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I’m sickened by the dictatorial and psychological torture, otherwise known as COVID emergency powers, that allow for governors to assume dictatorship control. I’m further sickened by the absolute absence of any thoughtful, scientific explanation for the unprecedented actions that are ruling over our lives. The Governor as well as many mayors, school boards, and all other so called public servants, have been blatant in their hypocrisy and offensive in their mealy mouthed attempts at justifying their individual exception to their own rules.

Furthermore, it is blatantly clear that this would not be tolerated if it weren’t for the fact that Hollywood is exempt and silicon valley can all be remote workers. Much of my client base are work from home people. They have their yard maintenance and house cleaners, even though they have time and the ability to take care of their own stuff, they still opt for buying these services. At what cost and reported to who for taxes? I’m sure I don’t know.

Most of the country still gets by on traditional employment requirements. We are still commuting, working around the public as well as each other, and dealing with massive and sudden changes in demand or shortages of stock depending upon the specific industry/position. This has been exponentially worse for those who have been lucky enough to be “essential” but have not been afforded any slack on anything. Just within the last 2 months I have been ticketed to a total of $800 for a cell phone being in my hand and a speeding ticket that I’m taking traffic school for. They are also garnishing my wages for “unpaid” state income tax for 2017, to the tune of $3K. When I begged them for a payment plan, on something every fiber of my soul says to burn down, I was told no. Pay in full or be garnished until they are satisfied. I told them that the timing was outrageous and that this middle class American was going to be out of their reach as soon as possible.

Bottom line, I see how lopsided the “work from home” scheme is. I know most people can’t work from home due to the restraints of working for a public establishment. Certainly the lower on the corporate ladder one finds themselves, the less likely they are to be offered the option to work from home. This has had a terrible effect by allowing the affluent to continue making their full pay and regardless of what some may say, they have totally improved their work life. No commuting, dealing with co-workers you don’t like, and not having to dress professional just to sit in an office. These are huge perks that I think almost everyone would prefer. Commuting in Bay Area traffic, paying $10 bridge toll, and avoiding entering the human waste pit called San Francisco is worth paying for, let alone being asked and supported by your boss in doing so from home.

The online potential for money making by regular people is incredible. Millions of people work for themselves and they do so on the internet. The ways in which one can profit from online commerce is almost infinite. It’s also growing and constantly lowering or removing previous technical barriers for entry. With today’s resources anyone can start a website. That means anyone can run an online store, blog, various marketing strategies, reviews, etc… The leveling of the playing field has begun. The information gap between wealth and poverty is no longer there. It requires more effort to attain by the less advantaged, but that this exists, at all, is amazing. Tradesmen used to protect knowledge as if their livelihood depended on it being hidden from potential competition.

Today you have evangelistic internet millionaires that want to see their fellows follow them to financial freedom. Unfortunately you are also swamped by snake oil salesmen selling people “guru” advice, secrets to their success, and often at a steep price that’s sold as a basement bargain deal. Often a ploy about wanting to give it away but having to charge whatever price to satisfy some fake excuse is the tone of their sales pages.

You can make money from the internet. You can take freelance offers for everything that has anything to do with anything, that can be done on, or involved with the net. There’s places that bring clients and freelancers together and provide a way for these 2 different needs to be fulfilled. The affiliate marketing route is very attractive to many people. It requires you to drive traffic that convert to sales for a certain product or service. The variety of marketable material makes for an endless need for highly targeted and interested traffic to their offer. Selling your own digital products and selling them via Amazon or somewhere else is also huge, and no longer retains the barrier to entry that still exists for old fashioned publishing. Likewise, Amazon offers the tools and support for individual ecommerce sites to sell amazon products on amazon’s platform. You provide the buyers and they take care of payment, shipping, and returns. This is a mere scratch on the surface of what is actually available on the internet for opportunity.

