Truth To Power, A Game For Keeps and I’m All In

Unless you normies have failed to notice there has been a Cold War going on domestically for decades now. “Hacktivists” Are the government’s biggest threat. This leaderless and rootless group that goes by the name Anonymous scares the shit out of the power structure. So much so, that they imprison even white hat hackers who publicly show vulnerabilities in their security.

The corporate press is constantly harping on “domestic terrorist” hackers. Maybe it’s because of the attacks on the corporate press sites and the emails of their mouthpieces made public. The press has done their best to confuse Anonymous with whistleblowers. They are desperate to make Q and Anonymous the same group. Q is a personality on 8chan. The “anons” are the autistic computer geniuses that take his posts and then research the “drops” to discover strange coincidences.

The fact that so many people have been hen pecked, time and again to disavow Q-Anon. The Trump administration did great. He simply feigned ignorance and suggested that they were against pedophilia. It’s hilarious to watch him trump it up. “I know nothing accept that they like me and hate pedophiles, sound ok to me”. Awesome.

I was beyond skeptical about Q and was sure he was just another troll or deep state provocateur. That was a few years ago tho. I’ve spent hours looking into the “drops” as well as the work done to make sense of these cryptic posts. The Anons won me over by tracking down Shia Buff’s stupid flag. He hid a flag with a live stream on it. The anons took airplane routes, the stars, and eventually they had a fella drive around their best bet, honking the horn while the anons listened on the live stream. That night a flag saying “He will not divide us” was lowered and in its place was a pepe the frog wearing a MAGA hat. Fu**ing brilliant.

Now for the hard part. It’s a serious battle going on and the stakes are life and death. The anons latched on to pizza gate and the Podesta emails after the Wikileaks dump. This wasn’t just a reason for Hillary to lose. This dump exposed the deep state for what they are. Child trafficking, Luciferian, child sacrificing, demons, at best. The list of so called respectable people in our society are the very sickest type of human alive.

The elites drinking of blood, eating human flesh, and sacrificing children is as old as the elites themselves. These sick families have interbred for generations to ensure personality as well as DNA is passed down. The personality they want is one that can be shattered into many alters through the abuse that begins from birth. Through the repetition of repeated unbelievable abuse, they cause the mind to split and compartmentalize the trauma into an alter personality. 

These children live in hell for their entire lives and then I’m sure they continue onto real hell for eternity. The trauma required to fracture the mind is horrific, sexual, and requires the victims to complete awful things, like stab another child to achieve. Trauma based mind control is the secret so guarded by the secret society’s. They have been practicing it for centuries and have bloodlines so totally inbred and psychotic it’s scary.

Vampires aren’t cute glittery fags. They are the scary legend that comes down from the elite that would kidnap children for their rituals and blood sacrifice. That’s why the boogey man is the first story children are scarred with. Being kidnapped by ogres was just fantasy for scary, dressed in hoods, masked, elites. They had to explain the disappearance of children without telling them the truth.

Today we owe the Anons a debt of gratitude they will never receive. Thanks to the literal army of autistic warriors that spend hours researching pedophilia, emails that provide no context for $30,000 hotdogs, and the code speak these pukes barely use in their emails, we know enough to indict the system. The Podesta emails as well as others provide no answer for their contents other than illicit behavior. These are either code for children or drugs. The problem is, you don’t play with cocaine in the pool. Some of these emails straight up describe the ages, races and genders of the available children who will be at the “pizza party”.

Everyone wants to virtue signal about human trafficking while doing nothing. Hell, most of you are making things worse by talking shit about things you haven’t got the courage to even look at. Ritual sexual abuse is real. The market for purchasing children can be accessed through Google. The real cream of the crop, is the purest white male. After causing the child such intense horror they can remove the Adrenochrome from the base of the neck. They then cage the child for future harvest or sacrifice them then and there for the adrenalized blood.

I know, this is just crazy right?

“Adrenochrome is a chemical compound with the molecular formula C9H9NO3 produced by the oxidation of adrenaline (epinephrine).[1] The natural enzymes of blood which oxidize epinephrine to adrenochrome are not well characterized.[2]Babies and young children produce very high blood oxidation”

As you can see, this chemical exists and has been isolated and known about for a long time. The elite have known for ever. This might actually be the top of the Mystery Schools from Babylon and Egypt. The Masons now practice these ancient mystery schools. I wonder what degree offers the test of tasting human blood? No doubt it is a test.

