“Today Was a Good Day…”

Another day on the beat of your local HVAC service guy. 3 Juicy calls that were ripe but didn’t have to rush a thing. I’m in a funny market and unusual situation. I live and work in the North Bay for lots of “affluent” folks. The county I spend my day in is full of 60+ year old homes that have often been remodeled several times. These “work from home” folks call me to fix their ancient heating or air conditioning system and it’s just not fair. lol.

Obviously it’s fair and above board and absolutely ethical. I come across serious health risks daily that I could skip easily for a quick fix. I had 1, 10 year old furnace someone zoned and shouldn’t have. I gave him the option of totally fixing it right, ducts and all, just replacing the furnace to work with his zone system, or nothing.

He thinks he got a repair option too, but he didn’t even look at it. I told him straight up, this isn’t the right set up. You have some good stuff (Honeywell zone equipment) but the furnace is now unreliable and expensive. Man to man, he said, what would you do? Jackpot. If money wasn’t an issue I’d take care of it now. Silence. He’s talking it over with the wife but I’m already sure he’s in.

The other was weird. Older fella who just lost his 90 something year old father to dementia. The dad had a stroke 7 years ago and went downhill slow and then quick. Sad stuff. I lit the man’s pilot light on a 60 year old furnace, we ran it and all I had to do was look at him. He said, sir, could you just shut it off and turn off the gas? Gladly!

The ducts were all asbestos, the furnace was dangerous, and I thought it was a nothing burger. Who am I to judge? This guy was working with siblings to make the house sellable again. Chances are they have a budget. The value of wrecking out the poison and replacing the HVAC system will benefit them in the end. Not sure he’ll choose my bid, I am sure he’s choosing someone and won’t forget me.

My first call. A 27 year old no heat. The gas valve was gummed up and not snapping open and taking time to light. I pulled the high limit and had him feel the inside of his heat exchanger. Plain as day crack. Then showed him how the flames danced as soon as the fan came on. CO Is poison. He’s in deep. Full of asbestos too. I feel like I have him 90% there on the furnace, 75% on the ducts. Gonna Follow up.

All and all 3 solid calls that could make a $40,000 day in sales. If that’s not worth smiling about than what is? This money is for me to get the heck out of crazy town. Bought a new 9mm today Springfield Armory XD. Get to pick it up in 10 days. Guess I’m going shooting in a few weekends. Kalifornia…


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