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Defund Them Or Depend On Them, WTF Do You People Want

This is “inspired” by a fox news alert I got and couldn’t avoid clicking on. Chicago is a hell hole. At least that’s how it appears to the rest of the country. The violence in that city is out of control and it’s getting worse. The people there are out of their minds.

They seem to think the police are their own personal bodyguards, on demand, but also want them defunded and, presumably, removed from their communities. The city is entirely ran by black, liberal, lunatics. Even in raw numbers whites are a minority in the city. Still the problem is white supremacy.

The article that caught my attention and is the reason for this post, is especially sad. A mother has lost 2 sons to murder within a few months of each other. A year later the murders remain unsolved. I had to know more with a headline like that. Unfortunately, I was not surprised by the reporting, the story, or the insane comments from the people in the story.

“LaTanya Gordon, 54, was driving home from a long shift at her caretaker job in Chicago on April 6, 2020. In her car, as she often did, Gordon tuned in to a police scanner—she wanted to be aware of what was going on in South Deering, the South Side neighborhood where she and her family had long-lived.”

I don’t know about the rest of y’all, but I don’t have a scanner in my car to warn me about my neighborhood before going home. This alone told me a lot about the “community” this woman called home.

“Around 1 p.m., Gordon heard that a shooting had occurred in South Deering, but she says that she didn’t think much of the alert given that her community struggles with gun violence on a daily basis. It wasn’t until she got home that she learned it was her son, Tyler Malden, who had been shot. Malden had been pronounced dead at the hospital before Gordon was even aware. He was 20 years old.”

This is just the second paragraph but look at what we can learn right away. First off, shootings aren’t unusual enough to even raise an eyebrow from the people living there. Second, we learn that this is a “struggle” with violence. Describing this like a virus or something completely out of their control. It’s everyone’s fault except those involved. Lastly, I read nothing of this young man’s father. Ms Gordon has 6 children and the father is mentioned once.

“Malden was one of Gordon’s six children; Gordon says they were very close. He had two jobs, working at FedEx and a local bowling alley. She describes him as a big, solid man and although he wasn’t “perfect”—”if you confronted him, Tyler was willing to fistfight. He wasn’t afraid to fight,” Gordon tells TIME—he was “not a troublemaker.” And Gordon adds that both she and Malden’s father had raised him to never carry a gun.”

Well that’s too bad. Maybe if this guy was less “willing to fistfight” he would still be alive. Maybe daddy should have raised his sons to be aware of their surroundings and to always be carrying for protection. Maybe daddy wasn’t much of a daddy at all. Who knows? As I said, he is mentioned just this one time.

“The shooting hit Gordon’s younger son, Terrance Malden, 15, particularly hard. Terrance, Gordon says, was a lot like his older brother, not willing to back down to anyone. Less than three months later, on July 10, 2020, Terrance was also shot and killed.

Over a year later, both their deaths remain unsolved.”

Well this is sad but kind of predictable, isn’t it? Apparently the older brother was like a father figure, of sorts. Certainly someone the youngster would want to impress and be like. This would have been an excellent time for a father to be there to console and grieve with his surviving son. The article just fails to give us any details on where this man was. This “reporting” is disgusting.

Now that the facts are out of the way, we can go a bit deeper. This is the very beginning of the article and it goes on for many more paragraphs. Lamenting the lack of police in their communities. Blaming the police for not caring. Blaming everyone and everything except themselves and their own behavior.

We have been hounded by the BLM folks to defund the police. Well idiots, that means defunding murder investigations. There is no money in investigating, prosecuting, or convicting murderers. This in fact, is probably the most expensive “service” the police provide. You can’t have it both ways. You either want the cops to be there or not. As for myself, I would prefer they only focus on violence and property crimes.

