Happy Father’s Day!!

To all the fathers out there, Happy Father’s Day! You guys are heroes and not given any respect for it. This holiday has always been one of sadness and confusion for myself.

For the first 13 years of my life “father’s day” was a weird day in which I had to pretend to respect and love an animal I hated. My mother’s husband was abusive, physically and mentally. 

I’m a leftover from my mother’s childhood. She became pregnant with me at the tender age of 15. In 1980 this was wildly embarrassing to my grandmother. My grandfather saw me as a blessing.

Every grown up in my mother’s life told her having me was selfish and irresponsible. Killing me in the womb was what she was told to do by my own grandmother.

Well, to the regret of many, I was born healthy and happy. I have a picture of my 2 biological parents dressed up for prom and my mom is clearly about to pop, she’s so pregnant.

This programmed into me a revulsion towards abortion that I was never even really aware of until I was given a similar option. My “high school sweetheart” was my world. We both left our families and school to be together and start a family.

My daughter’s mom was only 18 years old when she told me she was pretty sure she was pregnant. Not sure what she expected since we had never discussed it and only had “unsafe” sex like twice.

To her, as well as myself, I was surprisingly excited and abortion never even entertained our minds for a second. We went directly to the library, yes I’m that old, to check out baby books and learn what to do. We both came from childhoods that had been shattered by our parents and wanted to be better.

A mere 2 years in was enough time for me, according to my ex. At this point my world came to be turned upside down. My confidence was stolen and crushed. My attitude towards women, took a major hit.

During “mediation” the short hair sporting female began with me. She asked me what I thought of my ex. I answered honestly, stupid. I explained that while we no longer could live together due to personal feelings, I thought she was a good mom and loved our daughter.

Short hair, then turned to my ex and asked the same basic question. It was this very moment that I learned the game we were in was for keeps and the rules were not in my favor. This woman that a mere months prior told me she loved me, described a monster, not the man I was.

After this game was over, I had 2 weekends a month I was allowed to be a father. I was also to be made financially a slave to my ex regardless of her making tons of money growing and selling weed, taking every government handout available, and getting to claim our daughter on every tax form she’s filled out since.

Not until my daughter became a teenager, and thus a pain in my ex’s ass, was I allowed to be a father. My daughter had fallen in with an absolutely destructive friend group. My single mother ex had no way to fix this. She only knew how to be our daughter’s “friend” even though our daughter all but asked for discipline.

This is where I came in. My daughter moved in with me full time and her mother moved 2 hours away. I spent every lunch break coming home to take the trash out and threaten to call the police if they came back. When I was given the obviously hollow ultimatum, They go I go, I called her bluff. Mommy couldn’t ever had done this.

Well, it worked. A week or 2 of nail biting and hoping that she was safe ended with a phone call begging to come home. This was victory and tears were shared between us big time. From here on my baby girl was coming back and going to be stronger and better for the struggle she lived.

I spent many a great father’s days during the short years we lived together. Unfortunately and yet bitter sweet, I am proud beyond words that she has got a place of her own and works 2 jobs she loves. She was given a promotion after just a few weeks into her newest job, which she loves and pays better than any of her friends have.

Can I compete with “woke”. Even though my daughter has dropped out of high school after bullying, so called “Honors classes” full of hooligans, and even recognition of the lunacy of the system, her friends are all “woke”.

Recently I have been given an ultimatum by her. We can only have a “relationship” if I can hold my tongue on all topics of importance. Her junky aunt has an 8 month long pregnancy going on. I made the insane statement, “nobody has a right to steal her child, she should consider adoption”.

This was not something I was willing to fight over. Her aunt isn’t worth drama between me and my daughter. I made the adoption comment once and left it at that. She continued to stress about the baby being taken from CPS if mommy can’t clean up.

I again, this time with philosophy on my side. I asked her if I could take this child away? Then if she could? I then explained that we can not give strangers rights to do things, that would be called kidnapping, if done by any private person.

I told her that I was sorry to break the news. If she believes in some magical institution that protects children from bad parents, no such institution exists. Foster children are 15 times more likely to be abused by their foster parents than by blood. 

Adoption requires incredible amounts of time, money, and effort on part of the adopting parents. Foster parents are paid for the “imposition” of raising a child. Adoption is people willing to pay for the opportunity to raise a child. Incentives alone show us what is better.

This father’s day was awful. I was given a couple candy bars and told that I am a NAZI and looked at like a lunatic. She seemed to be revolted by my appearance. This is all completely out of the blue and I have to admit I am shocked.

I love her more than anything in this world. If she feels she needs to be free, from my influence, in order to form her own worldview I’m heartbroken. I will accommodate it.

I only know how to be me and can’t be a fake “woke douchebag. I am gambling on reality and betting all in, against “woke”. I believe I will outlive “woke” and will be useful again when reality becomes appreciated again.

I want a relationship with my daughter. I refuse to use guilt or any absurd claim of responsibility towards me to attempt to force a relationship she will resent. I trust her and will be here for her whenever, or if, she chooses to have me again.

The truth is more important than personal comfort. I would give it all to teach her the truth about this god awful world she lives in. If hating me saves her life some day, I will have been successful. Even if I die before it comes, I will be vindicated in time and it will be obvious to her what my reasons were. 

I desperately want her to be happy, To find love, make many happy and healthy babies, and grow old with someone she truly loves. Fairytale? Let’s hope not.

Happy Father’s Day to all fathers. This society has beaten you down, made you irrelevant, and chained you to the wallets of your child’s moms. Buck up brothers. The day of the single mom “hero” is fading with every new adult male raised by bitter and abusive women.

Fathers will have the respect they deserve again. If not, expect our situation to get much worse in this gynocentric universe of hysterical women making absolutely looney choices. Our day of reckoning is close.

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