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Oh, Didn’t ya Know? Spending 2 Trillion Dollars is a Win for the Country.

“win for the whole country”? How? I live in California where we pay $4+ a gallon of gas, the teachers unions are still neglecting their civil duty and so called passion, apparently it’s to churn out equally dumb and immature adults. Hell, maybe they wanna see how many future criminals can be made after a year of psychological torture mixed with isolation. Plus, they see the adults freaking out about masks as if they were medical protective gear instead cotton or paper. N-95 Masks are what I wore when I have to go in an attic or crawlspace and am surrounded by rodent awful, asbestos on occasion, and broken down fiberglass that remains airborne.

I use these dust masks until they get dirty. then chuck em. If I had a dangerous virus on my hands or maybe in the air aerosolized. I would remove the mask and through it away. They are designed for single use and disposal. Because I am not working with sick people. The mask protects what I breath very well.

The current and over a year long “minor” discomfort to save 2 million Americans. Then we got 200,000. As the time went on and I continued to go into 4 strangers houses a day servicing and quoting HVAC work. The difference from young and old became well defined and easily, for me at least. The second half truth I discovered was the underlying condition my mom (a covid nurse)was telling me she was seeing hurt people as young as 30.

I didn’t even give her a chance to show off. I instantly guessed/knew the answer. It had to be harder on the fatties that moralize to smokers while they are less healthy, in more pain, and can fix whatever disorder that led there to becoming 4 women in one. Food isn’t addictive like heroin or nicotine. There’s also the motivation that comes from watching one’s self become healthier, feel better and gain energy.

My point is that what seems reasonable to you is maybe as much rejected by half the rest. Would you suggest neither person cares about dying, missing out on physical activity with their kids, for the cancer patient it’s fairly easy to live on hardcore opiates while nurses help you die at home, but for those who love you they miss a coherent last time with one of the most special people to them. Talking to a patient that’s actively nodding out from their pain meds during visiting is torture.

My great grandfather was dying so I took my 7 or so year-old daughter to Oregon to see him one last time and spend some time with that half of the fam. It was awful. My grandfather had passed a year prior and everyday we were watching my 6′ 4″ truck driver and the most patient, fair, and loving towards me than my biological father ever even tried to be. Everyday we saw him hurting worse, breathing less, and coughing more. He was skinny as a rail and could hardly say anything audible. Our most sullen communication was after bad coughing fit and grabbed tissue and we locked eyes. If this sounds like bromance moment that everyone expects. You are farther from death than myself or you’re simply callous and lacking empathy.
That was back in 2000 or so and I still smoke today. I would feel awful if Kali had to watch me die like that. In fact I owe it to her to avoid it if I can. Hey cells grow a whole new body, organs and all in 7 years. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and buy some gum.
So I know this was a long and personal analogy but you liberals refuse to accept the unquestioned fact that humans think for themselves. They judge levels of risk based upon age and the threat of complications leading to death. The global reaction from a bug with an over 99% recovery rate has been mental.
I think we owe it to all of the youngsters to go back to normal.Locking kids in their houses for a year and masking them in public has left its mark on many kids
I have no idea how many smokers develop cancer. In my mind, and guessing off of legitimate study I’m going to guess 60%+ for older smokers and 40%- on the younger. track 2 sets of smokers at say, 60 and 30. This is admittedly not scientific, just an analogy to make my point.
Both group 30 and 60 want to-live. Both groups consider themselves young, certainly in terms of death. I think we can All agree that 60 is too young and 30 is tragic.the 60 year old decides he isn’t willing to change this late in the game. He’s never developed a cough and gets checked up regularly. At the same time our younger subject has a better temperament for delayed gratification. As a result our old smoker got lung cancer 5 years later and fatal brain surgery shortly after that.
I still think about and miss him so much every day.

I have different info than you, different life experience, and am half your age could we assume that Our attitudes towards life would be different. Would the 30 year old be chastised for wrecking a dirt bike the same ay the 56 year old would get an earful from his wife. The only flaw I ever detected in the man that was my Grandfather was a bad case of pussywhooped slave to my grandma’s whims.

Years later I found out my grandpa cheated like 50 years ago and the guilt never left him and I doubt he ever received forgiveness.This could have been as big a factor in the cancer as the smokes. Guilt is the worst emotion and the more you care about who you let down, the longer and deeper it runs. Add to that a woman that was no angel herself and would make reference to him regarding it for the rest of their lives.

It’s funny/sad that your grandparents can be so much better than your parents. They have less blood connection to you but I think it’s the pride in daughter, son in law and the joy of seeing your name take another body while yours is dying.
This probably should have just been a post about the relationship I had with my mom’s father and just about every weekend I listen to Johnny cash sing “Bridge Over Troubled Waters’ My grandpa liked Elvis’ version but I love the emotion and gravel from Johnny after just losing June.

