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This was a question on Quora and the original answer was great.

If you’re alive and reading this now, your life is better than your ancestors’ lives thanks to the United States, and you should show a little gratitude for it from time to time.

Then It was followed by some SJW screed about how America owes everything to the enrichment of our wonderfully confused social diversity. I won’t be adding his responses because they add nothing. This man was truly retarded or gas lighting me. Either way he doesn’t get “representation” on MY site.

I am an anarchist and for some of my fellow libertarians borders are evil. I disagree. Freedom for the world is a noble endeavor. It’s also a fool’s errand. If freedom is to return we must focus on making America free first. If that requires closing our borders until we can sort out the disunited group we have already, so be it. For freedom to exist anywhere it must begin here.

What follows is my part of a one sided argument that was answered with straw manning, appeals to authority, and every other logical fallacy I’m aware of.

“WTF Are you talking about? The “taking people from all over” crap is brand new. In 1965 America was 90% European descent. Melting pot meant that when you got here you lost your old language, peculiar ways, and adopted the “American”way. Thus melting in, and becoming indistinguishable. 

Hyphens have been absolute crap and proof that the people here now care not for ideas and philosophy, but free stuff and unearned gains. We didn’t have hyphenated Americans until society started to stratify into camps. Now it’s anything but “united” and nothing American about it. 

Unless you think MS-13 is Venezuela’s greatest asset? Or the Mexican cartels who run human trafficking rings and drugs into the country. Are these the finer aspects of Mexican culture? Chinese communists buying up American property at crazy rates, including ports. Is this good? $40 Billion every year sent to Mexico by people working here to live there. Is this Good?

What is the benefit I’m not seeing here? You get to try a lot of food? Are you really this stupid or shallow? The country is being hollowed out by these so called Cultures and you think it’s good because you have 8 different Thai food places on Grubhub. You people gave away the highest culture man has attained to get 50 year old dudes on bikes selling pork skins on the sidewalk.”

You make me sick and this “culture” is fu**ing disgusting. Congratulations.” 

Simp replied obviously hurt. I went for his throat.

“Hahahahahaha. You snowflake. You seem to wanna cherry pick my words to present them in their most ungenerous terms. What I stated were facts, jack. The fact of the matter is, we have these issues of cartels, gangs of ex military, and CCP purchasing US land as a gift from the cultures that brought them. Are all groups involved in these criminal enterprises? No. Would one be here without the other? No.

I’m half Irish and my people have known oppression like any other. I’m also half English so confusing as it may be, I care not for historical injustice. My concern is what’s happening now. See, you’re dead right about the bigotry towards the Germans, Irish, Italian, Jewish, etc… immigrants. Where you’re just wrong is in how these groups dealt with it. 

The Irish became staples among the national firehouses and police departments. Germans were some of the first non-Anglo fighters in the Revolution. They have had a huge presence in the “new world” from the jump. Venezuela has a beautiful culture and before their country was taken over by commie pukes they had a very high culture with a modern and prosperous economy. Now they eat zoo animals and rats to keep from starving and use wheelbarrows of currency to buy 2 eggs. A collapsed nation has loosed a new type of vicious gang upon the world and yes that means here too, jack.

Your claim that I was racist towards all Asians because I bad mouthed the CCP is childish. This is an awful institution that began with Mao and the destruction of the great and honorable history of the Chinese people. Asia encompasses all orientals as well as India. I referenced the CCP. 

The fact that this anti-human monster is buying up global resources is not a theory, it’s plain fact. Another fact that you might consider. If the CCP is so great why do the great people of Hong Kong want nothing to do with it? Are they racist towards mainlanders?

My point was simple, even for simpletons like yourself. American culture is worth protecting, preserving, and appreciating. It is the only good reason for a foreigner to want to come here. To be AMERICAN. Not american-light. The groups you mentioned all embraced American culture wholeheartedly and did their best to “melt” into the culture they risked much to be apart of.

Only about a third of new immigrants from Europe even stayed. Two thirds went home after finding America was not for freeloaders. Today we are just simps to be used up and left when they have drained enough resources to set up a good life back home.

I live in California. If I were to start selling food on the sidewalk I would have an army of looters requiring permits, inspections, taxes, workers comp, OSHA, etc… How do I see these “street vendors” everywhere? I live where 2 stroke gas powered leaf blowers are banned. Everywhere I go I see crews of leaf blowers who don’t seem to be bothered at all by this law. WHY? Laws for me, but not thee? 

Who does this to themselves? Self hating white people, that’s who. Now it’s time to explode that little brain ya got. My opinion is just as harsh at the latest stream of “white” immigrants as the rest. Russian Jews are now the biggest organized crime syndicate in the US. Jews are the true founders of all organized crime. Unless Meyer Lansky and Benjamin Siegel sound Italian to you. Sure Lucky was a partner but Lansky was the brains, Bugsy had a big mouth. Funny how all you hear about is Italian criminals when they are small potatoes compared to the Russians who happen to be Jewish in many cases. I don’t want this crap here either. White, black, or purple, if you’re a POS stay away.

Racist? Whatever you say, Jack. I don’t care what cucks like you think because the world has never been moved or bettered by cucks. Men move the world and men don’t give two thoughts to the opinions of zeroes.

You should watch what happened to the fine Koreans who dared to open business’ in this country when Blacks throw a fit. Over a thousand “Asian” businesses burnt down. Not by white “racists” like me. The racists were black. 

When have whites ever done anything like the Rodney King riots that saw indiscriminate beating and murder of uncounted non-black people, whites and asians? How about the so-called knockout game? The BLM violence and the targeting of defenseless Asians now? I’m sure this is all my fault, right? After all I’m in my late 30’s and have been openly hated on from birth by every teacher, judge, and cop I’ve ever had the misfortune to encounter. Privilege? Don’t be stupid. White males are the whipping boys for the society they built. 

Whoops. After it comes apart hopefully we will learn a thing or two. I hate white cucks exclusively. Redemption exists for everyone else, simp.”

That comment actually made it through the moderators and is still getting upvotes. What a weird world social media is. The issue of borders is like abortion. In my world there are at least as many opinions as there are libertarians. That’s just how we work. Essentially the debate is between the property rights of the mother vs the right to life of the baby. I’m “pro life” without question.

The border question is even more stratified among libertarians. I believe that if the borders were private, as they should be, they would be protected. The right of free association would be absolute and without exception. This would make unwanted immigrants very rare. Wanted immigrants would sail right through. Easy Peasy, right?

We can not continue to be a borderless welfare state. I think immigrants should all require a sponsor they know already that can vouch for them and pay for their needs if they fail. All legal hurdles for running a business should disappear. Everyone knows that these rules are for the citizens and not the illegal immigrant. 

Why are they allowed to be sole proprietors without filling out a single paper? Meanwhile I, a free, tax paying citizen, must pay the state annually, take a test about the law more than my trade, and get bonded to $2 million. This is what I’m supposed to have completed before winning a single bid or completing a single job. 

Thank God for cash and a good reputation.

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