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We Got Problem, Juneteenth? I’m Going To Be Sick

This divisive and outrageous attack against whiteness is just the latest battle in a war that’s been going on for decades. I am shocked by the total lunacy that has become normal in America. I am also sincerely baffled by the absolute hatred and jealousy coming from black America.

I’m not quite 40 years old. I have never even talked down to any black person, let alone hurt one. The rhetoric coming from them is horrifying and outrageous.

This post is going to be quote heavy because it has to be. The facts have to be made plain and they are not my facts. The opinions of so called “black America” is one of confusion, hatred, and ignorance.

I know that just my mentioning these things, will be enough too be labeled some God awful name. I don’;t care. This is scary and if words are too much for you to handle, fuck off.

I wanted to hear about this crap from the folks who gave it to us. So I didn’t consult CNN, FOX, or any other so called “white supremacist” sources. I found a black source called The Root. These folks are not shy and provide us with a very blunt prescription for what this all means for whites and what whites are expected to do.

From The Root I have a few quotes;

“Now that Juneteenth is a federal holiday, we created a CRT-free educational curriculum to help colonizer Americans resist the urge to gentrify this celebration.”

So helpful and accommodating. Thank you so much for assisting my colonial addled brain in understanding what my sins are and how to repent.

“What Juneteenth Is

As Dr. Henry Louis Gates wrote for The Root in 2013 (Yep, we’ve covered Juneteenth for years), Juneteenth is “the most popular annual celebration of emancipation from slavery in the United States.” It commemorates the day when enslaved people in Galveston found out they were free.”

Ok so now we know what the hell this thing is. Apparently The Root considers coverage going back a whole 7 years is somehow proof of historical relevance. Well, there isn’t any reason White America would be aware or happy for this so called holiday. White Americans have been desperately trying to make right and put to bed the past mistakes of this country. It is a fool’s errand. If you aren’t convinced just how foolish it is by the end of this, you are a fucking tool.

Again from The Root;

“What Juneteenth Is Not

Juneteenth is not the Black 4th of July. It does not commemorate the end of slavery. The use of Black bodies as white people’s wealth-building human chattel didn’t officially end until the ratification of the 13th Amendment. Also, America’s actual independence day is July 2, 1776. Don’t worry, we know you people don’t know a lot about true history.

Juneteenth is not reparations: Making Juneteenth a holiday does not absolve the country of its past, nor does it make up for any of the injustices. Black people were gonna celebrate anyway. If anything, white people should be thanking us for a day off.

Juneteenth is not the racism vaccine: Celebrating Juneteenth does not make you an ally or an anti-racist any more than going Christmas shopping with two friends means you’re the three wise men.

Juneteenth is not yours: Do not infiltrate your capitalist customs into Juneteenth. There will be no mattress sales or special edition Crown Royal bottles. We don’t need a line of Hallmark Cards or 10 percent off collard greens. Don’t try to improve it, take it over or make it “more inclusive.” In other words, don’t treat Juneteenth like you treat Black music, Black art or Black neighborhoods.

Juneteenth is not “the cookout”: Cookout invitations are still invite-only. The last edition of the Regional Executive, Administrative, and Legislative Newsletter for the International Council for Cookout Arts and Sciences (REALNICCAS) announced a moratorium on cookout invitations until the first annual celebration of Reparations Day.”

You got that? Juneteenth is not to be used by whites, appreciated by whites, or even observed by whites. The only thing this “holiday” has for whites is hatred. Apparently white people can’t keep their grubby fingers off of black art. To my amazement, it’s black neighborhoods that are also listed. White flight doesn’t exist you silly. It’s white invasion of the ghetto that’s ruining it.

Buckle up folks because this is where we go into woke hyper drive. This is the 10 commandments of Juneteenth, according to The Root;

“As a white person, you may not have heard about the 10 Principles of Juneteenth, but trust me, they’re a thing in the Black community. They were developed in the late 1890s by Rev. Samuel Alouicious Lovelace, best known as the first clergyman to pray until the food got cold.

1. Thou shalt not have any holidays before Juneteenth. Juneteenth is the most American holiday. The only reason anyone would be against it is if they were still lamenting over the loss of slavery (so everyone with a Confederate flag). Plus, when those slaveowners sent the Declaration of Independence to King George, most of America (Black people, women, Native Americans, white people who didn’t own land) were not included in the “all men are created equal part.”

2. Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor: No calling the police. Just for this one day, don’t be afraid when a Black person is cooking out in the park or walking around existing. This day is about freedom, remember?

3. Thou shalt not whitesplain: Telling us how you already knew about Juneteenth doesn’t mean anything. You’re supposed to know. Black people know about Columbus Day, St. Patrick’s Day and President’s Day but we don’t brag about it.

4. Thou shalt not take the Juneteenth’s name in vain: No one needs your input. Perhaps the best thing you can do to honor Juneteenth is to keep its name out of your mouth. This thing existed without you for a century and a half.

5. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s anything: Don’t ask a Black person for anything on Juneteenth. Leading the Juneteenth celebration at work is not part of Keisha in accounting’s job description. Plus, it’s kinda racist. Would you ask your Native American friend to give a talk on Thanksgiving? Or Columbus Day? Or Independence Day? Also, there’s this thing called “Google.”

6. Remember Juneteenth and keep it holy: Don’t disrespect Juneteenth by wearing kente cloth or cornrows. And please don’t attempt to celebrate by singing slave songs. Negro spirituals are not made for Caucasian vocal cords or acoustic guitars. We don’t need a Juneteenth anthem.

