If Health Opinion Violates Your Safe Space, Stop!

I’m not a doctor and this isn’t advice, it’s opinion. That being said, I am supplying charts that I suggest you consider for yourself. This isn’t trivial and at the end of the day it’s up to Americans to inform themselves if they wish to be informed at at all. With that said, I am absolutely within my right to debate and form my own opinion and to talk about it. Period. If you don’t like free exchange of ideas, this ain’t for you. I don’t have any limits on speech when it comes to topics of the day. Certainly a disaster that has already consumed a year of our lives and is ending up with forced experimental gene therapy.

Let’s start with the Germ. what exactly has been loosed upon the world and then lead to a global lockdown? Friend and foe alike, all on board. Then the extremer propaganda against Hydroxychloroquine. This was insane and I will show you why I think so. Masks are just absolutely worthless and harmful to children on a psychological level. Speaking of children, they have suffered the hardest and treated as “super spreaders” while never showing signs they could transmit the Germ unless showing symptoms, which was almost never. To get back to “a new normal” we are told we need to take an experimental gene therapy that’s not a traditional vaccine in the way all other vaccines work. the mechanism is totally novel. It is not FDA approved (which says a lot when billions of dollars are involved) and it hasn’t done the 3rd round testing. This is the long term safety. Flirting with vaccine passports won’t be like an ID. This is going to be digital and basically your new babysitter. This used to be a free country that had vigorous debate, spoke truth to power, and made it plain when they talked. They didn’t cower from ideas or melt without safe spaces. Cancelling someone would be an admission of defeat and dishonorable in an honest society. WTF has happened America? Men? You taking this fight off so you can be a feminist ally? The time for the masculinity to come back? Yesterday.

They say that this virus came from a species to species leap from a bat, in a china style farmers market (that sells bats…) to some random person. From there this fast spreading virus spread around the world in lightning speed being followed by a hysterical news narrative. Well, there’s plenty of good reason that that story is crap. First and foremost, it’s the story from the Chinese Communist Party. Second, they were conducting “add a function ” research in a lab like a mile from the wet market. Either way you think this was started is mostly immaterial so I’m not going into sourcing a bunch of things you should research on your own. Keywords like “SARS add a function”, Transfer from an American biolab conducting such research shortly before the outbreak. Use Duck Duck Go.


This guy has been posting charts on the data that’s been collected over this god awful social science experiment. If an honest thinking human can look at all of the charts showing masks, lockdowns, or especially not experimental vaccines, Godspeed

Here’s a few


Tom Woods has a great free ebook called “COVID Charts CNN Forgot”. I recommend looking into the nonsense that passes for “the science” today. All the major platforms are censoring dissenting opinions, this is 1984 shit and it’s disgusting. This Germ has a 99% recovery rate. It’s got great readily available treatments that work. There is absolutely no reason to be hysterical about this at all. Even if you are in favor of something, so far this is not working and stealing away precious few time on earth. Enough already.

Here’s a link to Dr Woods’ book. I highly recommend you look at the FACTS and stop this campaign of child abuse, elder abuse, and human misery the cure has cost so many people. The “vaccine”, who knows? Long term extra DNA what could go wrong and how far will it cary into the gene pool?


So what about Hydroxychloroquine? According to the TV it was dangerous and ineffective. Why? It’s been used for decades as a malaria treatment. Lots of medicines are derived from a root compound. Quinine is a very multi purpose organic molecule that has been studied and developed to be safer than aspirin. It’s an over the counter med to take prophylactically in malaria hotspots. Which brings africa up. Where they take this dangerous drug the pandemic doesn’t seem to be an issue. Wouldn’t’ you think the poorest nations would suffer the most in a global pandemic? Hydroxychloroquine is cheap. What did we just throw at any company that would accept it on grounds of legal immunity from injuries. After all it’s still not been proven safe or effective.

This is a paper on Hydroxychloroquine. This isn’t the only treatment for COVID symptoms it’s just the one that was most lied about and attacked. So here is a paper on it, learn about what medicine does and research the things you let mad scientists inject you with.

I’ll leave it there for today but I have more to come. There was never any justification for closing churches, isolating the old and young alike, damaging children who have seen every adult as a blank face for a year. What are we doing? Science suggests we are blowing it hard. Let’s try the traditional approach to things like this. Things like a vibrant debate. Absolutely no censorship of any aspect of the bug or the cure from anyone but especially doctors. Vaccine passports are a nightmare and need to be refused no matter what. The vaccine is far scary enough on its own. Being wired up for health to the state and my access to society being denied by refusing to be a lab rat. What makes sense about any of this? Look at the type of people responsible for developing these edicts. Psychos across the board. No more people. Wake Up!

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