The 2nd, What’s It Really Mean? WHERE ARE WE KNOW?

For real Americans, those who consider the US Constitution to be the supreme law of the land, owning and bearing arms is a right. This requires an understanding of the Constitution, that it is first, a blueprint for the new government that clearly enumerated all the power it was to have.

The amendments that were made a condition of its adoption, were seen as unnecessary because of the obviousness of the said rights and the fact that the Constitution makes no threat against these. Fortunately, the case was made against the English Constitution that is largely unwritten and built on precedent. Americans demanded at least these 10 Amendments before allowing the Republic to exist at all. We call these, The Bill of Rights.

Within these 10 laws, I feel 5 are far superior to the rest and all 5 are totally, or mostly gone. The biggest thing to understand about any rights the Constitution mentions. These are simple recognition of God given laws. These laws are their best efforts to codify the most basic of natural laws, the human rights they considered most threatened by states. It was a good run, now the language is so tortured that “the people” means national guard for the second. Everywhere else it means, “the people of America”.

Then there’s this, nobody has a natural right to own anything that required production by others. Real deal metal working and gun smithing is a marketable skill well worth a good wage. Guns have never been cheap, not good ones, neither has ammo. So while all Americans have a right to own and bear arms, it’s their responsibility to provide said arms and maintain their condition and readiness if the owner intends to rely on it when his life depends on it.

The right to bear arms is nothing more than a recognition of the self defense technology of the time. If one has a natural, God given right to defend their lives and property, but no affective means to achieve this, their right is useless.

They say God made man, Sam Colt made them equal.

So in reality, the second amendment is a commitment made in law that the US Government would not impose any restrictions that hamper one’s self, from defending his or his people’s lives and property. Their right to defend themselves from bandits and criminals was a given going back to Old England.

The American caveat is awesome! Our right to defense explicitly includes the obligation to maintain our rights by all means necessary. Tyranny is the most dangerous of criminals and we are expected to show tyrants who kick in your door, the same respect as we do the thug citizen who does the same. Criminal home invaders with hostile intentions, lead me to fear for my life. Costumes don’t protect incompetence, criminals, or the bodies of armored jack booted thugs. Case after case shows us that “no knock warrant raids” escalate the threat of injury or death for everyone involved. For the family dog it is almost always fatal.

Randy Weaver and his buddy who was shot and returned fire, resulting in a dead agent, along with the family dog and Weaver’s 13 year old son. They were charged to spend the rest of their lives in a federal cage, being tortured by agents who saw “cop killers” not a grieving man who lost a son and wife. Thanks to the jury of Idaho they were acquitted and the Weavers were paid millions in blood money to remedy the state’s murder of his unarmed wife while she held an 18 month old in her arms. As well the coward filth who used fear to defend their automatic weapon fire that raked the back of a 13 year old so bad it sheared his arm damn near off completely. This boy was 110 pounds soaking wet. 4 Fully done up in night vision, automatic, actual, “assault weapons” set to full auto, perimeter lines and listening devices located around the entire property. A week into a paranoid delusional episode being colllectively reinforced and escalating, they received a blank check in terms of funding and rules of engagement by Ms(half a million starving Iraqi children are worth it) Janet Reno.

Reno signed the death warrants on all the people in that cabin. Her snipers were able to execute one adult woman who was holding an infant, not a weapon, and wound both men. After that, the FBI engaged in a military siege and psychological warfare. Well within the ears of the 2 little girls of like 12 and 8, the feds started every morning asking “what’s for breakfast Vicky? Isn’t your baby hungry, we are having pancakes”. While she was putrefying in the entry way, with a blanket covering her headless body. Her husband and children were taunted and mentally abused by animals, not humans.

All of this led to acquittals for murder for both men involved. Then a multimillion dollar settlement for the murder of Vicky and Sammy. All of the media treachery painting Weaver as white supremacist, Christian fanatic, and illegal gun dealer and member of Aryan Nations. Convincing as it was, wasn’t able to stop justice. Thank God the case was settled locally and the people were so fair and angered by their governments insanity.

A mere year later saw a battered 3 letter agency that was desperate to put the Ruby Ridge atrocity behind them. Thus, project “showtime” was written, directed and played by your very own ATF. They were sure to put the word out to the press and had several channels there to record their expected moment of heroism and most important, relevance to society. They failed to anticipate any reason for an ambulance or even a warning to the local ER. The only reason an ambulance showed up to carry off shot agents, was the TV people who used their cell phones to beg for them.

As for the local police, they were informed by a 9–11 call from inside the church describing an army assault on the church and begging for them to stop blindly shooting through the walls and roof because women and children were being shot and killed. The local sheriff was more surprised than them. They knew they had an undercover agent across the street and appealing to him as a man they begged him to stop it, he did what he could. It cost him his job and brought tears to his eyes during testimony.

Again, all surviving members, where locked in chains and charged with murder and conspiracy. On these charges, not a single guilty verdict was reached. They were able to totally destroy a church member who wasn’t even anywhere near the church during the whole 50+ day siege. He got all of the rage the system intended for the survivors of the mass execution. Unbelievable sentence for essentially, paperwork discrepancies on gun transactions.

4 Dead agents, a hours long standoff only stopped by surrendering agents who ran out of ammo. The church gave them safe retreat as well as a chance to collect their dead and wounded. If blood is what they wanted, admitting to being defenseless is suicide. A covered retreat should have taken place long before the last round was used. These clowns could have been schooled by any Eagle Scout. If the church members had had even an inkling of the vengeance, hatred, and blood thirsty abandon in their hearts the ordeal would have ended on the driveway.