I will be using this site to promote things I believe in and that can help people in any situation. I want all Americans to be internet gurus. I hate that the powers that be have further stratified our society by dividing us by “work at home”, “essential employee”, or deplorable. The public school teachers and their unions have never been so transparent but damn,. what scumbags. Truth is, The internet and curiosity is all one needs to attain the knowledge base necessary for most anything. Some resources are free and work as well as, most free things do. Most valuable resources are going to charge for their knowledge, service, or product. Again, I have never been given anything for free that ever helped me, online or otherwise. Advice is the only caveat to this and even good advice often comes at a price.

This page will expand further on the methods available to online commerce as well as occasional offers to try things I have used and profited from. This is going to be a blog that focuses on this topic specifically. Accompanying the blog will be offers to visit resources that I use and am proud to support. You will not find anything that claims to be secret, “:silver bullet” solutions, or get rich quick/easy schemes. All reward requires effort. Anything claiming otherwise is naive or lying. Making money or building a career online is totally open and available to any human being. However, some of us are more advanced at some things than others, making some people appear to be overnight success stories. When looked at, or explained by said success story, one finds the truth. Overnight success after ten years of failing and learning prior to appearing before the public, to have come from nowhere.

I can say without reservation, if you want to make a living online you will. That’s the beauty of the human spirit, it can’t be broken. If one has a passion for anything, that person can be consumed by said passion and become so obsessed that life falls away from everything but the goal in focus. This is the stubbornness that led to the modern day and the incredible leap that brought us from the 20th century and into the 21st. We are truly living in what was Sci Fi only 20 years ago. Human ingenuity and the free market of ideas and trade gave us a leap in living standards unrivaled by anything even close in history.

The next revolutionary change to improve the living standards of all who want it, has been here for decades. Fortunately it is far from over and this revolution may very well be perpetual in nature. The platform exists and has been exploited for the purposes of education, records, and commerce for decades. How can “I” make anything when so late to the party? You are confusing a vacation with a party. Not a perfect analogy buty you get it. The party has just started and people are just starting to chill out and warm up. 99.9 Percent of internet users are just that. Users and they are happy for the service they use. They have no interest or need for making money from the net, in fact they prefer to use the net for spending money they made in the real world. Most people are dismissive of anyone claiming to be self employed on the internet. They just aren’t ready to accept the paradigm shift they find themselves in. No matter. They are only a potential client and God bless them.

This site remains first and foremost, my outlet for the many things that I have to say about whatever I want. To that end, I hope it is entertaining, shocking, or offensive. I also want to provide options for my readers to explore that can improve their lives or help them out. I am not interested in selling my name for scams. I am only offering things I have actually purchased and used. If this turns you off because you feel offended that I offer a way to make something for the time I spend on this site. Go away. This is for the living and I don’t suffer fools, looters, or free riders. My content is free and not worth paying for, right? My time isn’t. Anything spent on domains and web hosting is also not free. I felt the cost was worth it to have a website I could do what I wanted with. If you think it’s dishonorable to offer ads, stop watching TV, Youtube, and radio. If you think I’m lying about my relationship with what’s offered on this site, leave. I want people to visit my site and I would like very much to come to know my readers and develop a community. Haters and commies are not welcome. If that statement losses me clicks, it more than makes up for it by allowing me to assume I am only talking to people who want to hear me. If you think “cancel culture” is actually culture at all, you are a pig. The only thing being cancelled is long standing tradition and respect for the freedom of speech of others. The American value system is being cancelled and the history that is as diverse and magical as can be believed, is being sacrificed and replaced with hatred and slanderous ignorance.

