AntiFa, Big Problem For US

Ya, Antifa is a huge problem. I have been hoping this commie bunch was going to lose steam. Most of these commie, astroturf, hate groups do. Antifa just isn’t. It is emboldened by the press, not accountable. In fact it is hard to say who works for who. Not really, the media is clearly running the show and Antifa is their muscle. There is an Antifa manual online that seems legitimate to me. It looks like a run off of the Anarchist cookbook. It reads like a piss poorly written communist manifesto.

Let me be clear here, like Obama says. I believe in the non-aggression principle and use that as my guiding light for moral interaction with others. I also believe in personal responsibility and absolute responsibility for one’s own self and loved ones. I treat everyone as an individual, as best the circumstance allow, and then treat everyone exactly how they treat me. These folks have decided to take a unique designation. As far as how to treat anyone professing to be Antifa? I don’t think we have given them their due respect and had better start to treat them as the threat they are.

The manual appears to have been drafted in 2017, but who knows, the ideas are as old as time. It is a jealous book, dripping with envy and hate. It hates “cis white males” with unbelievable passion. It calls Jews a protected people, while it blandly criticizes the actions of Israel. It makes plain its wish to be foot soldiers for the one world “antifacist” government. Micro chips they can use for taking people down a peg and everything. Right out of 1984 these kids are. Ive seen quite a few different edits of this manual, but the action plan remains consistent. Sad thing is, this aint new. Only the uneducated could be taken in by this garbage and guess who it’s being taken in by? The educated.

That’s right. As the manual suggests, this movement owes its roots to our college campuses. Isn’t that adorable? What’s the national student loan debt at? Something like over a TRILLION dollars last I checked. You dumb ass parents getting your money’s worth? Or is it your dumb ass kids who decide? Either way what the hell are we to do with all of these dangerously mis-educated psychopaths? Their rhetoric is the same vile crap that saw the 20th century bathe in blood.

Communism is foul, people. When are you people going to get it? This foul ideology is vicious and it is poison to those who buy into it. There are no winners if these idiots have their way. Even they will be destroyed by it. In fact, the underlings are always first to go, because they’ve already demonstrated a level of ruthlessness, that creeps somebody above them out. Just watch a time-lapse of a photo of Stalin, and you see a group of smiling men slowly reduced, one by one, until only Stalin remained. You have to be totally ignorant of history to accept any commie crap at all. How did these kids get so dumb?

They make a huge part of their strategy the displacement, or replacement of “cis white males”. It’s unclear what they think that will mean for white women but I can tell you anyway. White women will truly know a rape culture and live rape as a daily chore. With the white population reduced to below 30 percent, per the plan, able bodied white men will make up a fraction of that. Who is it that will protect white women? The minorities? The state? Do these demons even care? Surely they must know what they are talking about and want just as much evil brought to our women as they do us “cis white men”.

I’m amazed that this comes from the universities but that too is par for the course. There truly is nothing new under the sun. That’s what’s so damned frustrating about all of this. How are we still dealing with commies? A system so thoroughly shown for being unworkable, destructive of life all around it, and destructive of all environmental factors it controls. This base philosophy that began with a spoiled brat douche bag has never produced a single solitary success. It’s aims are world government with this crazy system as the guiding light. Horrified yet?

We must be getting into looney tunes because world government has been at least taboo my whole life. The fact that people have been pushing for world government since the official illuminati was accepted to be real is not in question. The idea that it was coming for America has been the stuff of conspiracy cranks my whole life. George Bush just loves you and that’s the only “new world order” he wants, you silly. 

Well, who is laughing now? Nobody! Not good. How much longer are we going to allow this? This country is under attack and it’s like nothing we’ve faced before. Between the Fauci’s, the Antifa’s, the BLM, etc. Then the media being totally sold out to the puppet masters and hell bent on gas lighting America into ignition. Are we going to let them do this? They still need us to complete the plan. Our execution still requires our consent. STOP CONSENTING!

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