Climate Change, or People Change?

I was searching through my local cities website. I ended up on the water utility page due to mandatory water cuts due to fires. To my shock, I wish it was shocking, the increased hysteria about wildfires blames global warming for it. I’m sorry but you have to be mentally retarded to think climate change causes forrest fires. 

To an extent they are correct. If you look at the goals of climate change activists it becomes clear that humans are the problem. It’s their inaction, not their actions that are causing increased and more intense fires. They refused to manage the forests or allow responsible logging companies to dot so. Underbrush is what’s called “fuel” in wildfire speak. Trees and grasses are nothing to handle. Years of built up deadwood is a disaster.

Why would they neglect the forests they have taken ownership of? According to my cities own document.

Global Warming: Fast Facts 

  •  At the rate our climate is changing, the world will soon be warmer than at any time in the last 10,000 years.
  •  The world has warmed by 0.5°C over the past century and an average 2°C warming is predicted by 2100.
  •  There is a scientific consensus that air pollution from human activities is partly responsible for global warming.
  •  Climatic changes will alter natural vegetation, wildlife habitats, crop growing seasons, and distribution of pests and diseases.
  •  Global warming will cause a continued and accelerated rise in sea levels, threatening half of the world’s most critical coastal wetlands.
  •  A one-meter rise in sea level would threaten half of the world’s coastal wetlands of international importance for their biodiversity.
  •  A 3°C to 4°C warming could eliminate up to 85% of the remaining wetlands in the semi- arid regions of southern Europe.
  •  The loss of wetlands in the flood plains of rivers in the African Sahel could make some local populations of turtles and birds extinct.
  •  A 3°C to 4°C warming could eliminate all open waters of the prairie pothole region in the US, an area where half of the wild duck population hatch out.
  •  About 30 new infectious diseases have emerged in the past 20 years.
  •  Global warming will expose millions of people to new health risks. Infectious diseases
    are emerging, resurging and undergoing redistribution on a global scale.
  •  Global sea level has risen between 10 to 25cm in the last 100 years and will rise faster still in the coming decades.
  •  By the year 2050, up to one million additional deaths from malaria may be occurring annually as a result of climate change.
  •  The arctic is unusually important for migratory birds. An estimated 15% of the world’s bird species are arctic specialists. In north America, 36 species breed only above 60°N latitude.
  •  Ringed seals are the principal prey of polar bears. Unseasonal warming can lead to collapses of the snow caves where female seals bear their young. The young as yet have no blubber and die of exposure when cold conditions return. Scientists suspect that declines in seal populations will occur in this manner, and will ultimately lead to declines in polar bear populations. 
  •  Detailed climate models suggest that a doubling of greenhouse gas concentrations will lead to a 30% reduction in the tundra available to Arctic species.
  •  Many of the world’s most distinctive mammals are found only in the Artic, including walrus, several species of seals, arctic foxes, collared lemmings, arctic and tundra hares, muskoxen, polar bears, mmarwhals and bowhead whales.
  •  As sea ice becomes thinner due to increased temperatures, animal intruders from the south, such as grizzly bears and moose, are penetrating north affecting local populations.
  •  Between 15 to 20% of large nature reserves in southern reserves in southern Africa would experience a change in biome or habitat type under different climate change scenarios.
  •  Climatic changes will alter natural vegetation, wildlife habitats, crop growing seasons, and the distribution of pests and diseases. 

Sorry for the long copy and paste but you should see the whole list of objectives and just how utterly looney they are. Also their appraisal of our current situation offers us a measure of their ability to think critically at all.

They claim sea levels have risen like 6 or 7 inches over the last decade. Erosion is the better answer. The sea isn’t raising, the shore line is being eroded by the sea itself as well as the wind and rain.

They contend that at our current rate we are “headed” for the highest global temp in 10,000 years. Pretty bold claim since we weren’t exactly taking temperature recordings 10,000 years ago. They have to guess at climate past. They use several methods of so called scientific measurement that are questionable at best, fraud at worst. Radiocarbon dating, ice core samples, and many more pseudo scientific methods are used to support baseless claims seeking scientific validity. The medieval warm period saw wine grapes growing in England. Hannibal marched like 100,000 men, horses, and elephants over the alps. He reports being able to walk on earth, not ice. Today this march would be impossible due to its current climate.

This action plan had to be copied and pasted in full to show just how wicked it is. Read their goals and one thing becomes abundantly clear, humans are the problem. Every lost habitat is mourned for the turtle or duck they might inconvenience. Arctic Foxes and polar bears are to be undisturbed at all cost. This has absolutely nothing to do with betterment for humanity. It in fact, seems to hope for a future of far less humans to muck the thing up.

I found another document detailing many of these goals and adding more information on what it means and how to achieve the goals. It goes on to say.

“A climate literate person is a critical thinker who understands complex relationships of multiple variables of the climate system and acts in the best interest of long-term global health”

That’s cool, climate cultists are critical thinkers. This is hilarious. Who exactly are the public they are targeting? You expect the average voter to be a research scientist with broad interests in separate fields. They know that this precludes 99 percent of the public yet also expect everyone to accept their looney claims.

“It also provides learners with the practical application of the content knowledge they learn in school and equips students with skills, efficacy and motivation in being active change agents in their communities.”

“The interconnectedness of the systems involved in climate change amplifies the need for environmental and climate education to include concepts outside of STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) like the arts, english, economics and history.”

“More importantly, climate literacy must be grounded in the idea that youths’ interest in civic engagement develops at a young age, and is built upon over a number of years. By instituting cross-cutting environmental education at all grade levels we ensure that the growing generations of today and tomorrow will learn how to responsibly care for our planet.”

