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Critical Race Theory, I Have Some Thoughts

Critical Race Theory (CRT) has been getting a lot of press lately. This is good because this crap is absolute garbage. The problem is the timing. Do people realize the extent and length of time this poison has enjoyed in our institutions? I have been looking into the documents online that are specifically .edu sources and and there is plenty. This is likely to be just the first of several posts on this subject. It’s too big and too systemic to describe in one post.

Let this just be a primer on the beginnings and goals of this so called scholarship. It takes nothing more than reading their own words to show how hateful and deranged this is. The documents are dripping with bitterness, envy, and hate. It makes the destruction of objective reality the goal.

This crap, CRT, has replaced history with “storytelling”. It elevates personal experience over statistical analysis. In fact, it claims that such things as standardized testing, tracking student progress at all, and using merit as a standard for achievement at all, are all white supremacist oppressions.

CRT Makes no bones about who is evil in our society and who deserve revenge. It is downright evil and engineering a race war. Polluting the minds of 30 years worth of school kids already, how much longer will it take? This CRT garbage promoters claim they have been going strong since the 1970’s. Truth is, they trace their roots to the civil rights movement and consider this to be apart of that ongoing struggle.

What do they say about it? Here’s how the University of Wisconsin puts it.

Filthy, whites have actually been recipients of civil rights legislation. 

It is worth citing Taylor (2009) at length: Fifty years post Brown, de jure separation has been replaced by de facto segregation, as White flight from public schools has created a two-tiered system in many cities and student assignments have shifted from mandatory busing to neighborhood preferences. Most children of color currently attend schools with relatively few Whites; very few White children attend schools where they are the minority. Clarenton, South Carolina, one of the case schools used by civil rights lawyers Thurgood Marshall and Charles Houston, remains as segregated as it was before 1954. The educational progress of African Americans that has occurred has thus been allowed only if it is perceived by the majority as cost-free, or nearly so. Preferably, these changes have come incrementally, and without social disruptions such as marches, boycotts, and riots. Importantly, for most Whites, advances must come without affirmative action. (p. 6-7) 

Wow. Pretty strong language. Calling whites “filthy” is bold. Well, CRT is a bold program, with broad ambitions. It has clear definitions who they consider to be important and who they intend to hurt.

The academy uses various definitions to designate who students of color are. This paper designates students of color to include all students who are not non-Hispanic European Americans.

Got it. People of color just mean everyone that isn’t white. How inclusive this is. I’m sure the white kids suffering this lunacy feel super comfortable in class. Let’s look at what the class is actually looking to achieve.

The Five Tenets of CRT There are five major components or tenets of CRT: (1) the notion that racism is ordinary and not aberrational; (2) the idea of an interest convergence; (3) the social construction of race; (4) the idea of storytelling and counter-storytelling; and (5) the notion that whites have actually been recipients of civil rights legislation. 

This isn’t a movement without a cause, that’s for sure. It’s cause is fixing the oppression suffered by children of color imposed upon them by systemic racism. They consider everything to be white supremacy. It is truly unhinged and harmful beyond belief.

Equally insidious, if we examine preK-12 school curricula closely, we quickly ascertain whose knowledge is taught, valued, and represented in schools nationwide. This hidden curriculum flagrantly services white students. At worst it demonizes students of color; at best it inconveniences them.

From the perspective of critical educational theorists, the curriculum represents much more than a program of study, a classroom text, or a course syllabus. Rather, it represents the introduction to a particular form of life; it serves in part to prepare students for dominant or subordinate positions in the existing society [his emphasis]. (McLaren, 2003, in The Critical Pedagogy Reader, p. 86) 

These folks have gone completely off of their meds. They insist that this is a righteous cause and long overdue. I will post the document I pulled these quotes from. I can tell you I found papers just like it and worse for universities in every state. There’s also thousands of documents produced by non profits. This is disgusting and like I said, predictably disastrous.

Please check this out yourselves. You should know what you’re up against. Search qualifiers are helpful and will show you as much as you can take with regards to Critical Race Theory. Maybe this is a hill worth dying for, figuratively of course. If not this, what?

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