Rantinings on the Bible and Such

36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

This was right before Judas kissed him.

Jesus could turn the other cheek. Jesus was able to be selfless. You are not Jesus. Come on people. If Christ could see a modern day temple he would lose his mind. The “temple”, has gotten massive and its tyrannical strangle hold on humanity is naked and easy to see. Jesus was a carpenter. How much mockery could Seinfeld get out of that? I can see the episode now. Jesus? A carpenter? His mother must be so upset… Not bad right? Just add an annoying, NY, Jewish female accent and the bit sells itself.

I’m not suggesting that the few verses in the gospels, that mention Jesus and swords, are proof that he wanted us to do anything, other than own those swords. Even at the cost of a garment, maybe a shirt. I think it’s safe, and not presumptive, to suggest Jesus knew we were in for hard times and he wanted us to defend ourselves and our loved ones. Certainly, Jesus would have been ashamed of a grown up, who shrank from fear rather than protect a child. That’s my reading of the text at least, I guess it’s open for interpretation.

Because it’s in the “gospels” I give it more credit than most of the rest of the book. The gospels are my favorite books and since Jesus is the model we are supposed to follow, his biography is important. It’s my opinion that the vast majority of the Bible was never intended for mass dissemination. I believe the Old Testament is a sacred text that was written for the initiated and like symbolism it requires a prior understanding to fully appreciate its significance. So much is open for interpretation.

What’s not open for interpretation is the disgusting condition of Hollywood, Wall-Street, and politics in this country. Hollywood has been exposed as an MK-Ultra, project monarch, mind control, death cult. These monsters are into children, drugs, satanic rituals, and Jewish mysticism. The holly tree is the tree the druids used to make wands from. It is occult right in its very name and you folks are clueless. They make magic alright. They magically turn bright, beautiful, and promising young people into whores and sellouts. Just look at every poor young lady to come out of Disney and tell me I’m wrong. These girls are damaged goods.

Watching any mainstream media is so offensive for those of us who see their symbolism. Our movies are covered in subliminal messages, our TV “programming” is covered in overt symbolism, and our corporate press are all in bed with Lucifer. That’s why Dan Rather cut his teeth on the lying account of the Zapruder film he gave us in 1963. He earned his spoils for that outrageous sin. He chose to be apart of the ritual instead of report on the truth. To his credit, more than he deserves, this particular event could be excused for reasons of misplaced patriotism and a false perception of the greater good. The assassinations that followed, along with the “Nam”, should have showed all the Rather’s out there, this coup is just getting started.

Looking into the name “Zapruder” is an interesting rabbit hole in and of itself. This is Yiddish and it means several things. Yiddish isn’t Hebrew. It’s a bastardized and mongrel version of Hebrew adopted by Ashkenazi Jews. It was originally called “Ashkenaz” and associated with a “high German” Jewish dialect. It provides further proof of the Ashkenazi conversion to Judaism. The Yiddish language is the fingerprint of these new comer jews. Atheistic Jews are the Ashkenazi Jews. “Hiloni”, is the Yiddish word for these Godless Jews and the Orthodox Religious “REAL” Jews want to convert them.

If Jesus was here to see what the Jews were up to, I think it’s safe to say he’d make the Bible story look tame. If the money lenders using the temple as their place of business were enough to give us the only event that can be said to show Jesus acting violent, what would he have done with today’s Jews who have gone many times further in their corruption and blasphemy? Just look at Epstien Island and the Temple of Solomon he built there.

Then there’s this, the Masons. My great-grandfather and grandfather were both masons. My grandmother was a part of Job’s Daughter’s. While neither my grandfather or my great grandfather ever talked about their experience with the masons. The only thing I know is that my grandfather asked to be buried in his mason apron. Considering the fact that he never “groomed” me for a lifestyle of such, I find it hard to understand why it was important enough to be buried in his smock. 

My grandpa was a blue collar truck driver and him and my grandma would socialize through a square dancing club they belonged to. I never heard of him attending or even talking about a masonic temple. I can’t even tell you the degree he was initiated into because it’s that secret. Beyond a masonic ring, we have very little evidence to go off of.

