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As I recently posted the Ca Supreme Court has taken the Ca legislature to task over their unconstitutional weapons ban. Within the same decision the court also attacks the ban on “high capacity magazines'” The court makes this definition arbitrary, nonsensical, and harmful to the interests of law abiding gun owners.

Ca isn’t alone in it’s insanity towards magazines holding more than 10 rounds. There are several other states with the same deranged laws. The good news, is a coalition of states that have filed a complaint in support of the citizens of New Jersey. Texas Attorney General filed an amicus brief with the court calling for an end to the unconstitutional edicts being forced on the good people of New Jersey.

He told Epoch Times reporter, “New Jersey’s law is a blatant violation of the Second Amendment, and its mere existence threatens the rights of law-abiding citizens. The law must be struck down.” Well said.

The brief represents 24 different state Attorneys General. All in support of the plaintiffs in this case. Arizona, Louisiana, Alabama, Alaska, Idaho, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, North and South Dakota, Okio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, and Wyoming are all represented by their chief law enforcement official of their states.

They make clear their interest in this case, “The Amici States join together on this brief not merely because they disagree with New Jersey’s policy choice, but because the challenged law represents a policy choice that is foreclosed by the Second Amendment.”

This is awesome. The reason for 2nd Amendment supporters to celebrate is the final constitutional precedent we got in Heller. That case made the determining factor of constitutionality much stricter than the previously accepted ‘balancing approach’. The courts used to hide behind a legally dubious argument that individual rights had to be weighed against the threat to public safety.

This was an outrageous and shameful so called test to use to deny individuals their rights based upon some theoretical “societal cost”. Our rights are not collective and our crimes are not either. We operate on the legal scheme of individual sovereignty and absolute responsibility for our actions. We don’t get punished collectively for the crimes of an individual. Making constitutionally protected, and ubiquitous, common items, illegal, is insane. Finally, it would seem, the courts are agreeing.

“Large capacity magazine” has no definition. It’s completely arbitrary and has no bearing on experience, expertise, or statistics. It was a round number and sounded good for the propagandists pushing it. The simple fact that most modern pistols come equipped with magazines holding from 11 to 16 rounds, on average, is irrelevant. The fact that a homeowner experiencing one of the 100,000 home invasions a year needs to worry about the intruders, not the amount of rounds left in his small magazine, also irrelevant. A “click” when expecting a “boom” must be a sickening experience. Fumbling around for another loaded mag, if available, or god forbid, having to eject the mag and load it in the dark while fighting for your life would be tragic.

With so much awful shit going on in this country right now, it’s good for my soul when I’m reminded of just how many real Americans still exist. Living in the center of liberalism lunacy it’s hard for me to feel like I’m not alone and not some kook that the locals consider anyone who disagrees with anything they/CNN say.

We are likely to see an end to state gun control. The USSC has already neutered the feds with Heller. Biden can try to enact “rule changes”, this will not work. Biden has zero support, his election is currently being audited all over the country, and the results are showing shenanigans everywhere. He has no mandate from the people to do anything. He is all but a ghost and probably the least seen or heard from president, since the beginning of the office.

We are living in crazy times. What do we do with the evidence, if presented and valid, that our election was stolen? How do the American people react and will they even agree that stolen elections are unacceptable? We are living with such a polarized population that the evidence is not going to matter to the losers. The dems will not accept the reinstatement of Trump. They won’t be civil about it either.

The election was not legitimate and this isn’t even a question, to me. I’ve seen enough evidence already to convince me that the president was picked by the “deep state” not the American people. Unfortunately, the so called liberals in this country have allied with the deep state. They fawn over the CIA, NSA, the generals, and every other institution that liberals used to hate.

If this had happened opposite and we were given a Jeb Bush over a legitimate outsider running as a democrat. If the republican voters thought they were given a stolen election they would be furious with the lawlessness. They wouldn’t be cheering on the establishment fossil that was illegally installed by clear vote rigging. At the very least this would be asked to be sorted out by the courts, as it was in 2000.

That’s right, the dems get to call into question any election they want. Censored, not a chance. They have the entire media, entertainment industry, and culture in their pocket. They get to insinuate any conspiracy theory that their ignorant brains can construct. They can call for violence and even when conservative softball games get shot up, a Senator gets hospitalized by a neighbor, and a laundry list of liberal mass shooters, they are never asked to defend themselves or even apologetic for their hate filled incitements towards violence.

We can thank the “knockout game”, the Asian attacks, and every mass shooting on the rhetoric and actions of liberals. Yet it is conservatives that are banned from society. It’s conservatives who can’t access the modern public square, called social media. Conservatives are slandered, marginalized, and constantly under threat from the liberal loons listening to the press. One episode from Mr. Maddow can send an off balance lunatic on a mission from the LGBTQ… priests.

If conservatives hate all PoC, hate poor people, and are nothing more than KKK members in suits, why wouldn’t they be open for attack? The explosion in hate crimes against white people has also failed to make the news so there will be no sympathy for any white people anywhere.

Not just Maddow, it’s everyone. Sports players, actors, corporate mouthpieces, the press, the television programming, all of the big tech giants, and on and on. The liberal perspective is inescapable if you live in the US. To be liberal you only need to relax your brain to the point of just maintaining body function. Then absorb the programming from anywhere easily accessible. If you start this at 5 years old when you are first targeted for mind control, and just accept the “teaching” you recieve for the next 12 years, you are already basically braindead and capable of accepting anything from authority.

Your definition of authority, anyone who says they are. The transition from obedient student to obedient citizen is seamless. You just trade in a liberal teacher for liberal comedy, news, and likely, a government job. The state is your effective daddy, since they raised you on their values. The state is your priest, since it’s they who you look to for moral guidance, tythe to, and obey out of respect for the position. Most important, the state itself, is your god, since you accept the baseless claim that you are nothing more than a monkey man, no more special than any other animal. That you’re living on a totally average space rock that exists in vast nothingness that is too isolated to even fathom. Just the result of billions of fortunate accidents that gave us matter, planets, animals, and people. Nonsense.

Here’s a copy of the brief these great states have filed. We are finally seeing some justice on the 2nd for the first time in my life. Perhaps there’s hope for us after all. God Bless and stay safe.

Read it for yourselves if you like.

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