Masks? What A Joke You People Are

Well people the numbers are in. The mask mandates have shown to be useless in slowing the germ. The latest results show masks as being very unhealthy. A while back a YouTuber put out a video showing a CO2 monitor in his son’s mask. He reached levels considered extremely dangerous in seconds.

We all know how the adults are wearing masks. They basically aren’t. They take them off all day long and put them one for short periods of time. Meanwhile I see children wearing masks everywhere. Outside, in cars, and of course, in school. California and New York have decided to continue to physically abuse your children by forcing them to wear masks. Hooray for the liberal capitals of their respective coasts.

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Today the Journal JAMA Pediatrics published a study which looked at the impact of masks on children. The study was led by a researcher in Poland who was joined by six other doctors from Germany and Austria. The researchers concluded there was a significant build up of carbon dioxide in children using masks, to levels that are well beyond what is considered healthy for indoor air by the German government.

There ya go folks, JAMA is probably the most respected medical journal. Curious, if perhaps Germany has unrealistic standards for what safe levels are? They match the CDC’s PPM counts and the effects these concentrations have on the body. The younger the child, the more carbon dioxide they breath out. Thus masks are most dangerous for toddlers with fast developing brains. You are taking your perfect child and poisoning them to the point of possible brain damage. Are you brain damaged? You have to be to think it’s appropriate to mask children.

So what’s the deal? Does Gavin not know about this? Nobody in his staff has suggested masks are killing children while COVID is not? I think not. I’m sure they all know about this and yet here we are. So Mr Newsome is a mass child abuser, possible child killer, and he deserves to be hung. All of the teachers unions need to be firebombed. You pukes want to abuse children? You will burn in hell you monsters.

The video showing this by a regular person (non-scientist) was censored from every mainstream platform. Luckily it was mirrored everywhere and can still be seen. This little experiment that was kinda fun and informative scarred the young man wearing the mask while watching his dad exclaim every second, OMG look at the numbers, we’re off the chart. That young man will never wear a mask again. Good job sir. The boy knows he’s right and can tell others to fu** off if they henpeck him about a mask. That’s what father’s do, protect and educate their children and this man is doing it right.

I’m not in the mood to go searching for quotes or anything else. Take nothing I say as gospel. Always do your own research. Do, do your research though. Yours and your loved one’s lives, depend on it. The evil monsters that are knowingly harming children should be given the worst treatment we can come up with. I’m thinking Braveheart style executions. Let’s get imaginative with this. I mean it took a ton of imagination and rock hard balls to force the last 2 years on us. We can do better. After trials of course.

If I see a child in a mask I judge the parent the same way I would if I saw them open hand slap their kid in the face in front of me. Right now I scowl and will often tell them they are hurting, not helping. This has lost me plenty of time and cost me plenty of ear aches by lunatics who take nothing but CNN for truth. Now, when I see masked kids I talk over their parents directly to the kid, at least for the brief period of time I can keep it up before having to beat up their parent for talking shit. Since I don’t want violence and am interested in shocking people out of their numbness, not physically fighting them in the street, I leave before things get out of hand.

I no longer smile at people unless I can see their face first. If you where a mask I glare at you and will make no effort to give you space or respect. In the store I go off my own personal bubble for space. I’ve always been one to give space in a line. I have a generous personal bubble and respect others. Beyond that, I stand where I want, stickers be damned.

Like I said if you want the data, go get it yourself. It’s so abundant and consistent that anyone with even the slightest common sense and curiosity can find out everything they want to know about anything. The mask mandates have been utter failures at slowing the spread of this flu like bug from China. The graphs all show mask mandates begin, the cases then spike and peak out, then start to drop with or without mask relief. Masks have had no positive effect on health. Instead they have destroyed the bodies and brains of untold children, psychologically tortured children as well as adults, and provided for their own extra health dangers. The brain needs oxygen, not carbon dioxide. This is especially true for babies and toddlers who are developing so rapidly. This period of time should be pollutant free as best as you can make it. Depriving a developing brain of oxygen and flooding it with CO2 is child abuse. If you say, well my doctor told me too, you are worthless.

Thank God my daughter is out of this garbage. If I had a child in public school (which I wouldn’t) this mask thing would be the reason for me to yank her out and homeschool. Thanks to the lockdowns and lunacy, homeschooling is seeing a boon like never before. Masks, CRT, bullying, etc… Thank God more people are coming around on just how harmful these institutions are. The people working in these schools are often times the lowest scum of the Earth. One silver lining has been the exposure of the teachers, their unions, and administrators showing their true colors. Green with envy, and with hearts as black as the night.

COVID, masks, unapproved novel technology injections, and tyranny to one degree or another nationwide. All for not people. This year showed us no more morbidity than a bad flu year. Many years, in fact, have given us larger death tolls but had no media attention at all. This is a scam to get you to take the shot. This whole isolation mandate, masks, and lockdowns have been the stick. The jab is the carrot and your key back to “normal”.

There is no normal anymore. The war has begun and this is going to accelerate rapidly because the criminals are on borrowed time. They know what they’ve done is criminal and they know if it comes down to it, they will all swing together. So they are in panic mode to complete what they started. Population control on a global scale. 

There are already enough of us awake and furious that they are scarred big time. They are pulling things off the net as fast as they go up. Thank God for the WayBackMachine. They are absolutely fu**ed if they don’t succeed and they know it. Nuremberg style trials are going to be held and thousands of criminals will be hanged like two bit criminals just as the NAZI’s did in the 40’s. Hopefully kicking and writhing in pain the whole time.

Anything less would be inappropriate and way too soft. A message needs to be sent to any elite that escapes our grasp. Death to tyrants is our creed and we don’t play games with justice. It will be swift and fair.

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