My grandpa worked hard every day of his life. They were in San Jose floundering when my mom was in high school. Just to get extra money he worked nights at a seedy 7-11. After he was held up by gun twice he quit.
People that know/know the 2 of us say we are a lot a like. At least in personality, he was 6’5” I’m almost a foot shorter.
The man was a moral giant as well. He was a thankless man who made a new friend everywhere he went. I spent all his free time with his 2 local daughters and their kids hanging at grandma’s house.
Even thought my grandparents had quit smoking 50 or so years earlier they hated to see 2 of three daughters smoke like chimneys. As for me, I choked on my first coffin nail down at 12 or so.
I am being absolutely on the level with you. My grandfather would make his advice known when unsolicited. When asked for I got as much great conversation I could want. I knew without needing to ever hear it explicitly, that my life was more important to him than his own. The amazing experience that spending time up north gave me, I fully believe saved a couple lives.

I was reaching 13 and my stepdad had been occasionally hitting me since 3 as far as I remember. I lived in terror of this man and his discipline wouldn’t be condoned by any sane father for their own child. Maybe a few more would care less about beating a stepson with a mouth.

Things were really bad for the last year or so. He wouldn’t hit my mom and he “disciplined my half brothers without rage and anger driving the beating. As a result my younger brothers and even my mom are still ignorant to extent this man twice my size beat me like he was in a fair fight.

When I say my grandpa disliked my stepdad it’s a huge understatement. A week after my last rough ups with stepdad I found out I was flying into Portland soon for the summer. Relief.

I have fought back in fourth over competing feelings and fears and can’t really justify my mother, knowing damn well every time we were traded to that SD cared far more for his natural kin than the seed of another bigger POS than he was.
Well, I guess I had some stuff to say bout my grandfather William Banks and it kinda spiraled but my point is there. This man cared so much more for the well being of his daughters(3) and his many grandchildren than SD ever did. SD was a Sunday christian hypocrite that apparently knew of the “spare the rod spoil the child”. What Jesus is actually meant to have said was to constantly guard your flock and guid their decisions with wisdom, temperament, and patience. This fits the command to offer your other cheek when the first is slapped. Jesus likely spent the 30 years unaccounted for, by the Bible, in India and Egypt.

Spare the rod, Spoil the child kinda guy. It was no more philosophical than that. The Sheppard doesn’t beat sheep to herd them. It’s merely a guide and makes his arms longer. It isn’t about punishment at all its meant to analogize the wisdom handed down by the father to son. I doubt Jesus ever put a hand on a child. In fact he said what you do to the most helpless you so do to him, paraphrase but good. Finally children are born innocent and prepared for heaven, According to our religious beliefs god gives children a special love for them and not so for adults. Children are innocent and by nature good. Abusing the good on Earth is truly a sin.

So I can say without a second’s reservation that both the oldest loved ones in my life would have refused to not see us and refused to see any of his children’s development in the name of his safety. How bout a generation older? My great grandfather enlisted to fight and was sent to Okinawa as a radio man and contentious objector. Meaning he ran with the radio making him only barely, if at all, less valuable a kill than the flame thrower guy. He Was wiling to do this before having a family and just out of loyalty to America herself.

These great men would be absolutely sick with what’s happening. People young and old being forced to die alone, A whole generation was sold a giant lie just live into their most formative years and will suffer a type of battle fatigue. Nobody new of the horrors of war like him. The island had about 30,000 strong and after a few months like 10 were made POW’s. On that little island the US were constantly under fire from seemingly everywhere. They would attempt to sort dead from living at first. Until enough of them came back to life just fast enough pop a few grenades. This drove the barbarism to 11 for the whole affair that nearly 400,000 deaths in 2 bombs were celebrated instead of mourned for lgsingour collective humanity.
There’s nothing that my mom’s father and grandma’s father wouldn’t do to just improve the future for my brothers and cousins.demanding that they throw their lives away and live in a totalitarian state that wants to pollute healthy bodies in order to use society like normal. I can hardly put up with this with out going total postal on some choice folks
Instead I make this promise to my daughter and her future family.At the time I become a burden I will be gone. I won’t even let you watch me die like I saw my once giant and strong bolo tie waring, model of a man, that I saw in his worst time. He was standing at like 6’ 5” but bone skinny. He was coughing up blood in fits and the nurses just watched. He didn’t have cancer his body just gave up in his 80’s. The shear horror, indignity of wearing a dress and surrounded by strangers while he seized constantly was as ugly as I could take before feeling the humane thing would be to put a loaded pistol in his hand and help him aim it. The last action on Earth would have ended without my eyes ever leaving his and telling my daughter and granny to leave. Instead he suffered 2 more days and died with the benefit of 48 more hours of agony while his organs and life force leaked from him slowly and painfully.

This was a few years after losing my grandpa. He went much less dramatically and fairly peaceful. Once I’m losing my mind I want a hot shot and to sleep forever. Unlike the boomers I know my short time in the human story and wasn’t to hand power to the young immediately. 36 to 40 is plenty old for a commander in chief. The supremes should have a bit more age but also be restricted to resign at 80, at the very latest.

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