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Homeless people, A Harsh But Fair Assessment. No Fu**s Given.

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Can anyone disagree that the homeless problem in California cities has become disgraceful. What the hell do we have police, mayors, council members, city employees, etc, for at all? They are constantly supporting the interests of the homeless, minorities, or the environment, at the cost of the actual tax payer’s interests.

It isn’t in a homeowner’s interest to have a homeless encampment on the block, let alone next door. It isn’t in the interests of safety to require children to use the sidewalks that have been turned into makeshift opium dens for out of their mind junkies to shoot up in. It’s not in the interests of those living like animals and gypsies to be allowed to continue their self destruction unabated and without interruption.

Ignoring and even encouraging this by accommodating them with temporary housing, toilets, or free needles is outrageous. Tax money should go to improving the environment for those who pay the tab. Freeriders should be shown the door. Oh you can’t do that. These people are good people that just happen to be on hard times.

It’s the cost of housing and living that has left these people desperate and with no choice than to live this way. The cost of housing gave them a heroin addiction? The cost of food was too high so they decided to be economical and drink their meals from a bottle? This is the stupidest crap and it’s the song of all homeless “advocates”.

It’s me that’s the problem. If I would just be more empathetic and less selfish, these people would be lawyers and doctors. It’s me that holds them down by ignoring them. Well they are right about one thing. I avoid these cockroaches like the plague. I have taught my daughter to treat them with the same respect she would any other psychotic, drug addicted, killer. I prefer she show too much caution than too little.

The folks in charge seem to want to make the homeless another wedge issue. It’s white people’s fault, that’s for sure. Like everything these days this is my fault. After all, I’m a white man. Racism, poverty, homelessness, etc all my fault. This is the message coming through loud and clear from everywhere.

I disagree with the assertion that this is somehow my problem or fault. I’m still in my 30’s and I spent a summer sleeping on the streets when I was a teenager. Guess what? I chose to be a loser and burn every bridge I had. Only after taking responsibility for myself and coming to truly appreciate my family was I able to be helped. I’ve tried to explain this to my daughter because she feels bad too, thanks to you jackals who have guilted her for her whole life.

I simply ask her what she would have to do to get me to turn my back on her? While she wonders, I say now your mom, your grandparents, on both sides, and your uncles? After asking what in the world she could possibly do to turn all of us who love her against her, she admits that she can’t think of anything. 

At that point it’s simple. Being “unhoused” (not a word) isn’t the result of any one thing. The condition that these people are in is the result of extreme selfishness and unwillingness to compromise with bridge builders. The idea that these people are all orphans with no family is retarded. They all started somewhere.

These are bridge burners and if their own families have had to cut them off, free stuff from strangers will only hurt not help. They need to find rock bottom and grovel back to their families. After they make right with kin, society can extend a hand. By extend a hand, I mean offer a job. They have to want it.

Sleeping in the creek and living on alcohol and drugs is not good behavior and deserves all the judgement it gets. Blaming “society” for “keeping a distance” is a joke. Any thinking person knows to give crazy people space and yes homeless and crazy go hand in bottle. You care so much? Rent out a motel and see how you are repaid.

Using the homeless to bludgeon the people that you’re paid to represent is criminal. Offering mealy mouthed excuses and doing nothing to clean up the cities is criminal. Using tax money to house people the city’s residents don’t even want there is criminal. Everything about the liberals reaction/inaction is criminal. Their cities are hell holes.

They treat their tax base as an ATM. They talk to their constituents like children they resent. It’s outrageous. What will you people actually get upset over? You think it’s liberal to flood the streets with drug addicts, whores, and pimps from the world over. You think it’s liberal to let your cities stop enforcing crime for foreigners, drug addicts, and homeless, while hammering you with every ticket, fine, or fee they can dream up? You are a tool that deserves the abuse you get. You are slaves to the whims of narcissist political criminals. Pathetic.

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