Rantings on Religion and Spirituality

9-11 Was an inside job. Mic drop.

That should be enough right there. We have now a full 2 decades removed from this awful ritualistic murder of thousands of innocent people. Still, we have so many that refuse to accept the facts when it comes to this world changing false flag attack. With each day we lose another baby boomer that refuses to examine this society with any realistic or useful scrutiny. Every day young people are coming of age just to find a world nothing like what they expected. I am on a mission to reach these disillusioned folks. A fisher of men, of sorts.

I have had it with boomers. They are the most closed minded, ignorant, and self absorbed people, ever invented by our maker. They were useful to the puppet masters and now they are just fodder for the jab. They are under attack as well as everyone else in America. Problem with them, they allied with the enemy long time ago. Long ago they agreed to be spineless, self hating, and perverted to no end. Totally bought off by the so called sexual revolution. These swine traded in the most beautiful and universally human wonders, children and family, for the most base and sick indulgence, drugs and meaningless sex.

I’m an anarchist and that’s not changing. I’m almost 40 years old and have developed my philosophy over the span of a couple decades worth of deep study of the subject. The inability of man to govern his fellows is so clear to me as to be almost laughable. Man is a jealous creature and he isn’t capable of ruling his fellows in any way that is acceptable. Human history proves my point with its endless string of war, famine, and democide. I am obsessed with law and human order, and the natural way human beings tend to treat each other. Endless curiosity has given me a deep understanding of the human condition and the attitude’s that got us here.

For all Americans we share a memory. For those my age, that memory is 9-11. My grandparent’s collective trauma was JFK, or the 60’s at large. My mom was midway of these 2 world changing events and was kind of aimless for it, in my opinion. A child of the 70’s, what were they’re common bonds? Jonestown? Hedonism? Atheism? Children today have COVID.

The church’s were polluted and disgusting already back then. Cults were popping up everywhere and organized Satanism got public recognition around this time. False christianity and the false idol of the cults were shoved in my mother’s face her whole life. I get to look back at the culture with fresh eyes and can see the media of that time for what it was. Propaganda designed to mock God, destroy Christianity, and destroy the family.

Walter Cronkite gives the praise to “Lucifer” when awarded by Hillary Clinton for bringing us the “news” for half a century. These cats don’t hide their intentions and have instead flooded the culture with the symbolism and iconography of the devil. From as far back as I can get, the moving picture business has been ran by Godless, hateful, Luciferian demons. They have used this incredible medium to move the opinions and shape the perceptions of America, as well the world, since it began. 

From the first, silent moving picture shows, to the very last most modern and expensive superhero movie, they have glorified violence. Since man was able to scratch out a sand drawing we have had pornography, I imagine at least. The absolute ubiquity and cultural acceptance of the current porn epidemic is the end of a fight against so called censorship. This disgusting filth that has polluted our culture and warped so many minds has been forced upon your children through exploiting our desire for freedom. This disgusting so called freedom is a weapon against your mind. Not the use of art to move and inspire your mind, but to traumatize and destroy it.

Just because Tipper Gore agrees doesn’t mean it’s wrong. I know that sounds crazy and maybe that’s the point. When I was a kid the arguments rang hollow. We had 13 channels of television and had to drive to the next town for the closest drive-in movie theater. The idea that children could or would be introduced to material outside their parents wishes was just not serious for most people. For most of America you were a small town kid that was eager to get at a world described by freedom and the “right” to do what one wants.

“Do what thou wilt.” This is from Alister Crowley. Why is this man so celebrated by our celebrities, artists, and politicians? This man is a piece of work that has some how gained the “cult” status of immortality. Yes immortality. He is memorialized in poem, song, picture, paint, and every other medium that exists and can be called art. Going back to the Beatles we see Crowley in music. He’s on the cover for the record, SGT Peppers Lonely… Black Sabbath and the like were even more overt and used his name for a song. Today we see JayZee wearing shirts that say, “do what thou wilt.” He is so sold out to Satan that it’s actually sad. All the money in the world will not be able to save your soul. Parents, wake up and get this crap out of your’s and your children’s lives.

We are truly drenched in the occult and so desensitized by it, as to be blind to it. I grew up in a confused environment. For many years we were evangelical Christian and totally absorbed by that environment. Nothing “secular” was good. All entertainment had to be examined through the lens of the church. Problem was, the church was corrupt to no end. The church I grew up in until I was around 10 years old was a wonderful small town church, full of wonderful small town people. After moving I was introduced to a new church and new people. This experience ruined me for christianity and religion. I began to equate Christian with hypocrite. Now I think that was the goal.

