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Kicked Off Quora In Record Time, Mansplaining Extraordinaire

What follows is a single post I made after a woman asked a question. She felt her in laws were guilting her into being a, stay at home mom. She said she had a good job that required she put her 3 year old in full time daycare. I expected my opinion wouldn’t be appreciated, but was shocked to see its get me banned. It’s a game of cat and mouse that I lose every time.

Here’s the “offensive” post I made.

“Maybe, just maybe, they are giving you good advice. I’m sure they want what’s best for their grandkids. Having a stay at home parent, man or woman, benefits the child in incalculable and unlimited ways. Giving your 3 year old to strangers to raise, while you pursue a “good job” might seem selfish to the grandparents. They might be right. 

Why can’t you wait until your kid at least gets to kindergarten age? Are you aware of the incredible importance of this age for lifetime outcomes? Do you think your kid is worth your time and attention, but not worth more than the money you will net after childcare, taxes, travel, etc.

You would rather chance the health and safety of your kid by giving them over to a stranger who makes minimum wage, than provide for them yourself? What job could possibly compete with the chance to bond and teach your child the most important values you have? 

Don’t get bitter when you find yourself in an old folks home being cared for by strangers who hate their jobs. You taught your child straight away, family is a burden if it interferes with a job. Strangers are the appropriate caregivers for family that’s too young or old to be useful. Don’t expect that they will share any values of yours. It’s the values they will absorb from the adults that resent being there and the kids who might have abusive families to begin with. 

As a father who wasn’t offered the option, I find your question selfish, childish, and the answers that insist “you go girl” to be disgusting. If I could go back I would have made sure my daughter never entered a daycare or school. I would have happily worked nights to get the chance to homeschool her myself. If it meant less vacations it would have been well worth it. This is of course the opinion of a man and thus “mansplaining”. Take it for what it’s worth.”

Excuse the fuck out of me for caring about your kids. The truth must hurt because these hens got me banned within minutes of hitting post. Sorry ladies, your kids are far more important than wearing a target smock. If you have skills or education you can wait to start your career until your kids are at least old enough to read and write. You can have it all, just not all at once. Is it too much to ask women to be reasonable? Have they not noticed that modern man is becoming less interested with putting up with feminist psychos. MGTOW Is an alarming movement for a people already failing to reproduce. Yet it exists, thanks to the gigantic shift in gender roles and almost universal bad behavior from modern women.

The old trope I always heard was “where have all the good men gone?” Open your eyes ladies. Good men are everywhere but you seem to want to whore around with “Chad’s”. After completely losing the ability to pair bond the biological clock starts ticking with deafening sound. Our feminist female then looks to settle down with some simp, who is just gambling on the chance at fertilizing the one viable egg that might be left. 

The men are distancing themselves from whores, liars, and manipulative resource pirates. Good men are tired of being passed up for the “bad boy”. You Stacy’s made your beds and now you get to do whatever you want in them. You don’t get to go back in time, erase the long list of dicks you’ve taken, and choose a good man who will support you and a family.

If tradition is appealing to you than you have to buy in all the way. Men know when they are talking to a whore, and when they are talking to a reasonable candidate for a relationship. Men and women are not the same and the different standard, trope, is just that, a trope. The men I know have all been more faithful than the females in their lives. All have been more honest, both upfront and into the relationship. No man I know has ever attempted to use the courts against his ex for anything. I know and hang out with good men who work hard and play hard. What we don’t do is troll dive bars for cheap whores. In fact, at this age we don’t go to bars at all.

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