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WTF Do You Mean, The Dollar Has Increased 4 Fold Over A Year?

This is a warning to all people holding dollars. The headline isn’t hyperbole. The M1 money supply jumped from $4 Trillion to $16 trillion over the last year. That means there’s 4 times the amount of money in circulation now than this time last year.

This has accompanied negative interest rates pushed by the Fed. People, wake up! This is not a game. There ain’t no Monopoly board to flip over. The currency crises means your wealth is little more than monopoly money now.

That means everything dollar denominated as well. Stocks, bonds, and pensions are just a few of the more important items to touch on. We’ve watched the stock market rally during an unprecedented lockdown of the global economy.

Mortgage holidays. Bans on evictions. Utility companies, extending unlimited credit to the entire area they service. Trillion dollar plus, stimulus packages that are just fucking insane and wasteful. Every stimulus bill has come with the most insulting stipulations that end up giving a pittance back to the people and the vast majority to connected players.

I’ve heard the dollar has lost 20% of its purchasing power in 2021 already. This nation is committing suicide right in front of our very eyes. It appears to be willful destruction at this point. How do you account for these decisions taken by our so called representatives? How can this be seen as anything other than criminal? How can we be destroyed by our banking institutions?

They aren’t OUR banking institutions. These banksters are global and care not what flag they fly. They’re gods of money and power is their currency. Who owns the World Bank or the IMF? Who owns the Federal Reserve? What’s the relationship between these institutions and how did they come to control the Earth? What is “fiat” money and why does it exist at all? If the baby boomers would have asked some of these questions instead of living like hedonistic brats, maybe the world would be different.

Unfortunately, we know what the baby boomers have done nothing of value, or in the interest of the future of their kids. It’s been on their watch that the worst things have happened to this nation. They slept through the military coup that started with JFK.

Even after the very last president warned them of the very threat that happened a mere couple years after his speech. They swallowed the cold war hook, line and sinker. They didn’t even notice when the dollar was officially taken off of the gold standard. The fact that this was an outright theft of every country involved in the marshall plan wasn’t important to them. The war on drugs was declared and initiated on Americans but boomers didn’t care. They drink and don’t care if some pot head is getting raped every day of a prison sentence spent with murderers.

Then there’s the wars that the boomers can’t seem to get enough of. Vietnam was just the beginning of what’s been called, the 3rd world war. As in, a war on the third world. When it was made known in the 1980’s that the CIA was involved in cocaine smuggling and basically off the reservation, boomers shrugged. The savings and loan debacle and the BCCI money laundering scandal broke, and the boomers yawned. Now they sit in their outrageously overpriced houses and point their boney fingers at my generation and those younger than me.

Well, who is it running the country? A boomer. Who makes up the vast majority of the legislature? Boomers. The blame for this disgusting situation clearly rests on a single generations inability to think for themselves, or care what happens to the future.

Now it is too late to fix and they are trying to take the country down with them. It’s them, who are most likely to die from the CCP virus. Instead of staying home and leaving others to live the one life we all get, they locked down the economy, personal interactions, and have made child abuse normal.

Yes, this is child abuse and its disgusting. Making children wear masks, avoid physical contact with friends and family, and “schooling” them by zooming teachers into their homes, is abuse. The effects of which are going to be horrific. Suicides are up across the board but there isn’t anything more tragic than a child taking their own life. Yet this is the situation and there isn’t an end in sight from where I sit. Vaccinated douche bags are still wearing masks.

This scared and damaged generation is also likely to experience the collapse of the US economy, the end of the dollar, and a civil war. This is what I see in the future and am happy to be wrong. I’m not though. We are in for a terrible time and the worst thing about it is, the whole mess could have been stopped.

There’s a case to be made that we had a fighting chance before the lockdowns. Now that optimism is straight up nonsense. The damage to small business, the over extended aggressive military, and negative interest rates all spell disaster for the future. Couple this with a divided population, the likes of which haven’t been seen since civil war 1.0, and I don’t know how we even get through the year.

Gold, silver, cryptocurrency, bullets, guns, food, water, and friends. These are the essentials and it’s time to take them seriously. Your very life could depend on it. If you think “prepping” is for tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists, think again.

Look into the purchases of bunkers by the wealthy. I’m talking about repurposed missile silos being bought by the rich and elite. The US government has believed in prepping for a long time. The underground base network is not really secret. The keys to accessing such safe spaces are definitely secret and not for you.

You are responsible for you and yours. Don’t let the obvious slip by just because you are used to normality. If you haven’t noticed yet, you’re brain dead. We are in a new “normal” and it’s just getting started.

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