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Teachers? The public School System Deserves to be Relieved of its Duties, Immediately.

I’m 39 years old and I am a proud high school dropout. Furthermore, my daughter is also a “dropout”. She’s 19, works a professional job and pays her own rent, in her own place. She’s taking JC classes while she decides what she wants to do. The exact advice I’ve always given her. I’m sure it’s a coincidence that she happened to adopt my advice, lol.

So what’s the deal? Are we like, dummies and uneducated? Criminals, welfare losers, or spoiled trust fund kids? Nope. In our house we have talked about the relationship between knowledge and power to boredom. She understands that knowledge is the very source of power, not just an expression of speech.

When I was as young as I can really remember I loved to read. I constantly checked books out from the library that were well advanced for my age. Once the Hardy Boys were done I was looking for something a bit more gripping. In 4th grade I was reading books like “The Stand ” and “The Shining” both by Stephen King.

“Where the Red Fern Grows” was a book I read in second grade. When I finished it I remember my mom coming in to tell me to go to sleep. She found me crying just after finishing the ending in which, by memory, the dogs are killed fairly suddenly and with not much in the way of a happy ending. Still to this day just thinking about it brings me back to the emotional investment I made in that book and how much I loved it.

I was also constantly checking books out books that were too advanced, or just too dry for a kid my age. This constantly led to my vocabulary expanding. My ability to speak well and with confidence in any setting comes directly from this initial process of continually testing my own comprehension with different material. These were never required reading, I think the teacher’s read to us still in 2nd grade.

By 4th we were probably doing book reports on crap books. This had nothing to offer me. I was motivated to be a good reader, a proficient writer, and an intelligent speaker. Any “schooling” I had that, was anything other than a wastes of time and uninspired, was grammar, and I really have no idea how bad I am at grammar and sentence structure. I prefer conversational.

It took me until 9th grade to have the freedom and wherewithal to see further attendance at a public school as not just useless but potentially dangerous. By the time I was being enrolled in my second high school for behavior problems, there was a new program for separating the losers from the future sheeple.

It was disgusting and led to a lot of bad outcomes. They took the gang bangers, skinheads, and future (to their estimates) criminals that all went to the same school and programmed their education around keeping attendance on us as long as they could to collect a check. I know one person from that class that graduated. A buddy of mine dropped out, returned, and graduated to enter the navy. The rest are drug addicts, alcoholics, criminals or dead beats. Almost like it was a path laid out for them they were actually pushed along by people claiming to have an interest in the their well being and futures.

Well, being the curious person I’ve always been and, free of people who find inquiry annoying. I looked into the school system myself, wow. The public school system that is so widely adopted across the world can’t be talked about without meeting a fella named Horace Mann. Otherwise known as “the father of the common school movement”.

The idea in “common” was that all curriculum would be common. The environment and general structure would be common. Meaning that the system of public school in Germany looks very close to those in American, Canadian, Japanese, etc…countries. Wide adoption has taken place on a grand and disastrous scale. What was the common and universal goal behind school if all cultures and peoples needed it for sustaining their societies? How could a system in “common” accomodate all people in all places? Depends on the goal of the institution.

School is hundreds or thousands of years old. It began as an excellent free exchange of knowledge that was informal and more akin to a orderly and authoritative open debate or conversation regarding the topic of choice. The students were not forced into anything. Theirs was a voluntary education that continued with life. As for the teacher, wise men were sought out for guidance and better understanding on the more complex subjects in life’s experiences.

The Etymology Dictionary puts this ancient schooling this way;


“place of instruction,” Old English scol, from Latin schola “intermission of work, leisure for learning; learned conversation, debate; lecture; meeting place for teachers and students, place of instruction; disciples of a teacher, body of followers, sect,” from Greek skhole “spare time, leisure, rest, ease; idleness; that in which leisure is employed; learned discussion;” also “a place for lectures, school

This is an ancient definition. It describes the Greek approach to school and remained the same basically until the 15th century or so. It’s important to understand the structure of words and how they are intended to be interpreted by the reader. For instance, schools of fish are a collective of fish with very coordinated and herd mentality to protect themselves and continue life as the best fish it can be.

