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“It’s California, Everything Causes Cancer”

This originated from the all mighty brain drain known as Reddit. I was reading a thread regarding chemistry and ran intoi something funny.

I have to step in just because I’m laughing so hard. This is the state of “scientific inquiry”? Looks like a student/private scientist was showing off some cool looking crystal product and putting it out there for “review”. A good foreigner warned him of the cancer concerns and it triggered a totally appropriate and well understood, sarcastic joke about the chemical tyranny that rules over the chemical industries, specifically in California. Through turning all employees into federal paperwork agents, at the threat of a cage for the wrong type of “misunderstanding “. The industry is terrified of ending up on the news for selling drug precursors to meth cooks. The law requires the company to maintain a profile on their clients and are expected to be able to spot the “signs” that leave one only to assume the orders are for drugs, if the cops decide he should have. Chemical supply companies have been prosecuted and quite possibly for naivety, not malice and certainly not greed.

Sy-Klone International's Compliance with Proposition 65 ("Prop 65"):  Sy-Klone International

To anyone that was here before Prop 65, we saw the state cover its commercial buildings in warnings of cancer causing chemicals everywhere. These warnings are found on literally everything and everywhere. Thus making them totally harmless at best, harmful at worst. If cancer “causes” are ubiquitous in civil society it’s obviously within reasonable calculated risk to question the threat posed in reality, of being exposed to more harmful chemicals than in every other non-Prop 65 state. Pumping gas, eating anywhere, touching anything causes cancer according to the state officials of California. 49 Other states? Must not care.

What about a 3rd world transportation system that keeps the 8th (or whatever) biggest economy, globally, on a 3 day supply chain. Todays Californians are fucking worthless. They are incapable of accepting reality, because they’ve never really known it. Right now the amount of people and small business’ that are leaving is going to show its damage in a little bit. Right now there is a flight from the disgusting California cities like SF, LA, Oakland, San Jose, etc. These folks are flooding into the suburbs that have been traditionally more rural than suburban. They are bringing stupid SFG money with them and just paying cash for higher and higher houses. Unlike much of the country, I still believe this particular real estate is going to remain strong short of hot civil war. Even then, who knows?

So what was it about this brief social misunderstanding and more awkward experience than it had to be, The American born guy should have just explained that California is a straight 3rd world commie government ran by technocratic psychopaths that seek to maintaining absolute control over every aspect of the way you think, love, and hate. In order to demoralize free people into voluntary adoption of child like status in society, you have to enjoy the free access to the tortured minds of a full generation or 2. Today, it’s not unusual for kids to be in daycare at 18 months old, until 18 years old. Then after putting the family home up for hock, it’s off to learn a top notch marketable skill?!?

How corruption affects businesses around the world, in 5 charts

If you hear corruption and role your eyes and make excuses for it, stop reading now. You aren’t any use to me and I’d rather not have you around. You have to be totally psychotic or evil if you see California and just see good government, that operates with the best intentions of, we the people, and a responsibility for our kids futures. I see absolute decadent elites that are on par with the elites from empires of old. Caligula, Clinton. Bush, Nero. Julius Caesar, Henry Kissinger?

This state doesn’t know how to be good anymore. The lottery, ya know, the most regressive tax and degenerate type of gambling that hurts the poor and least capable of critical thought most. That was going to new school money. Ok to gamble on dollar numbers games that are illegal when private, but for the kids when the state does it. Cannabis went from the devils lettuce and the gateway to turning out white college kids to heroin junkies in weeks. Right. Not mommy’s Xanax or Daddy’s vicodin? Not the Adderall they take at the medical guidance of their teacher?

There’s no aspect of your life that isn’t regulated by the state. Your toilets, shower faucets, the scams like 17 school districts in just the city of Santa Rosa. There’s more administrators than educators. The corporate welfare is the absolute worst in this state. Fracking? Absolutely. Oil and gas drilling, sure thing. Mining and logging, of course, at our choosing. Where are these grants sold to corporations for the depletion of valuable and essential resources owned by current and future Californians? State forest and park lands. Also off our coast for drilling and fracking.

UN commission reclassifies cannabis, yet still considered harmful | | UN  News

The economy doesn’t exist between the emerald triangle and Portland. I would draw the line at Sonoma Co, but thanks to the black market, Mendocino Co does over a $Billion/ annually that keeps that county alive. Taxation without representation is extreme in California. Half the land mass has no political power on the state or federal level. They are slaves to the trash that inhabits the Bay Area and south. The state of Jefferson has been a project in the works going back before WWII. Now I’m seeing the “Greater Idaho Project” and it’s heartening to see like minded Americans vote with their feet, money, and ideas. If the migration continues I see no reason we can’t separate from each other under peaceful agreement. Let California invite the world’s poor to enjoy their services, money, jobs and voting regardless of being a citizen of another country. If they want to appease their teachers unions by developing a scheme to pay them not to work and to actually become callous, rude, and intrusive, while never having to get their fat asses out of their PJ’s. Let them and let them call it a COVID precaution if they want. But let them pay for it alone. They are on their own. They wanna be a sanctuary state which sounds like a state that succeeds without the loss of privilege anyway. So If I was from any other state I would be hostile to California and NY at this point. This state deserves nothing from the Americans they look down their noses at. The Americans that aren’t in shambles and ruining their own lives and committing mass child abuse like a cult. Making children act this way is straight up child abuse and the parents that are showing their children that they are scared of the very air outside, that you do exactly as you’re told with zero research or independent verification for yourselves. That living a lie is more important than standing on truth.

For you so called parents, go fu** yourselves. You are monsters and likely doing long term mental damage to your kids. They are safer from this than pools, cars, and guns. making them mask their faces is abuse. You being a pathetic sheep when they need a strong parent that makes them comfortable and safe, makes you the biggest loser in the only worthwhile endeavor you have ever undertaken. You fail. If you crumple in fear and lose your shit over nothing, how are they going to navigate the real dangers, regrets, and victories? In your world they all look the same. Masked people separated by space and emotional cabin fever. Thank you I’m sure they will make excellent school shooters, suicides, and drug addicts. Good Job!!

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