I am happy to assume that neither my great nor grandfather, were initiated beyond the 3rd degree, “master mason”. My great-grandfather was 7th Day Adventist and a pacifist. I have no idea how he was able to split his loyalties from church and lodge. He refused to kill for the US government in WWII, even though he volunteered to serve. I have a very hard time believing he would lie for anyone. 

This must limit one’s advancement through the rites. The wonderfully simple trick the mason’s use, is to glorify the very lowest degrees. At the 3rd degree you make “master mason”. The fact that 30 more levels exist above you, are apparently not important to the folks who achieve the “rite”, it takes to enter any lodge, anywhere.

Thanks to the internet I don’t have to see masonry as mysterious or even respectable. I know who wrote their books and I know what religion it really practices. Albert Pike, Manly P Hall, and the like introduce us to the personalities that helped shape and inspire modern Freemasonry. We know these fellas were Luciferian, not Christian. In fact they all seem to really appreciate the Kabbala. Jewish mysticism. 

In fact, these men have said that if you take Judaism out of Freemasonry, you have nothing left. Why is Madonna into the Kabbala? Why do JayZee, and the like, insist upon using Freemasonry signs and symbols? Well, because they are sold out to satan and it’s the Synagogue of Satan where they worship.

The enemies of the Bible like to harp on the contradictions they say exist. This is no surprise, it’s the reaction and lame defense that confuses me. My whole life I have been around Christians who refuse to stand up for their beliefs. Christianity has guided Europeans throughout the last couple thousand years. It’s the cross that has brought Europeans together and given them commonality. Just look at what Christian Europe has achieved. 

Conquest and discovery of the world. Missionary projects to see God’s word reach even the most backwards tribes in existence today. Now you people won’t even disrespect a muslim who your ancestors would have gladly banished or killed. I don’t want them to be banished but I also don’t want to cater to their religion. The mosques, disrespected women, and their deranged law are all garbage.

Why this has to be said by me, a person that has no church, I have no idea. I would suggest that “fellowship” that forces conformity on you, has nothing to do with God. Who do you follow, men or God? Are you constantly told to “turn the other cheek”? Does Jesus tell you to be a doormat? Are you just copping out for the “end times”? 

I am so sick of Christians that know about the enemy but are convinced this is God’s plan. What if the devil had the same book you do? What if they just want to exploit your misunderstanding of the Bible to bring in a one world order?

the Bible is cryptic, ancient, and it’s a collection of works. It should be studied and appreciated by everyone just for those facts alone, regardless of your beliefs. That said, the Bible today is the guiding manual to Christians and legitimate Jews. It gives a historical account mixed with hidden meaning and prophecy for what has been, is to come, and what will be. 

The New Testament is really where Christianity starts and it relieves us of all of the old laws and customs. Jesus was a hard break from all of the previous Jews. After Jesus came and presented himself to the Jews of his time, the good ones converted. The evil ones had him crucified. Why do I hear people refer to my religion as “Judeo-Christian”?

Let’s get things straight. If you read and live by the Bible, you are Christian. The Tora is only the first 5 books of the Old Testament. I like Psalms and Proverbs as much as anyone but you tell me, where did they come from? The Books of Moses are wrapped up well before we even get to Kings. 

The Talmud has nothing to do with the Bible and the authors are the Pharisees Jesus spent his whole life at war with. These Babylonian douche bags who warped the religion of Moses to accommodate Babylonian mystery schools are running the world. The mystery schools of Babylon are the illuminati, masons, “new age”, whatever you wanna call it.

Time to decide, Christians. Who do you serve? Do you really think this is the end times and all God wants you to do is stand around and wait for the rapture? Self righteous inaction isn’t anything to be proud of. Just like the Jews can’t force their false messiah by making war in the Middle East, you can’t hasten your trip to paradise by checking out of the fight. 

If this is the tribulation why the fu** aren’t you fighting for your life? Why aren’t you slaughtering the abusers of children? Children are being destroyed by your indifference but you think Jesus wants you as a friend? A pagan that saves a child from an Epstein would be shown far more grace than a “christian” who said nothing of a member or leader who hurt a child.

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