There ya go. This is the reason they want to start pushing this shit in pre-school. So they can build upon the confusion of the past and provide a feeling in the student of having a single purpose in life. Stopping global warming/cooling has been the constant threat that has yet to break through the bigoted minds of their parents. At least to a degree that justifies genocide.

“Earth is currently experiencing a mass extinction due to human activities such as deforestation, overhunting, pollution and climate change. 99% of the threatened species are affected by anthropogenic activities and dozens of species go extinct every day.”

That’s right. Humans are the cause of mass extinction of the world. No consideration that everything today represents less than a percent of the life that has existed and gone extinct already. Species are constantly given the so called Darwin Award and 99 percent of all life has gone extinct. We are witnessing hysterical, Malthusian eugenicists. Nothing more. 

“The environmental justice movement arose when individuals, and mainly people of color, spoke up against pollution and environmental destruction disproportionately impacting their communities.”

“The county, which had a 65% Black population at the time, protested for 6 weeks but was met with police pushback and 500 arrests. Despite their efforts, the landfill was filled with contaminated soil that was bound to leak and pollute their water, which would cause severe health issues, such as cancer.”

“Still today, highways, factories and toxic waste sites are intentionally placed in low-income and Black communities. This leads to higher rates of health problems”

Yup, this is racist too. Of course it is. Didn’t you know the environmentalist movement was started by black folks? Apparently it was the heroism of the black community that saved us slovenly greedy pigs form destroying the Earth. The funny part is the last. The airports, power plants, and the like are usually built in empty spaces. These spaces end up cheap real estate. 

The blacks buy these properties because they are cheap. The way property rights are handled here depend heavily on first come, first serve. To build an airport in a neighborhood it would require the permission of an impossible amount of property owners. It would also likely require the property owners who are especially put out, to be offered a buy out, some sort of compensation, or an agreement satisfactory to both parties.

I’m giving you guys links to the 2 document, ents I pulled quotes from as well as another even better one. This one was totally locked from allowing me to copy and paste. I could highlight text but when I copied it, it was random looking characters. Maybe this is for the better, I quote a lot based on my sensibilities. Things that seem outrageous to me might not even get notice from most.

Last one.

“Millions of people, particularly Black and Native Americans, in the US go without water because they can’t afford it or can only access contaminated water.”

“Eurocentric thinking supported the idea that natural resources were something to be exploited by humans because ‘humans are the rulers of the world’. This idea unfortunately also led to the accelerated destruction of the environment.”

“The most pressing part of the indigenous land rights argument is that their land was stolen from them through genocide, manipulation and force. These are all true.”

What the fuck are they talking about? Millions of POC’s don’t have tap water? This country has an incredible water infrastructure. It’s degrading and not maintained at all. Yet the fact that potable water flows from 99 percent of American taps is pretty damn good. If you are smart enough to want fluoride removed, you are smart enough to do it yourself. 

“Eurocentric thinking”?!? You mean Christian? You must and it’s not very subtle. Fuck you Luciferian, “new wave”, and pagan assholes. The Earth was God’s gift to Man. Man is the master of his domain and he has made great use of it to advance his comfort. Christians believe that God made them stewards of the land and animals. Elevating anything on Earth above man is demonic. Whether you believe you were created in the image of God, for his enjoyment and your happiness. Or you believe that after a mathematically impossible level of coincidences and happy and positive DNA damages that improved the gene sequence instead of hindering the host and failing to reproduce at all. You have to concede the fact, Mankind is absolutely the top of the food chain and we rule all of the animals without question. The world is for MAN whether we won it through selective genetic retardation, or were gifted it to enjoy and use. 

If evolution is your religion you should cheer on the extinction of species. You believe in constant evolution that continues a march in which no low intelligence life could possibly exist. The Darwinists provide no upper limit to what “fully evolved” is. The fail to defend their ridiculous and godless philosophy even on child like questions like, “why do monkeys still exist?” Where are the fossils of interspecies throw aways? The dirt should be filled with horrifying mid species abominations that failed to reproduce. Not one single proof for evolution exists in the entire fossil record.

OCD Again. Global warming is about population control and it’s sinister beyond belief.  Malthus laid out his “economic calculation” that predicted run away population in the late 1700’s. Today we live in a world with a 7 or 8 fold increase in the population compared to his time. He failed to predict any technological, agricultural, or any other progress whatever. Even though he has been spectacularly wrong and shouldn’t even be consulted for predicting the sunrise. Modern day adherents are many.

Planned Parenthood, starvation due to lack of access in a world of abundance, and the leading cause of death being diarrhea might seem like random topics. They are not. The problem with climate change isn’t the change. We told them that the climate changes naturally from the jump and it was finally accepted. Now it’s anthropogenic climate change. They had to be more specific and differentiate nature from human caused climate change. Anthropegenic is just as despite as it sounds. If the constant slogan repeated “human being living, caused climate change”, it would require a sour taste eventually to at least most people.

I am absolutely against pollution and believe those who knowingly pollute any common space, river, lake, etc… owes the public the costs of clean up. I refuse to entertain the insane claim that my breath is poison to Mother Earth. Carbon dioxide released from a carbon based life form, on a carbon based Earth, doesn’t sound like anything other than a design to me. Organic chemistry is the chemistry of carbon. Carbon has the ability to bond to just about everything and its unique properties are very much appreciated by chemists working on new meds, soil treatments, and pollution scrubbers. 

Just because the UN tells you scientific consensus exists, means that no consensus exists. The UN doesn’t tell the truth and this is their project. The documents that detail their goals for the next several decades are horrifying. It’s all open source and available to the public. They know you are that lazy and complacent that they can speak plainly of intentions to destroy all nations and institute a global communist regime. Hyperbole? Whatever you say douche bag.

Here’s the links to the info you should know about.

Again, I came across all of this just by clicking some links on my local water utility site.

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