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Progressive Vs Regressive. Let’s Try The Fruit This Tree Hath Wrought.

Progressive is the “call to action” of our time. Progress at all cost is the mantra. Getting in the way of this “progress” movement is obstructionist and racist. This movement is bolstered spiritually by the church of “woke”. Their goals are diversity, anti-racism, and destroying the patriarchy.

Sounds like a lovely bunch of folks. I mean, what high aspirations and noble causes could be better than “progress”? Intellectual’s are all on board, progressive is the only acceptable world view. No dissident voices will be tolerated. If they are attempted they will be stomped out by the boot of progress. To even question any aspect of the progressive spider web that’s enveloped society, is treason.

This is obviously not an endorsement of this psychopathic ideology. This is a clearly biased, yet, fact based critique of the movement thus far. I am geographically surrounded by this garbage and its evangelical morons. 

I am daily shocked at the incredibly ignorant, yet affluent, people I live and work around. These otherwise intelligent people are complete children when it comes to grown up issues. They can all tell me which college their team’s quarterback was drafted from. War, economics, and politics are like a foreign language. 

They just don’t even speak the language of liberty. Their own mind has compartmentalized this for some reason and they have given this critical thought task, to the corporate mouthpieces of the state. On these most important issues, for a self governing people to be engaged in, they are absent or worse yet, spectacularly stupid.

This is where I could flood you with statistics and data points showing empirically that we have suffered, not flourished in this so called “progressive era”. Instead I think it’s sufficient for us all to use our own experience and observations. Statistics are there, boy are they. What I’m talking about is so obvious that it doesn’t require figures to demonstrate.

The progressive era began with Woodrow Wilson. This Harvard pussy was The Godfather of the movement that continues today. He gave us the demonic federal reserve banking cartel. Then another plank in the Communist Manifesto, a progressive income tax. Both of which are expressly forbidden in the US Constitution. 

Progress wasn’t going to be hampered by any archaic devices like the US Constitution or anything, else for that matter. The family, education, and religion were all in the way of “progress” and were all slated for destruction.

After having twice as much income tax after employing the entire adult population for war production, they bemoaned the baby boom that returned women, from assembly line robots, back into the foundation of the family. Where they worked for the interests of their children instead of the state.

We got “second wave feminism”. The lie was born and given steroids. Men are oppressive. Motherhood is a burden, not the purpose of life itself. Children should come after a woman’s career. Blah, Blah, Blah.

Something like half of American women are on antidepressants. Surely a sign of a job well done by the programmers. The cost? Maybe civilization itself.

Before all of this “progress”, you could go into a hardware store and exchange a $20 bill for an once of gold. Likewise the dollar was pinned to an once of silver. American’s enjoyed deflation. They saw their purchasing power increase with the improvements in technology. Their money was absolutely sound, so any increase in productivity was immediately enjoyed by the consumer.

Today I know my great grandparents bought their first home right after Papa got back from the war. $13,000 Starter home was what they paid in LA. They opened up a candy store and my greaty made homemade popcorn balls that remained famous until they sadly passed away. I am very lucky. My great grandfather lived until I was in my 20’s. My great grandmother passed away a year later from a broken heart. I miss them every day.

Today I would be lucky to find a condo that’s less than half a million dollars in the city II live in. My grandfather, a generation closer, told me about cigarettes for a quarter a pack. My American Spirits are $12/pack. Gas that used to be $.10/gallon, now rides near $5/gallon. 

If this can be called progress, then kill me right now. This is absolutely insane. Gold has held the same relative value for 6,000 years. While inflation isn’t a totally modern invention, the complete adoption of fiat notes, fractional reserve banking, and compounding interest has given birth to a Frankenstein’s monster that can only do one thing. 

Bleed the host dry of all physical wealth, in exchange for fake debt instruments. Apparently the dollar has lost like 98% of its purchasing power. So we can say that they are nearing completion of this progressive mission. The question is, just what do they have in store for us when the reality is dropped on the public like a 500 trillion pound rock.

Schools really shouldn’t even need mentioning, but they do. The abysmal condition of the so called public school system is so apparent it’s embarrassing. The damage begins right away from kindergarten on through. The universities are absolute scum. They have become insane asylums for once sane people, to go insane in. Any advantage a student might gain comes by chance and by personal initiative, or by way of “networking” with your fellow elitist pals. 

Diversity is the slogan of the church of woke. What is it that they mean? They clearly mean less white. These people hate white people. Whether they consider themselves white or not, many whites are the source of this hatred. It has certainly been fostered and nurtured in colleges. This a the final move of a race baiting strategy that gained a foothold in the 1960’s. They now have their object in view. An America in which the entire population of any color, whatever, outnumbers white people in total and electorally.

They have weaponized these people to see white slavers, oppressors, and racists. Not people like them. They have been lied to and propagandized to, to believe ridiculous things like, “white and oppression can’t be separated”. They have set up a truly horrific possible future for white people in America. We can look to South Africa and the horrific farm murders, for a peak at what might be in store for our children.

War has been a constant since WWI. 2 World Wars were then followed by a horrific war in Korea that continues today. The Cold War, Vietnam, and the constant brushfire wars of the 70’s and 80’s. Then the Middle East in earnest in the 90’s. The new millennium gave us the global war on terror and the power that such a name implies. A truly psychopathic and unhinged global wrecking crew that’s obedient to Israel much more than your Uncle Sam.

On every measure America is worse, not better due to “progressive” BS. Judge a tree by its fruits and nothing else. Intentions matter not when we have a century of bitter fruit to swallow. Bitter is what I am. Mad as hell. The very word “progressive” should be treated like NAZI. NAZI Never done a damn thing to me, the progressives have stolen my money, education, God, culture, and they want my very life itself.

Damn this regressive movement and its useful idiots. People, we have so much to show them, regards to their disastrous impacts on our once great civilization. How is this even a debate? The progressive movement is one of revolution by stealth. It’s parasitical by nature and seeks to maintain itself by the host it attempts to hide from. It’s nourishment is the sickness of that host. It will kill itself in order to maintain its appetite for the life blood of the people.

Time to uproot this poison orchard. Plow it under, deep under. Then build a monument to its destruction with our story carved in stone for the future generations to read and hopefully, heed. 

One single step farther on this current direction is unacceptable. If you want to see what this looks like unabated you are out of your mind. I don’t listen to crazy people that deny reality. The truth has never been so obvious and the answer never so clear. NO. NO. GFYS.

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