I have been obsessed with information and research since high speed internet. I have had trouble with several topics due to my own closed mind. Thankfully, once I get an itch it will be scratched whether I want it to be or not. Child trafficking has been something I’ve been happy to ignore for years. I’ve known about ritual abuse and alter egos for years but was willing to accept the surface facts instead of jumping down a cesspool. Once I become interested I go deep and this has caused me many tears and even violent yelling at my computer. #savethechildren

There is one group of individuals that are trying to expose and destroy child sex trafficking, Anonymous. They appear to be getting support from someone connected to Trump. The coincidences are too glaring. For their efforts to expose child murderers, luciferaian ritual abusers, and an underground marketplace for trading children as well as adrenochrome. They are constantly attacked, slandered, and mocked.

The FBI gave us the signs to look for and when we did we found them everywhere. The Podesta emails are proof, straight up. This fu**cking monster has the most disgusting art on his walls. One picture of children on their knees peeing into urinals. Obama is at least bisexual and was even chastised by Hillary in an email for asking for a special event. Hillary suggests he be more discreet about “walnuts”. Say what you want people, your elite are fu**ing monsters and they deserve to be burnt alive.

Today the most effective warfare we have is cyber. They are attacking hacktivists with impunity. They are holding JAN 6th sight seers without charges. They are giving out decade long sentences for daring to tell the people the truth that’s barely hidden. This began with the so called suicide of Aaron Swartz for daring to make the university library public at his school. This genius that helped found Reddit was the only “terrorist” our government seemed to have time for despite like a global war on terror. This young man wanted to liberate information. Gasp.

Aaron was looking at living in a cage for maybe ever. He was not, however, suicidal. A court hearing would have given him access to the jury and the world, to explain his motives and the extent of the threat that information is in. Since his “suicide” we have seen hundreds of peaceful information warriors be prosecuted for speech.

Speaking truth to power is dangerous. That’s how you know liberals have the backs of the establishment and the establishment has their puppet strings. They never protest anything real, let alone dangerous. They wear pussy hats and bitch about fantasy oppression. The heroes trying to see justice for Epstien, Clinton, Prince Andrew, Bill Gates, etc… Are fighting for their lives. John Macafee just committed suicide after explicitly saying he felt like he was being “epstiened”. Absolute denial of any suicidal thoughts and yet he was found dead by suicide.

Epstien was a joke. Cameras failed for the first time since they were installed 30 years ago. The guards happened to be napping at the most inopportune time. We are told he leaned against the bed with paper sheets wrapped around his neck. The pics of his neck look like a ligature was used. At least one neck bone was broken. Compare this to Robin Williams who had a belt and it’s not even close. No bruising or broken bones for Williams. Extreme bruising and broken bones for Epstein. This man was either murdered or he has been given a new identity and plastic surgery to disappear. Ms. Maxwell has been on no press outlets at all, as far as I can see. These arrests are, and will go nowhere.

For those that made it to the end, congratulations. This is hard stuff to write about and disgusting to research. I have been on a quest to find what the masons were so obsessed with. What is the mystery schools and why do they continue to have such significance in our modern world. This rabbit hole opened up for me around the mid 2000’s. I have had to take several breaks for my own mental health, but I can’t seem to control myself when I start to discover horrifying things.

Speaking truth to power is the only reason to speak at all. Today the public morons badmouth the heroic and selfless cyber warriors bringing the most awful crimes in society to light. They are doing what the corporate media is paid to avoid. We have video of some CNN (see you next Tuesday) bitching on a hot mic about having the Epstein story years before, but gave it up because of embarrassment to the royals. Her network thought the wedding was more important than the groom FU**ing and abusing children.

Everything about pizza gate is real. If this is shocking to you, you are a child. Men don’t accept clear bull shit from strangers when it comes to important issues. Trusting the word of known liars with conflicting interests is beyond childish, it’s fucking retarded and you need to man the fuck up and think for yourself. What the fuck douche bag. Children are being abused and destroyed by your indifference and self-righteous attitude that if it was important, your favorite quarterback would have let ya know. You pathetic chump. If video games or sports are your “hobbies” you are a worthless piece of nothing. You matter to nobody and will be remembered by nobody. Keep cheering the big black man on with tights, you fucking faggot. The rest of us are trying to protect children.

