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The Best Revenge Is Living Well

As one of my recent posts goes over, I was recently fired. It was a bitter experience and this company still owes me money. The trouble with being fired when you have jobs sold but not installed is that you have to trust the people that just shafted you to complete the jobs and pay me the commissions. There was about $80,000 worth of sales from february that haven’t been installed yet.

The other day I found out that a large $50k or so job I sold was refused by my former employer. They took a deposit from the client, had signed contracts with him and then sent a guy out to walk it. After that they sent the client an email refusing to honor the contract or even rebid it. Just refused the job.

The way I found out was surprising. I’m sitting on the coach talking with the kid and my phone rings. It’s the contractor I had been dealing with on that large job. He wanted to know if I was still employed at the company, I said I wasn’t. He was shocked and upset. He couldn’t believe they let me go. He thought I was a huge asset and was shocked. I agreed. Then he told me the story of the job I outlined above. Well, I told him I was awful sorry but I felt this company had done me wrong, as well, and empathize with him. Then the story changed and finally, for the better.

He suggested I take the job on myself, under his license. I thought this was an excellent idea and was excited at the prospect of sticking it to my former employer, totally ethically, and making some real coin from the deal. Furthermore, if this goes well, which it damn sure will, this guy has many projects going on and could be a steady source of income. Given all of this I did bid it low. Not low like break even low, like less thousands in profit than possible if I had negotiated.

This is a tough job and going to require most of my attention for maybe the next month. I intend to go the extra mile in every aspect. I’m buying quality material, the best model equipment for efficiency and durability, and going to dial things in to a “T” by the end. This experience is going to prove my capabilities, reliability, and quality of work for the chance to get in when he’s accepting bids on his next project as well as demand a higher price. I’m totally pumped and starting demo tomorrow.

Obviously you can’t live by expecting it but the universe appears to keep accounts and make them balance. One week done dirty by someone, the next, lifted up by another. What goes around surely does come around. This could be the perfect thing to have happened. I can stack several thousand dollars over the next few months and be making a down payment on a house in Reno in months. To make things even more exciting, I’m thinking, why look for a job when I move when I can look for clients instead. I’m not sure what the contractor license scheme is in Nevada but I will be checking it out. I already know without looking into it, it’s better and cheaper than doing it in Cali.

Nevada or Bust!

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