People are so unlike a school of fish they would require a common training in the behavior of group think, peer pressure, and reflexive action based on the group dynamic and their role in it. In a rigid, commonly regulated environment where the student takes on an inferior role to the teachers to the point of second class citizens. All of whom are in a forced association of people who naturally group into cliques to protect themselves. This is so similar to the jail experience of finding your place amongst fellow inmates it’s just gross. This forced association with people who have nothing more than age in common with you tends to give us a range of experience. Living hell for some. Time of their lives for others.

For myself, it was a constant nightmare when we moved when I was 10 and again at 13. This left me in a completely new part of California, without friends, full of anxiety with bullying that comes from being new, slightly odd, and alone. I was bullied until I fought back. I developed friends through this process of being tested and accepted by ritual violence.

By the way the vast majority of Americans will experience violence in only one place in their lives, school. Every drug I have ever tried I was introduced to by a schoolmate. I found my way out and into the real world, where you decide who you are going to be around, what your job will be, and who you are allowed to be. You only actually get to “discover” yourself after relief from the school environment that requires conformity from students and teachers alike. Bell rings, drop your current thought and move to the next class/station. Fall behind in a crucial concept that prevents further progress, no problem, it’s easier to fake it than admit fault in a room of 30. Tests are simple and designed for you to pass.

The teachers are not incentivised to share wisdom with these short and superficial relationships. Can you pass the standardized test? Good. Do you know anything about philosophy, finances or record keeping, and the biggest theft of the whole “schooling” scheme. They absolutely discourage self employment, anything you’re passionate about is trivialized and made a joke of.

The American dream, you’re told, is to go to school until you’re buried in debt that can’t be discharged through bankruptcy, begin a career that will most likely pay the most regardless of satisfaction, due to the debt. The sage advice of old said we could and should follow our passions. That if you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life. Furthermore, students are straight misled if not lied to about the value of a college degree and what can be done without ever stepping foot on a higher ed campus.

Trained to respond to bells and to ask permission to use the restroom. Then psychologically tortured to some degree by the pressures of being in an environment where most people are strangers who would rather trip you in the hall than ask you your name. I was drinking from a drinking fountain and a bully snuck up and shoved my head into the faucet so that my teeth came through my lip. Don’t recall any adults caring to notice. I was a tough kid that got tougher and was generally well off in the friend department. That doesn’t change the fact that every school from middle school on had at least one kid suicide while I was there. If such a problem existed with Mcdonald’s workers there would be a law or riot or something.

As bad as the schools were in my time, My daughter’s experience was absolutely worthless. She started high school with high hopes of high grades and possible scholarships. She took honors classes and they were still filled with kids doing what they wanted while the teacher ignored the fact that the class wasn’t under her control and half the kids shouldn’t have been there.

She was openly bullied for being a pretty blond girl that was smart and had 2 loving parents. The best I could gather was that the schools had become babysitting facilities that subsidize college educated lazy losers. The whole system is nothing but a jobs program for the type of person that likes to take 3 months off a year and can’t be fired for anything thanks to a union that abuses children to benefit the grown up losers who couldn’t get a real job that required productivity.

This system is profoundly un American. The traditional local school house that catered to the local kids regardless of age and level of progress. This allowed for students to learn at their own pace. It gave the more advanced students the chance to help the others understand the problems they already had a handle on. This improves the relationship between the kids of all ages and status.

It also helps, in that teaching a subject, is a full proof of way of truly understanding that subject. This benefits both the tutor and tutored. We gave this up in order to churn out factory ready drones to work on an assembly line and even kept the bells as a familiar signal that your shift is changing. This has given us aimless, infantile, and helpless young adults. Colleges complain they have to learn high school level classes before they can even start taking college level classes. The difference in quality of experience and outcome has fallen through the floor. Should we spend more? Administrators need a new BMW? This situation is a national disgrace and must end. Add “Critical Race Theory” to the mix and I wanna be sick.

The very few silver linings to show through lockdown living, is the move towards homeschooling. I can’t say enough about the benefits of this. The only requirement is that you love your kid and want them to have a shot at a full and happy life with the least amount of state interference possible. If you have any values or traditions then it’s you who have to pass them on yourselves or they will end with you. The schools are intellectually sterile and more akin to the national church than a place for education. They will fill your kids minds with the most vile, anti human crap if you let them. How long are you going to let them. Both the children and the teachers need you, who do your loyalties serve. The interests of your child, or the budgets of the local school district?

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