag off a child of yours. Then again these were christians who loved people and valued human life over base animals that only act on instinct.

You people are pathetic. You own the skin you’re in? Nope. They can force medicate you on the Hearsayevidence of a conflicting interested party. They can strip you of your property and prevent purchase of replacement firearms based solely upon some anonymous tip about one’s mental health. They get to force medication on you that has no mechanism for holding the producers of said meds accountable. Hell, you can’t even hold the people who mandated this crap accountable. Full accountability for you, collective guilt for you, and removal of your individual wants, needs, or concerns. 

For them, full time security in gated communities, armed guards, concealed cary with or without permit, lying under oath as if it were no harder than saying grace, using unfounded fear to impose inhumane and lunatic lockdowns on our lives. Abusing our children with unearned guilt that is half lies any way. Treating a virus with a morbidity rate of >1% to destroy the economy, society, and civility is beyond criminal. These hypocritical, Luciferian, demons are on notice. No more. You’ve gone way too far as it is. If you want to live through this at all, I suggest you make a change fast and start to redeem yourself quick. A reckoning is coming your way.

Hundreds of NAZI’s were hung after the Nuremberg trials. Do you think we lack the mustard to do to you what you did to them? They were just carrying out orders and probably had many who were disgusted by the whole affair. Women were hanged too. Everyone on Earth has a legitimate beef with the US government. The only question is how we are going to receive the criminals of their power. They will be removed, by us or by a coalition of people who will not differentiate from us, who hate but live from the system and its spoils, and those who call all of the plays and profit from the pain they export. To the world’s poor and beaten down you will be just as good a target as anyone else.

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