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Press Democrat And City Of SR Suck Balls

Thanks to reddit I was alerted to a post by the city I live in. The city of Santa Rosa is worried about guns and murder. Makes sense since this year has been especially violent. My little city averages 1 or 2 homicides a year. This last weekend was number 5 for the year so far.

The reporting on this comes from the local rag, The Press Democrat. This paper is such trash it actually charges for access to its articles. When they were open and even allowed comments I loved trashing their articles and trolling the locals. They frantically stopped the comments with a paywall. What cowardly chumps.

This city is a liberal basket case just like so many California cities are. These lunatics are flush with money for everything except the basic services that you would expect from a government. Police that solve crimes, parks that are safe and clean, or maybe just a functioning system of roads. This city fails its tax base at every chance it gets. 

Yes, the tax base is the victim in this city. They pay for the homeless, the junkies, and the gang bangers far before getting to fund schools, roads, or the disgusting policing. As the PD explains, the gang task force was disbanded in 2017 and those cops were put on patrol. In other words, they were made pirates looking to write tickets.

From the PD

“The surge in gang violence comes while both the sheriff’s office and Santa Rosa Police Department, the county’s largest law enforcement agencies, are without task forces dedicated to gang response teams in recent years. The sheriff’s office eliminated a countywide collaborative force in 2017 and the police department reassigned its gang task force members to patrol duties 18 months ago. Officials in both departments said those decisions resulted from budget pressure.”

Well, solving crime and prosecuting crimes cost money. Sometimes lots of money. Investigations, trials, and caging people is expensive. Trolling for minor violations to exploit for DUI’s and tickets, makes money. You pigs are worthless and this so called service you provide, you can shove up your ass.

Again from the PD

“Two weeks ago, the Santa Rosa City Council restored $1 million in funding for four police officer positions and one dispatcher post. Most other city agencies took cuts and the restored police funding prompted pushback from several council members who saw fault in cuts to social services they said could help reduce violent crime.”

A million dollars for 4 cops and a dispatcher. What a joke and what criminals these swine are. The spike in crime is enough to be handled by citizens if they were allowed to. Voluntary citizens would gladly rid the streets of unwanted organized crime you call gangs. The increase in gang activity is directly related to the turmoil in the drug markets caused by the lockdowns.

The PD

“Rogers, who said she voted against the budget in part because it increased funding to two agencies — police and parks — while the city remained in a structural deficit, called for investments in more than just law enforcement as a response from City Hall.“Of course we need law enforcement but we also need to be proactive,” she said. “We need childcare. We need preventative measures to teach children about guns and gangs and things they should not be involved in. Law enforcement is a part of it but the puzzle is so much larger than that.”

The city’s mayor, Chris Rogers, agreed. “It’s a two-pronged approach,” he said. “We look at what are the reasons that people join a gang and then try to do the upstream investment programs that we need to do to make that choice a lot harder.”

These pukes are blaming me for not doing enough. At least that’s how this “see you next tuesday” comes across. She’s not talking about spending her money on a damn thing. Childcare, teaching kids about guns and gangs, and of course free shit is all coming from you taxpayer. This is why liberal cities are hell holes. This is what happens when San Francisco champagne socialists pollute your city. 

What the fu** does this ding bat even mean? Teach kids not to get involved with bad stuff? Has this retard heard of parents? When did the city become fu**ing parents? Is this what I pay taxes for? To raise the kids of some foreign national, while I can’t drive through town without popping a tire or getting pulled over?

This is out of control. There are 2 Mexican gangs warring over drug profits and our so called leaders are out to a champagne brunch. This is coming from their refusal to honor the law they were elected to uphold. That’s treason I think. This scumbag city touts itself as a “sanctuary city.” Otherwise known as a lawless city with arbitrary enforcement, of arbitrary edicts, coming from the lowest form of life in existence. Liberal politicians.

Fuck this city, this state, and most of the people here as well.

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