If you aren’t a target of the feds you aint shit. If you think you are a good person because you don’t hurt kids. I disagree. You buy products with male foreskin ingredients, you use beauty products made from the aborted tissue of babies, and you use brands that have been associated with child trafficking. You get to be condescending to a degree that’s insulting. You get to appeal to the authority of CNN which only a fu**ing retard would accept as a source at all. You get to live in blissful ignorance which is your right. It’s when your ignorance gets in my way, that’s when we have a problem. I don’t care what the claim is, if you don’t know the answer, shut your fu**ing face about it. Propagating misinformation is perhaps the most valuable thing you have to offer the elite.

Cheering on the illegal war on your fellow human that goes by the banner of anonymous, on the net, due to the real cages they are threatened with, is disgusting and cowardly. You are tools for tyranny and so fu**ing stupid and propagandized to, that you see your ally as enemy and enemy as ally.

Truth to power is the noble cause. Mimicking the mouthpieces of power is cowardly and backstabbing your people. When you hear people talk about QAnon, open your mouth and explain what’s going on. Hold your tongue and risk your future. Aaron Swartz will live on for eternity for what he did. All he did was open access to the university library for everyone and the state was determined to cage him for the rest of his life. Even after the university totally dropped the charges and wanted nothing to happen to Aaron, the state picked up the charges and made The People of… against Aaron Swartz the “fair trial of his peers.” He was declared dead by suicide before the state got to make an example any further out of him. For what it’s worth, this was an example with much more gravity than a prison sentence.

Information is power and we have info-warriors embedded in virtually all aspects of life. Think Fight Club. We are the ones that allow you to live the lives you do. We are your brothers, fathers, waiters, IT techs, HVAC techs, utility workers, and on and on. We surround you. It is the anons that give us the moral imperative to justify any attempt to peacefully frustrate the state. It is the anons that are the modern day pamphleteers. They disseminate the information patriots need in order to tell friend from foe.

These cats are under massive attack. It’s their decentralized and leaderless structure that has allowed them to continue. When one falls a hundred take his place. The battle for the minds of America is being won by us, the anons, and Wikileaks and their most appreciated and fearless whistleblowers. Manning and Snowden should be given the country’s highest honor for bravery and heroism. The Medal of Honor. Assange, being foreign deserves to be given some sort of life worth living. The extreme torture he has endured for over a decade is fu**ing unacceptable. This man deserves a monument and a holiday, instead he exists in legal limbo and is clearly being driven mad by his sadistic captures.

Bradley Manning was a normal man working an office job in the government. He was so disgusted and moved by what he saw that he attempted to effect change through the chain of command. After being told to fu** off and mind his business he tried. Eventually the result of analyzing the material he was, left him with no choice but to speak out and inform the American people. He thought if only we knew what the wars were really like we would demand change. The manner and extent to which we let this man down is disgusting and makes me personally sick. He was held in solitary confinement for over a year. His cell was flooded with a foot or so of water. He was made to spend the whole time naked. He was treated worse than Al-CIA-Da POW’s. I won’t make any assumptions but will say this. Manning began this as Bradley and I am not aware of any prior gender question. After a year of the torture experienced he decided to change his gender to a woman and his name to Chelsea. This is likely the result of extreme ritual abuse and an altered personality that developed to survive the abuse without suffering memory of it.

Just to show how hard this man/woman is, they put him through it again. They held him in contempt in court for refusing to testify against Assange. For his honorable and unbelievable loyalty he was rewarded with solitary confinement for another year. The whole time he was told, give us what we want on Assange and all of this ends. Manning is a fu**ing superhero. He deserves folk songs, poems, and to be remembered for all time.

Whether a whistleblower, a journalist reporting on real news, or a hacktivist, you are under attack. The pentagon papers that were so celebrated by the corporate press back then would be called fake news today. Truly disgusting. They actually told us that they were the only legal information source for the Mandalay Bay Shooting. What a joke since they stopped reporting one it within days regardless of the unending list of unanswered questions. The only understanding we have about that event has come from alternative media and only with the self righteous dismissal of the corporate cunts on every new discovery.

We need the anons and they need our protection. If your crime is the act of informing the public of crimes that you have witnessed, you aren’t a criminal, you’re a hero. If you make your money by going to dangerous riots and engaging with the police and criminals just to inform us what’s really going on, take a bow, you are a hero.

If you sit on your ass in front of the TV and just regurgitate the puke vomited into your throat like a bird feeding its chick, drop dead. Nobody likes you. You’ve never done anything worth remembering. Your name will die with your body. The mark you leave on the world you were so privileged to enjoy, will disappear with your body. You might as well do us all a favor and just eat a bullet to reduce your carbon footprint. A selfless act I will respect. 

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