Insane Hate Crime The Media Ignores

If this had been a gigantic white man violently attacking a black woman we would have been in for riots. This is just one of thousands of videos on the internet. Why does the corporate press not seem to care about white people, at all. Why instead, are they intent on convincing America that blacks are being hunted by white devils?

I am filled with rage when I see shit like this. I can’t believe the level of unprovoked violence that some are capable of. I’m shocked that women support gun control at all. This assertion that America is a “rape culture” is feminist psychobabble. The fact that women are vulnerable to psychotic men is not in question.

I want every woman in my life carrying concealed and ready to use it. What would a cell phone, rape whistle, or even mace done for this woman? Sadly not even a handgun would likely have helped this lady. She just wasn’t aware of the threat at all.

Which is the most important thing to keep you alive. The cops call it, situational awareness. When you are in public you need to be aware of what’s going on around you. I want my daughter carrying at all times, yes. The thing I try, to her dismay i’m sure, to drive home is to be constantly aware of her environment. To never go anywhere her gut tells her not to. To trust her instincts and be ready for anything.

Hope this helps someone. Look around folks, life in America is getting insane. I would much prefer showing you a video where this woman pulls a pistol and dumps her mag into his chest. Maybe someday.

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