My Second Gun Purchase With A Mask

As y’all know, this blog is about living in California with the goal of leaving. My reasons for leaving run the gambit. It’s everything from quality of life, increased freedom, and a chance at living around at least closer values. One of those main values is definitely the 2nd Amendment. Not only do the states enjoy the Bill of Rights nationally, California has a Constitution of its own. It doesn’t mirror the federal but it does say blatantly, the people’s right to protect themselves will not be infringed. That’s a paraphrase because I don’t care enough to look it up, I’ll go off memory.

Well, the federal 2nd Amendment, through unrelenting attack, is a shadow of what it was since the civil war. The attacks sustained through the radical ripping apart of a people through mass murder began a trend. The trend of flexibility with language over actual amendments to law. Wanna regulate farmers markets, interstate commerce clause. Begin a ponzi scheme that’s absolutely considered fraud in private life but compassion for seniors in government. Call it the welfare clause. Ya know, the one in the PREAMBLE! Even so, I have no fear from federal gun confiscation. There’s way too many guns and people are already voting by moving and increasing the proximity of like minded Americans. Federal gun grabs are political theatre.

The courts have shown recently that they are onboard with the LAW and give citizens a route to civil remedies to commie states. However, this is crap. any award won by a single citizen is solely applicable to the particular complaint and has no bearing on the law in question. California law makes this so, with the wording at the end of all it’s illegal Amendments to the Constitution or statutory law.

I encourage ALL Californians to look this up yourself and see how your so called LAW is imposed upon you. For those who just wanna see, you’re welcome to. After that, I recommend checking your laws for similar illegal and tyrannical language.

In case you aren’t into guns, there’s a massive shortage on both firearms and ammunition. Not sure to what extent this is a particular California issue but it’s clear that California is one of the hardest hit and by far the most expensive state to purchase absolutely legal and protected, essential items. I waited for 3 months on a waitlist at a local gun shop for a S & W MP Shield 9mm. Never heard back never got an answer. Even laid down $125 deposit I have no idea if I will get back.

On I bought a Springfield XD 9mm and arranged for the FFL transfer that night over the phone. Guy lives a couple miles from me and works out of his garage. As soon as the gun got there, 3 days, he called me. I immediately that night after work went and paid the $150 worth of background check fees, California taxes, transfer fees (very reasonable) and produced my pistol safety card, 2 forms of ID, proof of residence, and the transaction was completed. 3 Days to purchase a firearm according to California, even though I paid the owner the night I bought it, pre postage. Now I have another 10 days to wait before I can pick it up, so I’m “cooled off”, and actually take possession of my legally protected, twice constitutionally protected “right”, essential item for the sustainment of my very life itself.

Gun rights are not real. You don’t have a right to anything someone had to build, market, or sell. The 2nd isn’t about guns at all. It’s about recognition that without the current and most effective tools, garaunteering life to anyone would be ridiculous. It recognizes that life should be protected by the weak from the strong and evil. It equalizes a 100 pound woman with a 200 pound man. It allows people that are old or disabled to be comfortable knowing they are safe because they are armed. It recognizes the base and most basic fact of life. Free people own and bear arms, no matter how many lattes they drink. Slaves are legally prohibited from protecting themselves. Both from the state or each other.

Which one are you?

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