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Leaf Blowers During a “Pandemic” Vs Breathers With “White Privilege”

This is just an example of the absolute disconnect from reality I live with. These yard maintenance companies are everywhere I work. I am constantly surrounded by teams of mowers, blowers, and sprayers of god knows what. While we are under an authoritarian human experiment in face muzzling, the blowing continues.

Below was taken from a article

Some 60 cities in the Golden state have already passed bans or restrictions on gas-powered landscaping equipment. Now the California Air Resources Board (CARB)—which regulates emissions in the state—is crafting long-term plans to phase them out statewide, according to reporting from the San Francisco Chronicle.

According to a CARB factsheet, small off-road engines (aka SOREs) are a significant source of emissions in the state. “Operating the best-selling commercial lawn mower for one hour emits as much smog-forming pollution as driving the best-selling 2017 passenger car, a Toyota Camry, about 300 miles,” notes the agency.

I live where these things have already been banned. Yet, it’s simply not enforced. Not only before the “pandemic”, but still today they are operating everywhere I go. I’m told that the mere breath from my mouth must be covered and is dangerous to even walk outside alone without a “mask”. I’ve been treated like a leper for a year by people who pay illegals to manicure their yards with illegal and what should be considered deadly equipment.

Deadly? Absolutely! If I am in danger of fresh air alone on a sunny day, then what kind of danger does a 2 stroke motor, hooked up to a small tube that’s blowing every particle on the street around into a particulate storm do? These 2 stroke motors have been attacked for years. the sound these things make have been declared a public nuisance for decades.. Why in the hell are these so called maintenance companies getting away with total disregard for the regulatory restrictions on how they can perform their jobs?

Well, if one were to take notice of the guy holding the blower, one might notice he appears to be hispanic. I am left to assume that this is just another area where the powers that be are selectively enforcing law based solely upon race, immigration status, etc. Whether it’s a dude on a bike selling food without any license, the maid cleaning some yuppies house under the table, or the yard maintenance company using blowers during a pandemic, if they are “undocumented” it’s cool.

Right now the Ca state franchise board is trying to defraud me of $3,000 for doing business in 2017. My only issue with it, I don’t have, nor have I ever owned a business, reported any sales, or seen anything like this before. In 2008 I kicked around the idea of starting my own HVAC shop. You need a C-20 contractors license to do that. I never got the license and instead just got another HVAC job. Any paperwork I did complete was in 2008. Why the year 2017 to come after me for failed sales taxes on sales that never happened? I am trying to sort this out but the state is impossible to deal with and they are threatening my assets.

If you are a foreign national that uses this country for free medical, schools, and of course, the “legal system”, you have representation. In fact you are the free person in this state, not the california native that has lived and paid taxes all their lives. $40 Billion a year are sent back to Mexico through remittances. That’s people working here and sending their paychecks directly to Mexico. That money is just swooped right out of the local economy in which it originated and goes to pay the living standards of a foreign family, on foreign soil.

This double standard is outrageous. It’s fucking criminal! This state openly embraces systemic racism. If you are white or Asian you are looted, denied access to education and government jobs. If you are a criminal, an “undocumented” leach, or black, Ca has your back. Also if you’re Nestle, Exxon, or Hollywood Ca probably has your backs too.

As for the rest of us, we are not even “on our own”. That would be nice. We are henpecked, looted, and regulated to death. No more. I’m done. Fuck Kalifornia!

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