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You Got a License For That? Nah, Just Killing a Baby.

This country but particularly the state of California has become a mess of occupational licenses, travel licenses, licenses to handle material, licenses to carry/own a firearm, etc. This has become a full blown outrage. If you can’t make it illegal, regulate it to “quasi illegal” stratus, that’s dependent upon the good faith and working order of our bureaucratic state to keep records and control of all of it. The Napoleon complex that’s the very core of bureaucracy is the only indictment upon this system I need.

Missing irrelevant and immaterial paperwork, denied. Failure to complete the smog scam before registering your 2020 model subaru? Denied. Failure to “maintain” your contractors license grant? Denied. Failure to meet your “family court” ordered support payments? They will take your driver’s license, any occupational license, and everything they can garnish, will be. Failure to obey any permission slip is our state sin. Failure to abide by a kangaroo court in which there are no juries, protection of, or expectation of privacy, secret and unknown testimony against you and submitted as evidence, no way to address your accusers, no apparent legal ramifications for blatant perjury, and so on. Failing to obey these orders to a “T” is devastating.

The “Family Court” system is a disgrace to justice. It shares in common the “Traffic Court” system, as far as being totally illegal, out of tradition of American Jurisprudence, and every principle of fairness and transparency that our justice system was designed to be a model of. Jury by your peers? Nope. Fair and public hearing in which an impartial judge acts as a referee between the 2 equally protected by law, complainants? Nope. Heresy testimony being considered evidence without corroborating evidence or witness testimony? Sound legal standard of evidence. Care to minimize passion and limit the use of hyperbolic and inflammatory language without regard for clear conflict of interests by the parties involved? Not much better than Jerry Springer. At least you enter the court as equals, with an unbiased arbiter, to hear out both sides with care and the wisdom of a seasoned judge? Nope. They are given a preliminary report given by the court ordered mediator. If this woman, that controlled my fate, was unbiased, she was a fool and couldn’t tell a lie from truth under any circumstances. The difference between my version, which was asked for first, was absolutely reversed and embellished beyond all reason when my ex got her turn.

I explained, briefly, that my daughter’s mother was not someone I could get along with any longer. I admitted/told the truth, that my ex is a good mom. While we have our differences we both love our daughter and I wasn’t going to accuse my daughter’s mother of being anything but good for our daughter. I didn’t see anything good that could come from accusing us of bad parenting. I was naive.

The lady with the white teeth, high and tight but feminine hair, and the heir of authority snapped to my ex and softened visibly. Her shoulders came down, she leaned in, and said, “now tell me about “will” (me). “What’s it really like at home?” At this point my jaw was already on the floor and I had everything I needed to know about what I was involved in. Hearing the absolute bull shit that poured from my, “highschool sweetheart” of 7 years and the mother of my only child was like being in a dream. All of a sudden I felt irrelevant and accept for many pointed and accusatory glares from the 2 of them, I wasn’t even there anymore. Obviously I was taken totally by surprise and was accused of everything short of actual pedo shit. Short of a human defect that finds children attractive, I was guilty of it. Drugs, liquer, emotional and physical abuse, and a deadbeat to boot. Interestingly the only time we were involved in a “domestic”, it was after she through an expensive stereo receiver through our bedroom window. She went to jail, not me. The neighbors called, I wouldn’t ever have called the police on her for anything.

This is what I would consider evidence of alcohol, violence, and bad character. Baby slept through the whole thing, by the way. My ex’s mother called me suggesting I might wanna pay for her daughter’s bail. Nope.

So how did I do? I had an attorney, she represented herself. I had no domestic violence in my record, she did. I did have a criminal background that spanned several misdemeanor charges, she had similar but less. When it comes to our history as parents? It was making us both better people but seemed to be driving us apart instead of together. There were cheating issues from both of us that were never going to be repaired. We needed to separate and the earlier we could, the less yelling and ugliness my daughter would be witness to. This is what was right for the child, we just needed the state to be the grown up when deciding custody and what would likely be the best solution for the child only. Without regard for the parents at all. We simply needed someone disinterested in the case that could evaluate the parental needs of the child based upon equal claim to both parents who want and deserve custody. Equal physical and financial responsibility belongs to both parents on equal terms. We should have been forced to follow the court orders but encouraged to cooperate and start to compare our decisions to our kids best interest only. The courts should not be used to bludgeon men based upon unfounded, claims of financially conflicted and emotionally unbalanced liars. If charges of abuse are erroneous and unfounded, baseless, and opposite to fact, the women committing this should be held in contempt and charged with perjury. Then they should be liable for slander in civil court.

Legally lopsided physical custody, absolutely punitive financial responsibility, and forced removal from the life and all decision making for my daughters care, schooling, or medical treatment. The court ordered I would be allowed to see my daughter under supervision, every other weekend. This began in 2003. My child support was $400/month that was garnished directly from my check. When I lost my job which paid me enough for them to justify the $400/month, SUPPORT, it took over a year and an eventual missed court date that got me arrested and jailed for missing a hearing to lower my child support. After this my ex finally released me from the child support/family court system. Our daughter was 12 by then. Talk about a long time to be under the indentured servitude of a scorned woman.