Juvenile, Frankie Beverly and Maze already handled that.

7. Lean not into thine own understanding: You don’t have to teach anyone about this holiday. If they’re Black, they don’t need it. If they’re white, I’m sure they’ll get by like their kinfolk did for the first 155 years they didn’t know about the holiday. If they’re any other person of color, they rolled their eyes and said “What does this motherfucker want now?” when they spotted you heading toward them.

8. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s Blackness: Again, Juneteenth is not the cookout. You don’t get a one-day pass to use the n-word or to wear blackface on Juneteenth. If you regularly use the n-word, take a day off.

9. Thou shalt not steal: This includes labor, land, wealth, elections, opportunity, education, due process under the law, the right to not be murdered by police officers, voting rights…

I’m just saying, try something new.

10. Thou shalt purchase gifts for thou Black neighbors: Just kidding. I know you don’t have any.

Just, wow. For all of you liberal douche bags that think you are some ally and “keeping it real”, look how they talk about you. This is never going to end. Reparations are mentioned and just another step in the process. You will be a slave to them. That’s the only acceptable “compromise” they seem to entertain. 

You wanna be “colorblind” and inclusive so that you are considered woke. What if “woke” wasn’t real? What if the whole idea and execution was a psychological warfare construct from the jump? What if they were able to convince white people that race is a social construct of zero value, while teaching the exact opposite to all others? African, Chicano, Native American, etc… These are all subjects for university students to learn the group interests of others.

It’s only white people who have no culture, history, or value worth studying. The modern world was built by Europeans. Africa failed to produce a 2 story building until white people erected one there. There exists evidence of white built cities from thousands of years ago. Greece, Rome, and countless others show us a long and amazing history of civilization.

Black people seem awful proud of their achievements. What achievements are they so proud of? That is what I want to know. Are we supposed to celebrate African cities? What cities? The one’s built in Rhodesia? South Africa? Or is it the Great Pyramid that they claim to have built? There’s no evidence that the continent of Africa had cities, agriculture, or anything close to civilization prior to the settlement of Europeans there. I’m sure these are “hate facts”, I just don’t care.

Juneteenth is going to be the final straw for many, many white Americans. This separate and exclusively black holiday will absolutely divide us farther than we already are. The new flag that is already designed and in the works will absolutely spark racial hatred in the hearts of many of us who have never considered race in this way. The idea of colorblindness is absolute garbage and only for white eyes. Once you open your eyes the racial reality is impossible to miss.

6 thoughts on “We Got Problem, Juneteenth? I’m Going To Be Sick

  1. The Root is NOT a reliable source! Juneteenth is actually a Texas thing, isn’t really celebrated by Black people outside of that state. I’m Black, I’m in NC. never celebrated Juneteenth, but I know all about the holiday. Making it a federal holiday is just pandering to a subsection of Black America. Trust me, not all Black people are with this liberal/Democrat nonsense. Personally, I find myself becoming more politically moderate because I am tired of all the divisiveness.

    1. $dbb9581 – I'm a total neanderthal that's completely confused by the society I live in. I'm offensive, honest, and a good man. I'm, here because I pay to be here, and I will say whatever I like. Come one, come all, to the freak show of commiefornia.
      David Baker says:

      Thank you so much for replying. I really appreciate your perspective and am encouraged by it. I used the root because it seemed very popular. I am very happy to hear that they don’t represent your average black opinion. Communication is the key and we will overcome this divisive garbage.

    2. $dbb9581 – I'm a total neanderthal that's completely confused by the society I live in. I'm offensive, honest, and a good man. I'm, here because I pay to be here, and I will say whatever I like. Come one, come all, to the freak show of commiefornia.
      David Baker says:

      Sorry this is a bit out of the blue but I was just reading the comments again and wanted to add something. I think it’s awesome that you are considering “moderate” positions, as oppose to the psychotic commie left. I would just suggest that radical positions are honorable if you’re a fanatic for freedom. Take this for what it’s worth, I am no preacher. The Bible seems to warn against “moderation” and prefers we go all in or all out. Republicans are not worthy of your vote but there are republican politicians that are. Vote solely on issues and not personalities. Vote your conscience regardless of the chances they will win and you will never regret another vote. I couldn’t end this in good conscience without at least suggesting to you, the Libertarian position. If you believe in the “Golden Rule”, and the “Non-Aggression Principle”, the philosophy of liberty is for you.

      Funny thing about my philosophical roots, they are all products of Jewish intellectuals. Rothbard, Rand, and Mises are all Jews. Atlas Shrugged, For a New Liberty, and Human Action have all made such a huge impact on my thinking, as to completely change who I am and how I see my fellows. Knowledge is power and the left is desperate to hobble the intellectual growth of their followers. Indeed the modern “left” is more akin to a cult than a political party. Jonestown for sure.

      1. David, thanks for continuing the conversation. I’ve been looking into the Libertarian position, especially since last election cycle. I’ll look up those authors you mentioned as well. Thanks again.

      2. $dbb9581 – I'm a total neanderthal that's completely confused by the society I live in. I'm offensive, honest, and a good man. I'm, here because I pay to be here, and I will say whatever I like. Come one, come all, to the freak show of commiefornia.
        David Baker says:

        Awesome! Thomas Sowell is a black intellectual heavyweight as well. Just so ya know it’s not all old white guys, lol

      3. I’ve heard of Thomas Sowell. I’ll have to do more research on him

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