I don’t support the drug warriors or the traffic pirates. That’s not the issue though is it. These folks seem to want absolute protection and absolute freedom from the same organization. I am not this stupid. You get the good with the bad when you accept police. That means they are going to mess with you if you appear to be up to no good. If you want them gone, fine. But don’t bitch when they can’t find the one that murders your family.

The murder rate in Chicago, as well as many more liberal hell holes, has gone off the scale. During the 4th of July weekend there was 108 people shot with 17 killed. This is the count that was reported. God knows how many shootings fail to get reported at all. The reason there is a problem solving murder is the shear number of victims you’re dealing with.

Then there’s the fact that police have no allies in these “communities.” The police rely heavily on witnesses to investigate crime. This is kind of obvious. Now, what if there are no witnesses? What if there are witnesses but they refuse to talk? How exactly do you expect this crime to be solved when you have to monitor a scanner just to know if the coast is clear to head home?

Maybe you need to get the hell out of the “community” that’s killed 2 of your children. Maybe living in absolute fear has a bad effect on children and can even cause them to suffer PTSD, just from the environment you’ve put them in? Maybe, just maybe, you need to take some responsibility for yourself and your situation.

You see, she knew this was all bad. She asked the police to guard the funeral as if they were her own security force. The police were not able to, “there was no large police presence at the funeral—which took place just three blocks away from the nearest police station—and 15 people were shot.” This is lunacy.

It’s not guns, the police, or systemic racism. It’s systemic violence, generational institutionalized, and accepted criminals. The community will be as violent as the citizens will allow. Detroit has taken the problem seriously. There’s a great black man in that city named Dale Brown who started the Threat Management Center.

This man is awesome and the people of Chicago should check him out. If you want peace in your “hood”, make your “hood” peaceful. It’s that simple. Private individuals have an interest in their own communities and, are the very best at policing their own streets. Fu** the state and Ms Lightfoot. Do it yourselves, if you actually want it.

“After implementing the Violence Intervention Protective Emergency Response System (VIPERS)in 1995 in partnership with the Detroit Police Department, Detroit saw a 90% decrease in violent crime as well as a total stop to home invasions and murders in specific neighborhoods. Total homes served by TMC in Detroit now number over 1,000, and businesses over 500.”

That my friends, is how it’s done. This dude is not a libertarian but he is proving the anarchist position with every success he has. God bless him, he has many. Maybe the Big D will see that private security far outperforms and provides better outcomes than the state could ever hope for. The answer isn’t no government. It’s self government. Not, no rules, but no rulers. Get it?

“[Mayor Lori Lightfoot] and [CPD Superintendent David Brown] got on television and said they didn’t have any credible tips,” Manasseh says. “Most of the people who were shot were women and kids. This was completely preventable.”

Women and children. My god when are you people going to stop? There is a deep seated problem in this place and it’s not the soil that’s the problem. The police can’t and won’t be able to help you at this point. If this city is to be saved it must be saved from within. The problem must be solved where it exists. The flowers need to bloom where they are planted, without fear of being cut down every time they step outside.

108 Shootings in one city on one weekend is insane. People talk about the “Wild West” being lawless and scary. Nothing in the history of this country can compare with today’s Chicago. The OK Corral? What did like 3 dudes get killed? The west was super safe compared to today. An armed society is a polite society. The western men were openly packing and stealing a horse was a hanging crime. There was law and order because the people demanded it. 

I got the story from the news app on my phone so can’t give you a link but you can search, “LaTanya Gordon Lost Two Sons to Gun Violence in Three Months. A Year Later, Both Cases Remain Unsolved—a Lack of Closure That Haunts Many Fatal Shootings”, and you’ll get it.

The article is like 1000 words of drivel that dance around the issues and placate the PC mob. The facts can be had within the first few paragraphs and then it launches into looney tunes about systemic this, and community that. Violent men with no role models are apparently not the recipe for a Nobel Prize winning childhood. The truth is not popular so it just isn’t said. Somehow it’s more politically correct to call this female a hero than ask where the father is. Sad.

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