Just Who The Hell Owns Who?

Well this is the very root of the issue, isn’t it? Who owns who? what’s sovereignty? What are “rights”? What are “privileges”? Who decides these very crucial definitions and who is it, that gets to categorize us, concerning these terms, and our very own status in the society in which we live? Do you really want to know? What will you do if you truly recognize where you actually stand? Are you worth even explaining all of this to? Are you just a sheeple that is going to get what they deserve? Have we ran out of time anyway, making this irrelevant?

I hope not and am willing to try anything. I think each and every person should recognize their very own sovereignty and understand they were truly made in the image of their creator.. That I believe this creator determined for us to be free, but that he gave us free will to force us to choose it, over evil. The opposite of sovereign is slave. Slavery is evil and this is self evident. Thus, freedom is our highest pursuit and our moral imperative. It is not simply enough to exist quietly in a cannibalistic, death cult as it eats your fellow man with tools you supplied and under your name. To do so makes you an accomplice to the crimes against human and nature alike. After all, you pay for it, vote for it, and cheer it on when they open up a can of democracy on the asses of anyone but you.

In this country there was a revolution that separated the 13 colonies from the English Crown. The Crown is the sovereign over all the British Empire. The lands are the property of the monarch. The people are the subjects of the monarch. The English people are a pretty stubborn people, I happen to be descendant of such people. Through many civil wars, wars for power, and religious wars, the English people developed a constitution. The English constitution is a collection of documents and precedents won through the courts and most important, the common law that was generally accepted and left to govern the actions of men. Common law was the law that governed the land and it was developed by precedent and tradition.

The colonists brought common law with them. The US Constitution declares English Common Law to be the governing law of this land. Jury trials are another aspect born of tradition and fairness and thus guaranteed by the Constitution. In this land there exists 2 court systems. Civil court is the common law and it deals with remedy between certain people and corporations. It is only concerned with monetary awards and requires a lesser standard of proof than criminal. Then there’s the criminal system that is supposed to start with a grand jury indictment against an accused person. After a jury agrees there is sufficient evidence to pursue charges, a warrant should be delivered. Then the defendant should be given a fast and speedy trial of his peers with the counsel of attorneys. If found guilty there should then be a remedy to make the offended party whole, or as whole as possible.

In reality, the “criminal justice” system has been turned into an absolute kangaroo court. The presumption of guilt begins with a warrant based on almost nothing. The party that’s being represented as the victim in all criminal cases is the state. “THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA VS JOHN SMITH”. This is why the award always goes to the court by way of involuntary servitude in a penitentiary. Slavery to the state making consumer goods until they feel satisfied with your punishment. The victim? They get the revenge of seeing their enemy enslaved. They don’t get the money generated by the state. They see not one thin dime of the commercial value that slave represents. Justice. Are you fucking kidding me?

As I said earlier, this country doesn’t have a single sovereign. Sovereignty exists solely in the individual souls that make up “we the people”. Each man or woman is a king or queen in their own right. They are the absolute owners of the skin they inhabit, the intellect they use to navigate the world, and the property they collect when they mix their labor and intellect with the earth. This is the “self evident truth” Thomas Jefferson wrote about in our founding document. This leaves us to address each other as if we were addressing another king or queen. The utmost respect is the result of this in practice. Early America shows this. A man’s word was literally their FICO score. In a land of equals offense can be deadly serious.

Early America is what I said. After the 1913 installation of the Federal Reserve Bank and the subsequent income tax, followed by the certification and numbering of our children, for purposes of social security, everything changed. FDR straight up strong armed the American people and made the ownership of gold illegal. They forced you to sign your children up for a corporate ponzi scheme and a military draft to boot. They didn’t have to take away the sovereignty of the American people. What was worth dying for just generations before, could now be bought with the most hollow and pathetic promises. Freedom has been traded further and further as each promise continues to ring hollow.

Now the idea of sovereignty is so far from the minds of Americans that they simply can’t fathom it and like whipped dogs recoil at the slightest suggestion of freedom. Like a show horse they prance around in their chains oblivious to them and even vain for having achieved them. The idea of forced rent on land called property taxes that will lose you the house for failing to pay, being “ownership”:. Forced and enforced rent “registration” on their vehicles as ownership. Use of their “private property” to use :public roads” is a privilege. Privileges are for children and wards of the state. These are all signs that America is dead. They have no moral or intellectual courage to be what they were born to be. Free and independent.

The income tax is a tax on your labor. It’s very definition means it is slavery. You work for the profit of someone other than yourself for months every year. You do so under the threat of being caged or killed. Call it what you want, you’re a slave. Victimless crimes prove you are not at all even close to free. How can there be a crime without a victim. If you are a sovereign human how can you be caged for consuming, owning, or selling anything so long as you aren’t hurting anyone else?

These are the issues that continue to turn a once free and independent people into mindless sheeple. The near term future is dim.


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