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Well That Last One Got Away From Me A Bit

After reading my last post after a day or so I realized it was all over the place. This topic is so sensitive and emotional I was trying to walk a tightrope between speaking plain and protecting myself. Truth be told, I’m embarrassed. The time for beating around the bush is over. It’s time for men to stand on their word and honor alone.

Consider this post an apology for the last, as well as an explanation that makes it plain. I am sick to death of being bullied by useful idiots who think they can tell me what to do, what to think, and how I am to act. I am a free man, made in the image of my creator, and I am the master of my domain. There is nothing on this great Earth that has any authority over me. I have absolute freedom to choose my way and I have the integrity to accept the consequences, full stop.

No man/woman has a claim on my life and nobody has any natural authority over anyone else. Equal before the law, God, and each other. If this philosophy bothers you, it’s you, not me. You have either an inferiority complex or the reverse, an authority complex. You either consider yourself and by extension myself, lower than others. Or you consider yourself and some others to be superior. Well, I say BS. I live in reality and take nothing for granted. I bow to no one. I respect those who command it.

I intend to live my life according to a moral code that is logically consistent, always guided by Truth, and built on a foundation of live and let live. We are living through a time where my fellows won’t even live and let die. They are hounding many of us to accept unwanted health advice, career killing lockdowns, and antisocial public spaces. When questioned about the wisdom of these extreme policies I am met with hysterics and guilt. I am over it.

So what do we do? How does the patriot movement beat this and continue our march towards freedom? Absolute disobedience on every front. When they say mask, you say I am taking my business elsewhere. If someone pretends to have the authority to make you take an experimental shot, REFUSE!!! Your body, your choice.

The philosophy of liberty is so eloquent and simple. It’s an a priori truth. Much smarter men and women have explained better than I, but I’ll give you a summary. I am the only legitimate owner of the skin I’m in. With my physical body I also have been given intellect. When I mix my labor, intellect, and the world I create property. This property is private to me and created to advance my pursuit of happiness.

Hmmm, some of that seems familiar ya? The great men who drafted our founding documents followed this philosophy and defended it with their lives. These are the “self evident truths’ they spoke of. I think it’s safe to say, if not a given, that the founders would be horrified to see where we have allowed things to go. National house arrest, forced muzzling of our faces, and the drive towards forced inoculations with untested, novel technology. So fucking sad we are.

Patrick Henry gave a speech in Virginia on the eve of revolution. This speech still gives me goosebumps every time I hear or read it. He implores his fellows to stop giving into the empty promises and hollow platitudes coming from the military force claiming to be friends. He ends this legendary speech with a simple ultimatum. Liberty or death!

So this is my attitude and my actions remain consistent. I bow to no man. I ask for permission from no man. I am the only authority for me and mine, on this Earth. Only God himself can humble me in my quest for freedom and happiness. All men who intend to frustrate my cause will be dispatched by myself and the help that God has given me in this great struggle. To those who share my love of humanity and belief in our destiny to be free, join me. Our cause is just and we will be victorious.

To those boot lickers who fear freedom and appreciate the table scraps given by their masters, fuck off. I want nothing to do with you. My countrymen are of the same mind. I care not what color they are or what God they worship. I only care for their love of liberty and their respect for their fellows.

Let it be known, in no uncertain terms. I was born free and I will die free. If it be tomorrow let it come. I am ready, my conscience is clear, my resolve is steel. If God be with us, who could possibly stand against us. God bless the patriots and keep them safe. God bless America!

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