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Family Court or Kangaroo Court

This is going to explore the family court system from someone with experience with it. A man’s perspective of the courts might differ from a woman’s, but then again the winners are rarely upset by the corruption that won them their spoils.

First off, the family courts have no Constitutional authority. Like traffic courts they are complete legal inventions that avoid all of the requirements to be a legitimate court, as laid out in the Constitution. No chance to confront your accuser. No jury. No ability to enforce or even detect perjury. No right to be heard and state your case to the judge. No evidence needed and the decisions are based on heresy alone. 

The process begins with a so called, disinterested mediator. Think about the demographic that would want this job. I can’t think of a single man that would rather be a mediator for the courts than storm Normandy on D-Day. So, if you’re awake you get where I’m going. Our mediator was a woman with no personality and a boys haircut.

When people are interrogated for crimes it’s always one suspect at a time. They don’t take statements from groups, it’s individuals that make statements and answer questions. Mediation is a 3 person affair, myself, my ex, and Ms Shorthair. This is totally inappropriate and can be easily manipulated to give one person the upper hand. Simply ask the one you think less of to go first. Then allow the woman to slander, answer anything she wants without the man allowed to retort, and straight up lie about whatever she wants. All of this is totally taken without a chance to rebut anything. Mediation means each person gives their side one after the other. Had I known my ex’s plan I would have done the same. What a sucker I am.

That basically ended my participation in the events that followed. From then on it was up to the courts and their mediators. I wanted split custody down the line. 2 Weeks at my house, 2 weeks with mom. No support or bull shit, just civil sharing of parenting. The court was clearly offended that I would attempt to take MY daughter from her mom at all. In fact, I was expected to be financially responsible, but parentally, I was not even trusted to be alone with my own daughter.

I was given every other weekend under the requirement that we be at my mom’s house for her to supervise our time together. Luckily my mother hated my ex by now and hated the courts as well. So I was left alone by my mom but every time my ex heard I took our kid anywhere she threatened to report it. In the beginning we had several shared friends and she knew what I was up too, far more than I knew about her. I didn’t ask anyone about her, she was obsessed with my behavior. She was obsessed and drunk with power thanks to the courts that emboldened her and fortified an already super entitled attitude to become comical. At least if it wasn’t so demoralizing and destructive.

Right now I have a close friend going through this now. The courts have allowed his ex to take his daughter to Vegas to live. They haven’t done anything to hurry things up while he is being totally isolated from his 2 year old. This has been going on for over a year and my buddy hasn’t seen his only child in over a year. The court, has not only given their blessing, but seem to support this type of behavior, even in the middle of a custody battle. That’s right. Custody has yet to be decided and the man has no access to his child whatever. 

This “see you next Tuesday” has done this before. My buddy recently was contacted by the guy before him. This man asked my buddy if he’d like to see the stepson My buddy misses as well.  My friend jumped at the chance and was appreciative beyond belief. Let’s ask ourselves, would women ever do this? These men don’t like each other but the father knew how much my buddy meant to his kid, so he swallowed his pride and did something incredible for his son. His pride came second to the happiness of his son. Now these guys are good to go and no longer harbor any bad feelings. They’ve gained each other’s respect for doing battle with the same monster. Women and the courts that act as their muscle.

Family court is set up to be unfair and biased against men. I have heard things are improving but my experience says otherwise. My buddy is suffering more than I did. At least taking the child out of state wasn’t available at the time. Although I was destroyed by the courts, at least they wrapped it up fairly quickly. Dragging this out for years while handing full custody, physical and legal, to the mother without any reason I can see is disgusting. It’s also incredibly selfish on the part of the mother and should prove her to be incapable of putting her kid’s needs first. Revenge by destroying their relationship by cheating, then taking his child like 800 miles away, and whoring around in Vegas is pretty good info for determining character., This bitch is a psycho hands down.