I’m here to light up the darkness of ignorance. In my journey I hope to inspire, and be inspired in kind, by those who I meet on this journey. We are in the Dim Age already. Let’s stop short of entering the dark ages. It begins with the tearing down of the “olds”. Tradition, morality, and civic pride are all on the block. Our enemies are hacking hard and we have yet to even mount a defensive position. I contend the time for defense is over and we are cleared for offensive self protection. The enemies of America need to be challenged with the same passion they muster in their attack. This means standing on your principles and becoming numb to words. Racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc… The answer to these non arguments is to flat ignore the charge, or blow it off with the same ease that it is hurled at you. Letting truth be cowed by those who react to it with violence or irrational straw man fallacies, is reprehensible. If truth be on your side and you fail to defend it for cowardice of the name calling by others, you are not worthy of freedom anyway. If your liberty can be taken for so little, you haven’t got the human characteristic that separates you from any old beast of burden. You are only moved by the whip of your better and find care and security from the same whip. Just to be sure your devotion not go unseen you side with the whip over your fellow beasts by casting insults and lies about your fellows and their motives. This however, is universally despised as being disloyal and even though the whip might pat your head at first, you are first to go when the whip gains power to do so. Trotsky? Never seen him, are you sure he was commander of the Red Army? Stalin had him erased, banished, and then assassinated. Hitler did the same to those who ruthlessly helped him gain power. They may use liars and sneak thieves, until they are no longer useful that is.

Anyway, freedom to exist, free from work, isn’t sustainable. Freedom requires enough material wealth that one can afford the time to enjoy the one life we all have. I don’t believe in welfare or basic income schemes. I believe in the human right to work in trade for whatever can be negotiated. The birthright of all free people is the right to enter into any voluntary contract for any purpose that does not infringe on the rights of others, and the state is charged with protection of said contracts. This no longer exists. Contracts are invalid if the working party fails to acquire a license to do so. The state also deprives me of working for a price acceptable to both myself and the other party, if said price is less than what has been decided as fair by strangers.

The amount of work I can provide at a certain price is legally and dramatically raised after an arbitrary 8 hour time limit. This can deprive me of much needed overtime in order to make ends meet. California now offers men maternity leave and impose this on employers. Used to be an employer could avoid an employee that can be made pregnant and thus unreliable, by hiring men. Now that’s both discrimination, except in coal mining, sewer workers, and loggers, where women seem to be fine letting men perform the jobs that cost the most in injury and death. So employers are stuck paying people not to work at the threat of violence. All of this crap fails to consider the one person that the free market cares solely for, the consumer. We all consume from the market, not all of us work in the market. Free markets are solely in the business of serving the needs of their customers. They will do all that they can to provide the highest quality and best priced product to market.

Everyone that insists Walmart drove out the “mom and pop” shop, shut up. You put them out of business by choosing walmart over them. It’s the consumers who have chosen cheap crap from china instead of quality and humanely produced products from somewhere else. The US used to be the manufacture of the world’s stuff. We began the 20th century with every able bodied family member needing to work in order to keep fed and housed. As soon as the wealth of Americans was improved by the incredible advances in production, they had their kids in schools and off the streets and coal mines. If the state had banned child labor arbitrarily like it does in the third world, child prostitution, infanticide, and starvation would have been the cost. How can I say this? It’s the result everywhere the US decides to force the end of child labor. Parents don’t prefer to see their children working. It has to be shameful to admit that you need your child to contribute in order for everyone to eat. The fact that this immediately gave way to stay at home moms, single earner households, and suburban living. Is proof that parents, all parents, want children to be children. The other universal feeling of parents, is the inability to watch your own child starve. Working in industrial conditions is far better than starving or living on the street in winter.

When child labor is banned in the 3rd world we know exactly what happens. At least those of us who actually check back to see what our actions cause, notice child labor and child prostitution are directly correlated. Human, drug, and arms trafficking takes the place of child labor. Just look at Mexico and tell me where I am wrong.

The resources needed to make a good standard of living while being able to watch your kids grow up should be the goal of every family. The internet can be that resource and you can use it to be the parent, man, or woman you want to be. Best of all, you can show your children how to start at an early age and actually set them up for a future of success. Or you can continue to mortgage their future’s with college debt that they will never pay back, never be free from, and actually less useful to employers than they were as a fresh slate.

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