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Open Letter To White Boys And Young Men

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I was recently confronted with the question, “What should a white person in the US know?”

The lady that offered up her answer was hateful and bitter. She had terrible things to say about white boys and the men they would become. She wanted all white people to “know” that they were a virus on humanity. That they were the source of all of the pain experienced by black people everywhere. Let this be the answer and hopefully an inspiration to any young white kid who hasn’t been told anything he can be proud of.

I think white men/boys have much to realize and learn. First and foremost, being white is positive, not some mark of shame. Collective guilt is racist and nothing but a tool to beat resources out of you like a piñata. Slavery has existed for all of recorded history. Even today chattel slavery is practiced in Libya.

The reason the Atlantic slave trade ended was because the British Navy swept it from the sea. The vast majority of African slaves to be taken to the America’s were sent to South America. The vast majority of African slaves to be sold abroad went to the muslims. The reason the middle east lacks a black population that represents the descendants of the slaves brought there? Brutal castration of the men. Mind you, this was before modern medicine and killed as many as lived from bleeding to death.

Yes, slavery was practiced by some white people. It was also practiced by 25% of free blacks in the south. Around 75% of the southern Jewish population owned slaves. This totalled up to around 5% of southerners and 2 to 3% of the US. The issue of how to end slavery is complicated, and shouldn’t be so black and white for us who get to see it from hundreds of years in the future. The population of slaves was in the millions and presented lots of problems. Even for the most enlightened it was not straight forward.

England had the best approach in my opinion. They outlawed slavery and compensated all slave owners for the loss of “property”. This freed the slaves without taking anything from the owners. Like it or not, the slave owner paid for the slave and buying people aint cheap. The respect for property the British government showed their citizens relieved them of any bitterness of loss. The bill for the English slaves was finally paid off in the 2000’s. That means if you were a British tax payer in 2000 you were paying for the freedom of those freed in the 1830’s.

If you are white you are European. You can trace your heritage to one or many of the beautiful and magical histories of Europe. Your history is that of castles, princesses, knights, and exploration and trade. If you are English, like me, you can take pride in the traditions of individual sovereignty that began with Magna Carta. “The Great Charter”. The Peasants Revolt, the English Civil War, and finally the Enlightenment.

If you are European you are special. Europeans are in the extreme minority globally. We make up something like a mere 10 percent of the Earth’s people. That makes you an endangered species. At least it would if you were a stupid Panda Bear.

Most importantly, if you are white you are under attack. Your enemies are from within and without your people. We can’t even call our fellow whites allies. Many have chosen their side and done so with only the most jealous and envious hearts. They have no integrity and are loyal to no man. Good to nobody.

White people must reflect on their own history. Recognize that we Europeans do in fact share a collective interest, of sorts. I’m a hardcore individualist that only accepts my own conscience as any authority. This has been hard for me to accept as well. Hard as it may be, once you accept the world as it is, the gravity of the situation becomes very apparent.

If white people are to remain a people at all, remember we used to be Virginians, Pennsylvanians, etc… Not Americans until after a war, it is imperative that we see each other as the brothers and sisters we are.

Sure, this modern acceptance of all white people being “white”, is modern. It’s the result of 100 years of the powers that shouldn’t be using race to divide us. It has led to a much broader acceptance of who we are and who we aren’t.

Today, European decent makes you white. For us, this is a blessing. They tried to frustrate our cooperation by lumping historical enemies in the same racial group. It backfired. I have no beef with Ger-Man, English-Man, French-Man (a bit lol), Swiss-Man, etc… I have accepted all as friends who show me the same and our family has open arms.

So with all of this wonderful history, culture and traditions it should be easy for a white man in the US to stand on his pride and patriotism. Demand the end to destruction of that history. Call the race baiters out knowing your cause is righteous.

Fear no man and certainly not the shit talking of some off base female. Whoever tried to tell you that all you need to know is what she tells you, can take a long walk from a short peer. You need to know never to listen to anyone telling you anything with the attitude of a self righteous douche bag.

Lastly, white man, know that you’re being slated for replacement. To go from 90% white in 1960 to 60% and dropping like a stone today, required an agenda and cooperative effort to bring to fruition. Without causing much concern at all from the majority, it’s on its way to minority.

I have no problem with hate. Hate me if you like, attack me if you think you can win, call me whatever you want, I can take it. I’m not the target. They are teaching generation after the next to hate my daughter. She is an angel, perfect in every way, and white as a Lilly. The propaganda directed against her is where my line is carved into bedrock. No more hating on the innocent.

White man, understand all of these things. Ignore them at your own peril. Deny them and you are carrying water for the enemies of your people. It takes a tiny bit of courage to stand now but is basically free. Do you want to live on your knees? Die on your feet? I am living on my feet and will die on my feet. Life is short but the things we do echo through time. What do you want that echo to say? I was there and fought with all of my heart? Or, I was there but didn’t like being called names so I did nothing?

Trick question. Nobody remembers cowards. If you want to live forever, children and the future are your concern. If you want your kids to live like the terrorized whites in South Africa, keep doing nothing. Necklacing isn’t something I want to see but hey, maybe that’s the privilege talking. Just kidding. All important change starts with questions. Always ask, “what interest does this serve?” in everything. Information, news, social media, etc. What if there have been well known reasons for the racial gaps for decades but they insist every failing of blacks is the result of white supremacy? Why is intelligence completely off limits with regards to research? If race is a social construct and has no biological, behavioral, or cultural relevance, why not prove it?

Why is every aspect, of every species alive, studied down to subspecies and inheritable traits, except humans? Why has mainstream science regarding IQ and race been repressed for decades? Why continue to insist that all racial disparity stems from white supremacy, when science has explained it through behavioral; and IQ averages? Why haven’t we all been told about the racial differences in the marshmallow test? Asians are the most patient, followed by whites who are less so, and blacks who are impulsive? Just keep asking questions and the truth will reveal itself.

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