Shortly after this, my life changed in a major way. The closer my kid came to being a woman, the farther and harder she pushed away from her mom., By 14, mom was done. I was absolutely thrilled to be able to be a dad. So much so, I forgot about the last decade and just wanted to make an impact. Let’s call her “Ella” for easiness. Ella was involved with a bad crowd. She had been bullied in school for being pretty, blonde, and smart. I knew this story, it’s the way I ended up going through a very messy early adulthood. Minus being “pretty”.

Things had gotten out of control. Ella needed to be brought back to reality by letting her suffer. This isn’t possible, it seems, for moms. I made Ella choose, the people who were ruining her life, or a warm safe place to live? Less than a month and she was living here and I wasn’t having to come home at lunch and clear out my house of losers anymore. Few more months she was back in school. Few months more she started working at a local pizza joint. Today she is taking JC classes while working as a receptionist and she lives in her own studio apartment. She’s 19 and living more grown up than 90% of people her age. I’m so proud of her and thank God for her every day. She deserves so much better than me and I know it. I have but one human I care for fully, without question. I would trade my very life to preserve her life for even an instant longer. I would work and die for the cause of her future and that of my future grandchildren for the rest of my life. I intend to see her continue to grow and be there to help when I can/am allowed to.

Most importantly, I have encouraged “Ella” to prioritize family over career. This isn’t chauvinistic, sexist, or selfish. This is the best advice I have to give. It’s the only source for some important info, that all girls need, she gets reminded of more than just “safe sex” talks. I have done my best to impart a sense of pride in her that should require men to earn their physical relationship by first passing emotional tests that she can employ and I have explained. Players don’t wait around. Making a man wait for sex is the easiest way to protect your heart. The longer you interact with anyone the more likely you are to see them at their best and worst, or at least challenged. I’ve never expected her to wait for marriage but I’ve always made clear that I feel I should have married her mom and that it was my failure to commit that let our relationship remain unofficial. I’ve expressed to her that I believe if we had gotten married, which we talked about before even having the baby, we might have remained faithful, loving, and together.

I have also made damn sure that my child knows what the implications and mechanisms are for abortion. We have discussed the development of the nervous system, being the beginning of human growth and the sensory system for pain, that the nervous system delivers. The very early development of the baby’s heartbeat and the brain activity. I have shown her what a surgical abortion looks like and what the so called doctor ends up with as waste and how its indistinguishable from a small baby. I’ve made her aware that these aborted children are sold by planned parenthood and they’ve been caught callously discussing prices for the organs, flesh, and “genetic material” of human beings, as if they were car parts. I’ve explained to her that millions of parents who can not get pregnant are willing to spend years and millions to “adopt” a baby that comes with god knows what previous care or environment that the baby was exposed to.

Selling children and allowing for the private contracting and hiring people for healthy unwanted children or long term, surrogate contracts and legal protections for the potential buyers, would cut abortion numbers drastically. It would make very good money for disadvantaged women who currently pay to have a child killed and then harvested for valuable “genetic material”, to profit the harvesters/killers, not the empty human being who just killed her very own child.. It would empower women and their self ownership and lead to babies being saved from the recycler, the pain of being ripped apart in barbaric fashion and the PTSD that must occur in an environment completely designed for death of healthy human babies.

Doctors have a mandate to protect life or do no harm. Abortion doctors are scumbags that deserve to burn in hell. They are very well compensated, they have no moral compass that delineates between preserving life and actively snuffing the life out of perfect human beings whose only misfortune was a mother who has no soul. A person devoid of empathy even towards their own flesh and blood. A person (if you can call them that) sees her own child as garbage to be thrown away, sold for profit, or burned up. Who cares?

If you celebrate abortion, I’m sorry for you. You have been propagandized in the extreme. Infanticide has existed throughout time. Like slavery it remains a barbaric holdover from our past. Unlike slavery, abortion, up to “full term” totally viable, living on their own, lives of human beings, it is “progressive” to kill this perfect and amazing human child. If you are on the fence, “my body my choice”, or you think there should be a scientific deadline. Sorry, you are just accepting the solution to irresponsibility of adults, to be murder of the baby that everyone knows comes from unprotected sex. Even the morning after pill was just too much trouble for being a whore and fucking someone you are willing to kill for, rather than share a life with.

At my house we do “slut shame”. We talk about personal safety and victim hood being a choice in most cases. We talk about who is responsible for one’s own safety, obviously you/me/whoever. We talk about how rape is deserving of death. That violating another human being in anyway but specially this extremely violent and life changing offense of being raped can be drastically reduced. Never drinking to blackout. Avoiding pills, drinks, and anything you ingest without trusting the person with your life who gives it to you. Never setting up a situation that puts you alone in a room with a man where you have no defense or witnesses. Self protection is a moral imperative and not doing so is actually anti-human. The desire to avoid being able to protect one’s life is a victory for the state. For it has reversed the most basic fight or flight instincts humans have depended on for survival since the first victim was threatened by the first bad guy. She believes guns are necessary to give her safety against men. Thank God!

Started off as a screed against licensing. Ended with my unvarnished and clearly passionate opinion on abortion. Maybe should have been 2 articles. Maybe I don’t care and this is the logical progression of my thought process. If ya can’t follow along, you’re in the wrong class. If you disagree, please let me know. Snowflakes melt around me, I can’t be offended. You have my permission to use the same passion in your comments. As far as I’m concerned you’re free to attack me personally (in writing). Turnabout is fair play so expect a response.

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