For many years I took the label “agnostic” and even, to my shame, suggested to my own daughter that agnostic was an acceptable, if not honorable, position to take. I’ve always hated atheists even before knowing it. The older I get the less and less I feel like atheism even exists. It would seem that so called believers in nothing, actually believe in the God of the Bible. Satanism, Luciferianism, or “new age” are all basically the same. They take their “philosophy” from the Bible and the book of Genesis. They worship the devil who offered man the world and the chance to be god. They are at war with the God of Abraham. They are at war with God and they are winning. They want the Devil’s domain and to do the Devil’s bidding. It’s the world that Satan reigns over. It’s the worldly excesses and debauchery that seem to be the only motivation for the young.

I am not a Bible thumping lunatic looking to get your money or anything else but your attention. I am not interested in making the world accept Jesus. I think everyone outta have the opportunity and freedom to do so, but I don’t consider it my responsibility to tell folks what to think when it comes to the biggest questions life has to offer. As with atheists, I am just as turned off by the finger pointing Christians. The folks that wanna wag their finger in my face and scold me for talking the way I do, are beyond annoying. Should I talk like a sailor with no education? No, but it’s a comforting holdover from my youth. Judge not…

Certain so called “bad words” I have began to willfully remove from my casual vocabulary. Blasphemy isn’t useful and I am at a loss for why it even exists with the casual non-judgement that it receives. Why do we say “God damn it”? I heard this phrase thousands of times before reaching adulthood and it was never said in my home. Even my hypocritical step-father would say “God bless it”, and not the other. This is a great example of just how insidious and wicked the TV has been. 

It has made blasphemy normal, over-sexualized several generations so far, and turned our minds into mush to be molded by our programming. They are losing their shit over the flight from traditional entertainment sources. Maybe this is why they are accelerating so fast. Every cable cutter represents a potential enemy to the matrix. Simply choosing what comes on next, has profound impacts on the quality of information you will have. 

Are you the customer or the product?

This is a simple test. Who is the ultimate benefactor of the service you are using? Who is financially rewarded by your use of a product or service? Today we have so called, social media, that is making things harder for those who have to figure this out themselves. For those lucky enough to have parents who taught you about the world and warned you against the evils of this world, you have a fighting chance just by virtue of being aware of this crap. For those who were given the TV as a babysitter, or today a tablet, you need to really work at protecting your environment. Sure, everyone wants a clean environment. What about the mental environment?

Facebook, TV, and the like are against you. Just look at their words and actions and it’s clear that they have no interest in protecting debate. Molding and shaping opinion is what they are doing and all without regard for truth. They are desperate to confuse truth with hate. If you are a blunt truth teller, you must be racist. If you have issue with some aspects of Israel, you are anti-Semitic. There’s an old saying that is so damned evergreen Americans should all know it. In your society who are you not allowed to talk about? Chances are, they are the people in power.

There is one group that is exempt from criticism in America. Funny thing is this, they’re also white. Ashkenazi Jews are obviously who I’m talking about. Why say “Ashkenazi”? Because it’s these new Jews that I am talking about. The Bible speaks of the tribes of Israel and Judah is just one. We have been brainwashed to believe the Bible is written for Jews, by Jews. Nope. The God of Abraham is the God of this universe. All of his children are the people of the world. All people can trace their roots to Abraham and the Bible gives us much to study and learn from with regards to our place in this world. Regardless of what tribe you come from we are all God’s children and all the family of Abraham.

Judah was sacked in 70 AD. The tribe of Judah made a heroic last stand on a mountain top where they ended a siege by mass suicide of like 10,000 people. NAZI Brass that chose to commit suicide and chose it for their children as well, are mocked. If you dared to take your life on your own terms and chose to watch your children die rather than let them get tortured to death, you are an evil NAZI. Angel of death even. The Jews who committed mass suicide to avoid bondage, are martyrs to be celebrated for all time. Mt Masada was the place that as many as 10,000 Jews chose to take their own lives instead of face the slavery to the Romans. I happen to admire the Jewish people and this is certainly an example of just how intense these peculiar people are.

