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Why The Hell Are Children Still Forced To Serve 12 Year Prison/School Terms?

The road to hell is paved in good intentions…

I have no idea what school in Germany is like other than I’ve heard ours is modeled on the Prussian system of the 1800’s. I’m in my late 30’s and would have graduated in 2000. School was a joke even back then. 

We had a brand new turf football field and a fancy theater built at the school. As far as shop classes, home economics, or anything that could qualify you for a functioning adult… nothing. 

The teachers and the like all made it clear, college or burger flipping. College at any price for any degree was the only option for any student who didn’t wanna be on welfare.

I’ve always been self taught/autodidactic and stubborn to a fault. I realized college wasn’t something I felt I needed or wanted. I wanted to get a job and start trying things out. While I would have graduated in 2000, I dropped out to take the GED at 16. 

Took about a year and a half of high school for me to make my mind up. Not a single moment in my life have I ever even second guessed it. Probably the first time I took my future in my own hands and set my course according to my own compass. World be damned.

I’m no Elon Musk or scum bag Bill Gates, that’s for sure. What I am, is living proof that college is absolutely unnecessary and in many cases insane. Not just for myself either. 

My 19 year old daughter has followed some of my steps and as with myself she has flourished with the freedom to begin life on her terms. She preferred working and trying to decide what she wanted before jumping into more of what she was sick of. If she decides she wants to do something that requires a certificate of some sort, she can pursue that certificate.

The governments idea of perfection is this; family wakes up all at the same time every morning. The mom and dad scream at each other and the kids until everyone is just around each other long enough to be in each other’s way.  

Then all occupants are rushed to separate institutions in which they will be compartmentalized by age, occupation, and duty. Family comes home just in time to order a bucket of chicken, watch garbage tv with family, and fall asleep in front of the news. This is the depressing existence your government is training your children for.

The idea of a fully rounded, articulate, well read, jack of many trades, was the model figure of enlightenment era Europe and America. Many great American folk tales are memorialized in poem. Paul Revere’s midnight ride was a household poem for generations. Today, even in the states, you still hear the nursery rhyme, “pocket full of posies” that has come down from plague stories of centuries past.

This is knowledge as I understand it. Not the rhyme per se. it’s the passing on of crucial information through song, poem, and the written word that transmits knowledge from past events.

Ready for the truth? Knowledge is passed on with historical context. Tradition, history, religious practice, and on and on… these things all are somewhat flexible which the government schools lack.

One size fits all. Those who pose a challenge for the teacher are medicated and punished. The best student for the teacher is one who says nothing but does as they’re told. Is this the behavior you even want from your kids? Blind obedience from anyone claiming to be authority.

This doesn’t even go into the evils of CRT. This is the model as it was designed to work. The inclusion of CRT is just the latest, like 30 years old, curriculum offered by those who wish to destroy your children’s minds, not expand them.

Regardless of the curriculum, these schools are nothing but daycare centers and indoctrination centers. They were designed to churn out factory workers with just enough knowledge to work the machines, but not enough knowledge and confidence to pursue their own passions.

Now that factory workers are no longer in need, the boys are being schooled on male privilege, girls are pushed to adopt interests they don’t have, and all white kids are taught to hate themselves.

Whatever use schools had in the past are gone. They are nothing but abusive, mentally damaging, temporary prisons. Complete with fences, guards, and regular counts of the population. The bells used to match the bells in a factory. Now the resemble that of a prison yard.

The biggest obstacle to a free society that we face, is public schooling. I’s been the problem for decades but only recently have the American people been able to accept the facts, slapping them in the face. Public schools are nothing but a jobs program for the type of worker that requires schemes like tenure, months of vacation, and short relaxed work days.

Tenure is a flipping outrage. There isn’t anything like it in any other profession. In most occupations like teaching, its required that the employee continue education, be subject to review, and held responsible for any mistakes, including immediate termination for negligent mistakes that caused injury, and even civil liability for their actions.

Students are subject to the personal character defects of possibly 6 different loons every day. Their gym teacher is likely a pervert, everyone I ever had was. Their counselors don’t even know them or give 2 shits about their wants or needs. The only advocate they have are their parents. Unfortunately most parents are failing their kids in the most devastating way and are likely clueless to it.

