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What Are We Even Fighting For?

It seems to me there is an interest in this country, perhaps many, that wish to rile us citizens up for a conflict? I think it’s time for us folks to consider what the hell is riling us up so much. Clearly there is ulterior motives in action in this country and do we ever stop to question the reasons for our, so called grievances? We should. I’ve said before. I have far more in common with a Yemen peasant than a Bush or a Clinton.

Subversion isn’t a new tactic to a special ideology. Communism is totally Godless, amoral, and it seems to devolve people and their leaders into animalistic reactionaries. It is the ideology that has seen the most vulgar numbers of Democide measured in the time we’ve enjoyed with it. Democide is when people are killed by their own government. This comes in all forms. Most countries have capital punishment, I believe I could be wrong on that. This would surprise me though. I’m sure this is a fine assumption.

So I don’t know. Something like 100 Million to 200 Million people lost their lives by Democide in the 20th century. What a wonderful trend that just needs out every support. Yuck! How bout no more. How bout we look at what got the people so demoralized and beat down that they would be taken into these crazy revolutions. These commie pukes have a subversive approach to their ruin of your country. They attack our institutions, our church, and God himself. In fact, these wicked men hate God openly and sometimes if not most, go by the lesser offensive, Atheist, instead of Luciferian. These are wicked money men that plunder the host country with central banking and institutionalized usury as currency. They gobble up the gold, land, and military assets and confiscate wealth under redistribution schemes.

They utterly demoralize the culture with the exploitation of anything that can upset the current power structure. Exploiting anything they can find historically or make up to slander the majority and embolden the minority. It aims to set these groups at each other. WTF, our hatred should be laser focused on them. For too long the money makers and warlords have demoralized, abused, and culled our veterans. To the point of reaching a worse off result. At least lately. As with our police, the kids serving are disillusioned, at best. They don’t trust the government and know these scoundrels have none of their interests in mind. I’ve said rough things for the time Patton sent that soldier to the front. Well, General Patton was on the front. Someone the boys both admired more than anyone and likely disliked a touch for his intensity. Still there’s no doubt I would rather be led by Patton than anyone today.

You folks need to wake up. That shit is so tired I know. But it still encompasses the deal so well. You sheeple are asleep. Obviously I am going to be writing some follow up posts for this one. Many of these events can’t be understood with a paragraph. Some I’ve already posted about. Here’s a short list, from memory, I’m not searching anything. Anyway a short list of the more lunacy things in my life.

The drug and crack cocaine epidemic started by the CIA and basically put on one guy that is happily free today. This was an absolute outrage and the fact that the San Jose Mercury news paper reporter was either driven to suicide. Or I think he was actually murdered tells us a lot.

The BCCI money laundering cases in the 80’s. Ruby Ridge, Waco, OKC bombing, The first big school shooting at Columbine, 9-11 an inside job straight up, the wars on terror that never end. The war against domestic terrorists that is just getting started. The utter lunacy in the national body politic. Half the country it appears believes the Jan, 6th was an insurrection, but Antifa is cultural enrichment.

Obviously I could go on but this is just a primer. The rest of the world is too busy mentally masturbating all the day. So I’m going to talk about the facts so we can know our enemy and face him in due time. The strategy to frustrate people who have far more in common than not, is as old as time. Do we share enough? I think so. I think we can make this work, even the Jews that don’t want to be commies. 

So I have been obsessed with these things since I ever heard anything about an alternative view. I grew up where media was pretty much sown up by the TV. Internet was a joke at my house until around 2003 or so. By then I was thirsty for information and just went deep. In 2008 when I was laid off totally out of the blue, I wanted to know everything. Now I am an Austrian economist and an anarchist. I don’t expect I will convert y’all to anarchy but that’s not my goal here. Just trying to shed light in a dark world.

These episodes might even be better to listen to. I will elaborate more freely when speaking. My main view here is that we are being purposefully manipulated to be at each other’;s throats and I’m sick of it. I have a feeling more people are. I’m even to starting to hope for the young. This God hating base existence has even given a lot of kids a desire for a fuller spiritual existence than the current hedonistic society is incapable of providing. I believe we are seeing them go too far and our kids are the most conservative now since like the last 80 years. This is wonderful and needs to be built on. Buckle up, we gonna do just that.

For those still inside the “left right paradigm” don’t take offense. Prove everything I say wrong, if ya can. The best way I had in truly coming to understand the issues that press our country was to incessantly try to prove claims wrong I felt were “unamerican”. Now I know how unamerican it is, without doubt. Luckily there is still hope for her people if they are willing to make it their priority. A real national goal. Fu** the moon we’re talking peace on Earth and goodwill towards men. Sounds good to me.

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