Yes, I do admire the Jews. They have endured throughout time and done so with all the odds stacked against them. I’ve said before and will say it again, Israel has a right to defend itself, not exist. No country has a right to exist, only a right to protect itself. In this respect we are all equal. We all have the right to defend ourselves, only some of us have the tools to effect that right. It’s time for white people to consider self defense. Hell, cultural, religious, and even gender norms are under attack. How many of us “selves” need to be attacked before we see each other as a group? How many Christians need to be attacked before you see it’s an attack against Christianity itself? Divide and conquer is exactly what happened to the nation of Judah.

The Jews were introduced to this strategy 2000 years ago and they took heed. They saw their country be split by opposing views and zealots. Zealotry is exploited and a people can be set against themselves. This is so obvious in everything Christian today. You either do, or you don’t meet the standards of the pious Bible thumping, self righteous D-Bags. The idea of being a righteous man and walking a line painted out by the Bible alone, is threatened from all directions. Nobody offers more hostility or a threat to Christianity other than Christians. Like America herself, Christianity has no outside threats, only internal squabbles that weaken the moral and crush our resolve.

If you follow the “Word” I am down to hear your opinion. Even if you’re a Mormon, JW, or whatever else, if you call yourself Christian I will call you friend. Why? Because I need friends and wish to frustrate my enemies. Who wins when Christians lose? I believe it’s the devil that wins. I know what that sounds like and just don’t care. Even amongst Christians the idea of the devil or hell are all over the place. Most denominations do agree that hell is real and Satan is everywhere. “New Age” church’s are the absolute scum of the Earth. These are the church’s that insist on flying rainbow flags for homosexuals, not God. New Age and Luciferian are the same thing. I’m sorry this isn’t a screed against anyone and, for what it’s worth, I have a gay brother, had a gay great uncle, and even a gay step grandparent.

I will leave y’ll with this. Christians are conquerors. We conquer for Christ and we do so without giving 2 thoughts to the shade thrown by others. Where the Word of God goes, peace, love, and prosperity follow. For the youngsters out there that feel like you are living in a Godless world, take heed. This world is ran by Satan and totally given over to the devil. Do you want to be the Devil’s tool? Are you a soldier of God? Do you believe there is a battle raging for the hearts of men? 

There is a war raging and it’s been in full swing for the last century. This is a war for your mind but it started with your heart. They hardened your heart and tickled your ego by indulging your desire for individuality. Through the psychological warfare that is plainly spoken of in The Protocols of the Learned Men of Zion, they have set everyone against each other. This books origin matters not one bit. As Mr Henry Ford said, whether they are a hoax or not, they describe our time to a tee. I first read them in Bill Coopers book, Behold a Pale Horse. A true American hero that paid the ultimate price for telling us the truth. His life.

We are so individualistic that it can be used against us. Weird I know, but true all the same. So, what’s the answer? I don’t know but I can tell you where it starts. It starts with you. You need to take control over your own mind. You need to open your heart to your fellows, instead of closing yourself off to anything that threatens a sick world view. You need to educate yourself on what the Bible says before you say anything bad about it. Everyone needs something that this Earth can’t offer. Your spirit is dying and your body is under attack. They want your life but are desperate to steal your soul.

These rantings are the best I can do and the best effort I can give to the cause. My cause is humanity. Satan wants us to worship the Earth, the idols that worship him, and ourselves. The Bible tells us to love God, each other, and ourselves. God first, then your brother, and lastly yourself. If your brother insists that you deny God to justify their lifestyle, you had best know who it is you are turning your back on. You are not to be judge of your brother, but also not blind to perversion. Sex is for procreation and all other sex is meaningless. That means gay sex is meaningless, so who are you serving when you celebrate such behavior?

I hate the idiots of whatever baptist church it is that feels it’s their mission to bash people they disagree with. Saying “God hates fags” and plenty more adorable things at funerals is truly disgusting. Protesting any funeral is deranged. I think that’s why these scumbags have had such good press. These are the zealots that the God hating media wants to make famous. It’s these cats who the media intends to exploit to beat good Christians with. God doesn’t hate. He certainly doesn’t ask any of his children to hate any others. The idea that these people represent the book or any of its adherents is evil. God wants us to be happy, to love your enemy, and to know your maker. If you still don’t understand my position, it’s easy. Our battle is spiritual as well as physical. Sure you can get information from anyone and at any cost. Don’t sell your soul for empty promises and fake salvation. Stop begging for salvation from the world that’s set against you. Stop giving yourself to a cause that is foul. When all’s said and done what matters? Nothing on this Earth.

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