The question of, “what can we do” is ubiquitous. The one universal answer that at least all parents can do is easy. Remove your children from government schools. 

In my opinion unschooling is something to be considered seriously. The freeform of education that relies on letting children organize their days and learn at a pace that their interests allow. This is obviously not for everyone and not the only “right” way. It just sounds best to me, but I have to admit, I only know it by theory and not experience.

I have experience with a couple years of home school from a christian curriculum. This was vastly superior to the school I came from. I learned and read more during this time than any other time in school. So I support religious home schooling big time. 

If you are religious, why would you even consider sending them to aethiest evangelicals? Not only will they be taught to believe God doesn’t exist, the teachers will trivialize and insult religion. It will only be presented in the light of colonialism, racism, and war.

Likewise, if you are conservative, libertarian, or just not a democrat, schools are your enemy. They will be constantly acting and teaching the opposite values you want to share to your kids. You should instill your values into your kids without regard for the values of others.

The children will be inundated with the opposing view from all directions. Media, movies, and everything else in our culture is owned by progressives. They need to be taught that other world views exist and are superior to the jealous, hateful, and destructive social democracy, that’s universally worshiped in government schools.

With the insane cost of child care it’s barely worth having 2 incomes. It’s never been more economically realistic to keep a parent home for the kids. The homeschooling parent can find a work from home gig, sell things in real life or online, or affiliate marketing. 

The income potential from the internet are endless. Learning the process with your child/student would be more valuable and personally rewarding as a parent, than anything the schools can offer. Plus, you can do anything that strikes an interest. Hobby websites, e-commerce, blogging, etc. These are all projects that teach relevant skills and can actually reward effort with money.

Online options also provide everything from resources for full blown structured curriculum and access to personal tutors, to self guided and less hands on, to completely hands off unschooling. 

Not all methods of educating children are legal everywhere. Unfortunately for those outside the US, homeschooling might not even be an option. I know that it’s unusual for European country’s to allow it. Within the US the laws very from state to state.

I don’t give a damn what the intentions were when school was made compulsory, it’s unacceptable. The fact was, the US was the most literate country on Earth. Reading the Bible was something that began at home and started at birth. The literacy rate was so unusual and impressive that it caught the attention of every foreign reporter to write about the American people of the time. 

To the foreign observer, not only were the Americans surprisingly literate, they had a distinct, American, style of writing too. The American style of writing was an oratory style. It was the stump speech that gave Americans their distinct writing style. Writing was styled as if written to be spoken. A natural connection to the political action of the day. Stump speeches were heard on every street corner and this informed the writing style of Americans.

The basics were taught at home by the mother and the main reading text was the Bible, followed by the classics. Shakespeare, Adam Smith, and the Greek Tragedies all could have been offered to a youngster to read. Phonics was the only way to teach reading and they would have considered “common core” to be witchcraft.

For more advanced subjects there were tutors, apprenticeships, and universities. University acceptance was dependent upon one’s own knowledge, achievements, and promise. School credits didn’t exist and the university heads wouldn’t have given them any regard whatever, anyway. 

Entrance exams and personal assessment of the student were enough to get into university.  Since there were no such things as occupational licensing, university was a chance to learn for the sake of knowledge alone. No misguided fantasies about making easy money and living the good life based upon a degree. No safe spaces, censorship, or affirmative action. Unrecognizable to todays colleges.

As with primary schools, I take the same view of today’s universities. Outside of Hillsdale and a few others, they are all the same. They will make your child/young adult dumber rather than smarter. They will destroy common sense, not supplement it. They distort and destroy history, not teach it objectively. They interweave racism into all subjects. 

They openly practice racist policy and lesson plans against only white students. For white parents, you have to be a lunatic to pay 6 figures to race hustlers that have one goal, getting your kid to accept the guilt of every crime committed by any European anywhere at any time. Continuing to finance this garbage is a choice. Stop it!

They wanna treat white kids with harsher discipline, entrance requirements, and open discrimination? Remove the white kids all together. Let these institutions rely on affirmative action placements and government funding. White and Asian parents should boycott so called “higher learning” until it returns to actual higher learning institutions. 

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