Fuck Kalifornia and Fuck Kalifornians

I’m trying to leave this dumpster fire of a state. It’s not just the overbearing and punitive government, it’s the people that have voted for this and live it like an evangelical cult member. I got fired today. The owner said it was best we go our separate ways. This kinda took me by surprise. Not more than a couple weeks ago she gave me a review, at like a month and a half. The review was positive. She told me to stop speeding but that my future there was going to be bright.

I stopped speeding immediately. I had already stopped speeding anywhere but the freeway after a ticket. Everybody speeds on 101. I was using cruise control at 65 to 70. Something else happened too. A few days ago, maybe a week, they were sent a withholding order from the state franchise board for past taxes.

When the office gal called me about this I was surprised. I don’t have a business and was working full time during 2017, the year I’m being penalized for. So I didn’t give it much thought. Figured I could call someone and explain the issue and avoid being robbed.

Between overzealous cops, absolute fraud committed by the state franchise board, and a boss who didn’t wanna “deal” with it… Looking for a job again.

These people are not trustworthy. Relationships are purely superficial and can be tossed aside for any petty reason or whim. When I accepted employment with this company, I did so clearly and transparent. Told them I had just been let go completely off guard due to a change in ownership. I was honest about the new owners justification too. He claimed I refused to take a urine test. I was refused at the place and took it the next day. This company didn’t urine test and never asked about it further.

My first month was slow. I did like $10,000 in sales. My second month was right at $80,000. I thought things were going well. My relationships with most the other techs and installers seemed good. Today was close to that 90 day mark that makes it harder to fire you. Another Kalifornia blessing.

The last 6 months I’ve been fired twice, ticketed 4 times, and had my wages served with garnishment papers. Last time I was fired was 2014. Last time I got a ticket was 2014. I haven’t had my wages garnished since my daughter was about 10, 9 years ago.

I’m told this is all just me. I need to follow the rules. We can’t risk being associated with someone like you… Wow. I can tell you, as a service guy I see a lot of people in their homes when they are upset. I know these people in a way the grocery store guy never will. I see them when they are entitled, lying, and just plain backstabbing. Sure, you can’t judge groups of people, you have to give everyone a chance. However, I can say the people around here are entitled, shallow, self righteous and petty. In the extreme.

I was working during 2017 for a company well known to this woman. She knows I wasn’t running a business. You’d think a business owner might take note when a fellow employee is being defrauded for doing business that never happened. She preferred to part ways, ya know, it’s just business. Got a bit more than next months rent and looking for work. Ya know, just living.


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