According to the US Constitution we have 2 courts. Civil and criminal. All others are illegitimate. Traffic court assumes guilt, not innocence. “Traffic” in legalize means commerce. You traffic drugs, people, and sex. This means you are engaged in regulated commerce anytime you use your private property on the public roads. 

This is why your license is class “C”, or commercial. If you don’t see a judge or jury you aren’t in a court. You are in a “Constitutional free zone”. Try using the Constitution as a defense and see exactly what it gets you. Right to your property and person? Not on the roads. A smell can give them “probable cause” to rip your private property apart looking for something that might not even exist and shouldn’t be the business of some cop anyway.

You have a right to withhold your speech and refuse to testify against yourself. This means the courts have no authority to coerce “evidence” from your person. Forced blood draws, punishments that are heavier than a DUI for refusing to blow in their machine, and using intimidation to nullify the Bill of Rights, all unacceptable. The right to remain silent is under attack and the police are trained to get you to consent without even knowing it. This use of legalize, pseudoscientific tests, and courts that are absolute fraudulent looters, is tyranny at the most personal level. 

Your ability to travel isn’t optional, it’s a necessity of life. Calling it a privilege is a joke and should have been the immediate end of the whole idea of traffic court. Adults in a free country have rights and responsibilities. Children have privileges that can be taken, regulated, or suspended.

Using your private property to pursue your happiness on the roads that your grandfathers built, is a right. The Supreme Court Agrees. According to the supremes the roads in America are the rightful property of the American people. They have decided that regulations can only exist for commerce. The zillion page California traffic codes are all toilet paper that are intended to regulate interstate trucking, busses, and taxis. People who make their livings driving on the road. 

The only legitimate laws for driving are reckless driving, a felony, and involuntary manslaughter. Anything else falls under rules and not law. That’s why the Constitution isn’t a defense. You aren’t under the jurisdiction of the Constitution according to them. You are in maritime jurisdiction. That’s why you drive a “vessel”, hold a commercial license, and are strictly regulated by a corporate CEO instead of a jury of your peers.

The family courts are just as illegitimate if not worse. The traffic courts are horrendous and blatant tyranny for anyone that can actually think. The issue is, that idiots believe it’s about safety even though it’s clearly extortion and oppression. If everyone I know can pass the driver’s test, it aint a test. It’s an excuse to permit you and get you to volunteer to their system. Consent is what they crave and will do anything to get.

The family court offers even less in the way of legitimacy and the stakes are your children. In criminal cases things like motive, means, and past behavior all come into play and are attempted to be brought out in the court. The family courts are all private and not open to anyone. Anyone can sit in on any old court room for no reason at all. Just follow the rules and be respectful and you can watch court all day. This is because our courts are fair, transparent, and public for those who have an interest in the outcomes as well as anyone else. At least that’s the claim.

Family courts are not a court by any definition in America. Traffic court neither, for what it’s worth. This awful and destructive institution has been the direct cause for millions of abused children. Stepfathers are like 15 times more likely to be abusive than a family member. Grown women often resent their stepdaughters and see them as competition. The kids that are best off, come from fathers. I have been surrounded by the products of single mothers my whole life and what failures they are. In contrast the few I know who were raised by their fathers are doing great and have great lives.

The parent that initiates the separation and asks for total control of the child should be under intense investigation. Her motives should be questioned, her lifestyle should be judged and evaluated, and her new man should have to endure a full background check, credit check, and be vetted by the father. Simps walking into another man’s house to bang his wife should have to do something to prove he’s more than just a homewrecker.

The point of all of this is to show, as best I can, just how bad these things are. Family court needs to go and children can be settled in civil court. Traffic court is disgusting and just as illegal. You people had best decide what’s important to you. Traveling without being assaulted or looted? Having a system that fairly separates the parental duties between two parties that are too immature to settle it themselves?

These two kangaroo courts have to go. Civil cases can be held privately. There’s no need to make special courts for marriage contracts, more than roofing contracts. Property disputes are settled just fine through civil litigation and the outcomes would be so much better I can’t even imagine it.

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