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George Floyd, Just The Facts

First off, I don’t support the police at all. My brother is a sheriffs deputy and I prey for his safety, but am not especially excited to hear about his job. If police were only there to protect and serve, I would support them whole heartedly. I support the rule of law 100%, it’s the difference in what they call law where we come apart.

Any crime with a victim should be prosecuted with the intention of making the injured party whole. Trials in which “The State Of California against John Doe, is absolute tyrannical kangaroo court crap. No victim, no crime, straight up. When the police arrest a murderer or arsonist I support them. When they shake down citizens for driving or using one of like 3 targeted drugs, they make me sick.

The rate at which California is solving murder is scary. Something like 40% of murders go unsolved. Rapes in Cali are solved about 25% of the time. Property crimes are like 5%. Meanwhile I see cops giving out tickets, running expensive undercover operations to catch minor drug dealers, and arresting prostitutes. This is sickening and the people are being totally screwed over by “law enforcement”. What makes you more scared? The 40% of murderers walking around? Or the guy who blows .08 on a breathalyzer?

We shouldn’t pay one single ticket, fine, or tax until the police actually arrest violent people.

As for George Floyd, he was a very violent man. In my opinion the assault and home invasion should have cost him his life long before this episode. I wish that lady was carrying and put 2 in Floyd’s stupid head. Too bad, I bet she supports gun control.

So Floyd goes into a liquor store wreaking of booze and passes off a very poorly made counterfeit $20 bill. The cashier asks for the smokes back and gives Floyd a chance to just hit delete and move on. Floyd keeps the smokes and tells the guy to fu** off. The cashier then calls the police for theft. The bill was worth only the paper it was written on and not something the store could turn into a bank.

So the cops show up. Floyd at this point puts up a fight about getting out of his car. At this point there is video of a baggie in Floyd’s mouth. Very shortly they get him into a cop car but he wrestles himself out. Then a struggle ensues. Mind you Floyd was a big dude and hyped up and drunk.

At a point in the struggle it’s decided to stop trying to get him into the car and get him to calm down. This is when excited delirium is mentioned by the female and the one on the neck explains this is the procedure for excited delirium.

The neck cop was near his neck for 8 minutes but was never cutting off Floyds air way. There was a black cop kneeling on Floyd’s back pushing his chest into the concrete. This would have obstructed breathing, no doubt. 

The autopsy showed an amount of Fentenyl in Floyd’s system that could easily account for an overdose after the baggie he swallowed opened up. There was no bruising or signs internally of strangulation. Floyd’s heart was enlarged by like twice its normal size. He also had COVID. The police didn’t kill Floyd. His dumb ass refusing to walk away like a decent human being killed him. 

Either way, making a martyr of this man is disgusting. The riots we have endured in his name have been unacceptable. The emboldened BLM and Antifa lunatics are scum of the highest order. The media that stoked this deserve to burn with the country they set alight.

Notice I used no quotes or copy and pastes. No references. This is from memory and if you care you can find this all out. In fact, take this as a challenge to prove me wrong. Hell show me one redeeming quality this POS had and I’ll bow down. Please do and just know this. If you attempt to prove anything with a source that called his riots peaceful protests, I will not be kind to you. I am happy to debate the issue. Entertain morons, I have no time for.

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