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Afghanistan is Over, Pearl Clutching NeoCons Are in Tears

A war that’s been going on my daughter’s entire life is finally coming to a close.

Sleepy Joe has finally held up to the promise of the last 3 presidents. We have been promised an end to Afghanistan since Obama’s first election. Obama started a trend when it comes to the war. Incoherent troop increases, troop declines, and no strategy of any kind apparent to the casual observer.

It’s important to revisit the reason we invaded this poorest nation on Earth. After the atrocity of 9-11 and the media propaganda that kept 99% of us totally fooled for weeks if not months, the American people were after blood. Too bad they misjudged their enemy and attacked a people that don’t even know where NYC is. No matter we were looking for revenge and were still ignorant enough to accept the government’s claims as to who the enemy was.

A tactical bombing campaign, that quite likely killed Osama Bin Laden way back in Tora Bora, was then escalated to include hundreds of thousands of troops. Supported, of course, by a private military we call “contractors”. This war showed us an unprecedented use of non military “assets” used to perform traditional military duties. Building, meals, and security were all taken care of “in house” by the respective service. Today they are billion dollar contracts delivering subpar service according to the soldiers depending on them.

Lest we forget, the soldiers first on the ground were woefully under prepared in terms of gear. They didn’t even have bullet proof vehicles for getting through the valleys and caverns that make up that terrain. Early in the war we were told about soldiers welding plates unto their Hum-Vees. This was even played as a sob story for the elites that wanted to protect our boys, but congress just wasn’t approving the funds needed to provide basic safety.

Speaking of congress, what sellout punks. No declaration of war, with a clear mission, just a vague and aimless spending free ride, to do what the executive branch desires. This “war” has been funded in starts and fits. The mission has changed several times. Our capability to accomplish anything is a joke. Two decades worth of American blood and treasure. Maybe a million Afghanistan dirt farmers dead. The country went from  a mere 5% heroin supply globally to a whopping 90 to 95% of the world’s heroin raw material producers.

This war has been so obviously about piracy on a national scale, than any safety for any American anywhere. Oil, precious metals, rare earth minerals, lithium deposits that are massive, and most important of all, HEROIN. We have had wars for opium for centuries and it continues today. Now that the Chi-Coms have made heroin irrelevant with Fentanyl maybe we will stop murdering for it.

So you’d think this would be good news for everyone. Nope. There is a noisy bunch of warhawks that are angry at the Biden exit strategy. I am sympathetic to this because sleepy Joe hasn’t got an exit strategy. For the vets this is Saigon all over again and a final insult for those who sacrificed to this deranged cause, just to see their efforts be made irrelevant. I sympathize with the soldiers, not the Neo-Con scum.

Anyone bemoaning our exit based upon the fact that Afghanistan will be a failed state in no time, should shut up. It was a failed state when we got there. The fact that the local warlords are now equipped with billions of dollars worth of gear, weapons, and other goodies is our fault, and we can’t fix it by adding more material or men.

The Afghanistan government is a joke puppet regime that will be relieved immediately. That this bothers people confuses me. It’s not anywhere near anything you care about. If the Afghans want to replace their US puppets and return to a theocratic dictatorship, God bless. We have no more right to tell them how to govern themselves than we have to force them to grow opium poppies. Time for both to end.

The war machine is hyperventilating over the total disaster that our departure is creating. The fact that our presence for 2 decades have given this situation to the people should show us all how ridiculous modern warfare is. It can’t be called defensive on any planet. It’s so disgusting the congress has failed to declare war since Vietnam, I think. We have invaded like 30 countries since and nothing about declaring war. They just reclassify their actions. An armed invasion and attack upon a sovereign nation, with a well equipped, coordinated centrally in command, and use of bombing and occupation. This isn’t war, it’s a police action. Silly you, thinking words mean what they mean. Words, laws, and especially principles are flexible like a sewing thread, if you are a politician, military brass, or one of the thousands of federal employees with access to top secret material.

There is nothing that could possibly justify our continued action in Afghanistan. The original story was that 19 Saudi terrorists used Bin Laden as a leader who took refuge in the caves of Afghanistan. So we bombed his suspected location with a serious air strike that most likely killed him in 2001. Even if he lived so Obama could catch him later, he was a threat to nobody. He began as a CIA asset with codename Osmond. Al-Qaeda translates as the base, or database. It’s the “freedom fighters” we equipped, trained, and funded to beat the Soviets in the 80’s. Bin Laden has been an asset to the intelligence agencies since they first met. He was likely sold out and wasn’t even any worse than your average CIA agent.

So let what comes come. There is going to be turmoil in the country for obvious reasons. We have ruled every aspect of their lives, government, and economy for 20 years. Leaving abruptly will cause a vacuum in power and at least turmoil at first. They will have to relearn self government and decide how they want to be governed. Then they can ask the permission of the billion dollar equipped Taliban. The Taliban will decline the request and take the country by force, exhaustion, or true choice. It might get ugly but it’s theirs to do what they wish. We owe them the chance to be Afghanistan citizens and not the people we want them to be.

There is no “wrong” way to leave this debacle. There was better ways for sure. They could have made an effort to leave things as peaceful as possible and acted as diplomat between conflicting interests. All the same, leaving is still better than staying. Even if the country devolves into civil war and kill each other, it’s far preferable than us making war on them and killing them, with the highest killing tech available.

I don’t believe sleepy Joe had any altruistic motivations in his decision process. I don’t believe he even has a single say over what happens anyway. Regardless of the reasons, the fact that we are finally leaving a war started by lies, extended by lies, and was in direct conflict with the wishes of the vast majority of voters for at least a decade, is a victory for us. Small as it may be and surely it was only a diversion from something far more hideous, it still represents a victory. Now Iraq, Syria, Yemen, and the rest to go.

Peace and trade with all is the original US foreign policy. Let’s get back to that. 

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