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Stefan Molyneux, Good Bad, Or Bald

I’ve been a big fan of Stefan since just a year or so into his YouTube channel. I still listen to his podcasts and still find myself standing up for the man when some wimpy liberal yaps off about something they hear him say without context. He is constantly attacked in the most deceptive ways. Taking single sentences and blowing them up to offensive fairytales, edited interviews that clearly cut anything that makes Stefan seem reasonable, and trying to convince retards to listen for themselves instead of taking others opinions, has been my fool’s errand.

Stefan is most known for peaceful parenting. I found Stefan at a very opportune time. My kid was very young and I was incredibly depressed about the whipping I received from family court. Stefan’s phone call series helped me a lot. I realized that the “discipline” I received as a child was abuse. Straight up. I’d always known it but he was the first adult to recognize it and give me the right to call, it what it was.

Self improvement began with the discovery of this great man. I was forced to confront my own failings as a father. I was also relieved of the guilt and hatred I felt from my youth. He empowers the victims of abuse and is the personal hero of thousands of people who are better today than they were prior to Stefan.

Having no positive role models in my life, I have always attached myself to my male employer as a father figure. This isn’t healthy and while I lucked out and had several younger guys take me in as a helper and one in particular was so important to me I would have happily adopted him as a father. These were business relationships and expecting them to treat me like the son I felt I was, was ridiculous. They cared and showed me great sympathy, but at the end of the day, my value was in my work, not my person.

I was brought up by a stepdad that married my mom when I was 3 years old. This man was a coward that thought nothing of hitting children but I never saw him even get into an argument with a full grown man. I had 10 years of hearing “spare the rod spoil the child”. It was Stefan who interpreted this passage for me in a way that makes far more sense. The rod is guidance. Sheppards don’t beat their sheep they simply guide them with the rod. Thus spare the child guidance, then spoil the child. Makes far more practical and civil sense. 

Thanks to Stefan I was the last person in my line who will ever be hit be an adult. Thanks to Stefan I have a clear and philosophical approach to parenting. Thanks to Stefan I have a relationship with my daughter at all. I was losing it fast and it was the Council of Stefan that changed my attitude, behavior and eventually my relationship with my daughter. How the hell could I ever return the favor?

Not sure how common it is for people to post articles that praise a man with such admiration, don’t care. Stefan has been absolutely slandered by both conservative and liberals. Hell, even libertarians do nothing but bitch about this great man, who’s responsible for bringing more piece to more families than any one of the others could do in a thousand years. He is human and has adapted his opinions to accommodate new information. His critics call this flip flopping. I call it growth and the fact that he’s so humble about it is honorable, not sneaky.

If you have had a bad childhood, abuse as a child or adult, or have any questions on life, contact Stefan, maybe he can help. This man is not racist, sexist, or a statist. Stephan is an anarchist and he tried political support just to see it backfire. He appeased some, pissed off many. The truth is, he was just doing what he felt was right. Looking back I believe Trump was worth fighting for.

If you want parenting advice from a truly informed and emotionally invested source, I recommend looking through the thousands of episodes Stefan has. If you fail to find your help there, send him a message and maybe he will have you on live.

Stefan isn’t just another AnCap Libertarian. He is very reasonable, realistic, and committed to human prosperity. The racial IQ question he has explored responsibly. It’s this single issue that has won him all of the hate. The fact that the data comes from liberal social scientists matters not. He is determined to provide scientific reasons for disparity in outcomes that rely on anything other than “systemic racism”. He has hit the ball out of the park. Having experts for Bothe environmentalist IQ experts as well as those who suggest 80 percent of intelligence is inherited from parents.

Even though the science has been in since the 90’s my generation is still beaten over the heads with this ridiculous claim, blacks are oppressed by whiteness. Thank God for Stefan or the Bell Curve would have remained unknown to everyone who didn’t already know about it. It’s not me that’s the problem. It’s your IQ that determines your comprehension and ability for success. I can’t hurt or help you there. Good luck.

Check out the man for yourself and make your own mind up. He’s a hero of mine and if that makes me bad too, so be it.

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