The agents approached this “compound” covered only by a tarp. They were totally exposed by every angle and the church owned the high ground. From the church perspective, the agents were in a kill funnel on one side, and completely covered from every side by positions well above their targets and cover. An unarmed teenager was killed while standing on the water tower. A helicopter took small arms fire after killing innocent people through the roof. They answered by shooting a stationary child with hands up.

When a man tried to return home to his wife and children, after the massacre of the morning, he was shot several times from a distance, and then finished with a double tap to the head. The feds then used a commandeered tank to grind his dead body into bloody mud. When questioned about it, the federal mouthpiece explained, an incident led to officers having to kill another kook that threatened their lives and was shot once. Nothing more was offered as this is an ongoing investigation and officer safety….

After using 2 tanks from fort Dietrich to crush and remove all of the cars, sheds, trees, or anything that was outside of the building the folks inside were getting worried. They wanted to live and were desperate for a conclusion to this hell they were suffering with their children. Plans were in play and progress was showing fruit for peaceful surrender. Despite being lied to on every single opportunity for the feds to gain any good faith, the church wanted to be done. Can you imagine the exhaustion they were under? 24Hours a day they were psychologically tortured. Ear piercing directed sound machines playing screaming rabbits being butchered, chainsaws, screams and all at decibel levels borderline damaging. This was accompanied at night by a spotlight array that bathed the whole building in blinding light 24/7. No sleep and no peace, let alone quiet.

The magnanimous charity of milk offered for the starving infants who mothers were too malnourished to produce their own breast milk. Was given plenty of press. The fact that it was putrid was left out. If the feds hated these adults for whatever reason, at least they were adults. The treatment of these American, as well some foreign children, has given me an opinion of federal agents that will never change and puts them lower than Gasey in my estimation. He at least knew he was a monster and never expected any accolades or medals for his crimes. Agents all took selfies among the bodies of burnt humans, toys and bicycles, and then there’s pics of them pouring gallons of bleach all over the scene. Selfies for their buddies of crimes they were duty bound to cover up. Unless Clorox preserves the crime scene in a way I’m unaware of.

They also “lost the front door”. They brought grenades in boxes labeled food aid. The lawyers who entered the wooden siding, community built, and plainly constructed building was Swiss cheese and had hundreds of bullet holes from outside, in. The lawyers found plenty of unexploded grenades and would have brought one out if not for fear of holding it. The place was littered with these as well as CS Gas projectile slugs that are fired like a grenade launcher. They fly right through siding and Sheetrock and are designed to punch through whatever protects the people from being gassed. They can kill you easily and anyone who thinks otherwise is welcome to demonstrate its less lethal application.

Also relevant is the use of CS at all. This is chemical warfare according to international law and is a war crime if used against a foreign military. This is a versatile chemical that can be delivered in many different ways. Hand held sprays, exploding propelled rounds, propelled rounds that are slow release, and crowd favorite, it can be put in a 55 gallon drum and connected to the boom of a tank. Then you can smash holes in your target, fill the structure with toxic and explosive concentrations of this fine powder and it’s flammable delivery agent, then a flare can turn a lot of evidence against agents, into a sob story about mass suicide and the deeply saddened agents who took selfies smiling with burnt dollies at their feet.

The ATF that considered a military raid on a church during Sunday service, to be strategically sound, had a warrant for automatic weapons and hand grenades. They had no jurisdiction over child molestation, local marriage laws, or anything but automatic weapons, without the appropriate tax stamp, and hand grenades. Total machine guns and hand grenades recovered? Zero.

The people were acquitted due to the ATF and the agents that lost their lives have only the ATF to blame. The court found that no warning was given, the first sign of their presence was when they shot several penned up dogs for barking. Next, it was bullets coming through their door followed by a church member taking a gut shot and screaming in pain. Koresh then opens the door to say there are women and children and to stop. He was shot twice retreating back behind the door.

At this point self defense was their only chance at seeing tomorrow. They took defensive positions, of which there plenty and gave them elevated command of the entire property. This also made them vulnerable to the helicopters that were firing through the roof. They brought one down by returning fire. The second took revenge on a child that thought he would be safe on top of a water tower. He didn’t expect an air assault would accompany the ground incursion.

After turning the building into an efficient fire box by crushing massive holes in opposite sides of the structure and with the wind direction putting a 30 mph wind through the entire building. A spark would have done plenty.

The feds used so much CS that they ran out in a few hours what was expected to last all day. The CS powder is vaporized with flammable fluid. This explosive enough powder if atomized, was mixed with flammable liquid and then the house was coated with it.

The FBI was asked about gas masks for children. They were told none exist and that they expected the gas would hurt the children and force the adults to surrender. That fails to account for the bunker that the women and children sought shelter in, was opened with a shape charge, gassed even though the blast wave in an enclosed concrete bunker will kill or disable most living things. The shape charge did kill some with the blast wave, others from falling concrete, and the lucky ones got to experience hydrogen sulphide gas from the ignited CS. The distorted and bent backward bodies of children are the result of this poison that convulses the body to the point of breaking it in two on occasions. Gotta love the state, ya?

We retain the legal right to own firearms and the milk toast supporters will mention hunting, self defense, and tradition. The fact of the matter is this. You own arms to protect yourself and loved ones from a tyrannical government and it’s agents. That is why hunting isn’t mentioned at all. It’s to secure a free state and protect their rights. The state steals your liberty, not your neighbors. The state kicks doors in in the middle of the night, not your neighbors. The state can lie about you and cover up your murder. Not so easy for the cashier at Luckys.

Just to be clear, the amendment reads as follows;

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Key words are “the people” meaning us Americans, same as it does in the first amendment. “Shall not be infringed” is also clear as crystal. In clear, unambiguous language, it states the people of America have all rights to arms and any act to frustrate this is illegal and if done by an officer, he is in violation of a blood oath and should beg for his forgiveness and plea for his life.

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