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Shouldn’t Texas Be Dead Now? How Long Is Child Abuse Going To Be The Order Of The Day?

Well, Texas did the unthinkable and dropped all mask mandates weeks ago. So far, the numbers are down. California is out of its mind. Everywhere I go I still see people masked, alone outside. In Northern California! This has nothing to do with science and at this point it’s starting to become rampant child abuse. This social and now, biological science experiment has been utterly oblivious to the effects on children and young adults. Still the madness continues.

They are obviously going to demand the children be vaccinated before ever going back to school. The teacher’s unions across the board have shown themselves to be enemies of children, not advocates. They clearly don’t give a crap about kids. There isn’t a safer population to be working with. I work in HVAC and I’m “essential”, teachers aren’t? WTF? What cowards.

Every kid living through this in any stage of development is going to have lifelong effects from this. They seem to be the most scared. I can only assume that this is in response to the adults around them. Well, shame on you cowards. This is a joke and totally treatable with well known, cheap, and safe medicine that already existed the whole time.

Hydroxychloroquine is, and has remained a useful treatment for COVID symptoms, saving millions of lives worldwide. In areas of the world where they take this, safer than aspirin, medicine prophylactically for malaria, there was no pandemic. Something to think about. Why are we even using a vaccine for a virus that already has perfectly effective, safe, and cheap therapeutics? When is enough, enough? Living around you people is insane and I can only imagine what it’s like at home.

Children deserve the one childhood they get. They deserve strong and sound parents that allow them to be carefree and enjoy the wonders of life. They don’t deserve to be treated like the plague. They don’t deserve teachers that consider them infected and inconvenient. They don’t deserve cowards for parents. Parents are supposed to put a stiff upper lip forward. To be the rock of stability even when the world goes to quick sand. How are your kids going to look at you if they live through the experiment you’ve made of them? You expect they’ll wanna take care of you when you are crapping your pants? Doubt it. I have survived with dignity intact. I live around cult members that have lost all credibility with anyone.

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