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Everything Is Down, What’s it Mean?!?

Just like everyone else, it seems, I have enjoyed apps like Robinhood (in the past), as well as several crypto platforms to invest/speculate. It’s been an exciting time to see the ease of trading stocks and options, as well as, very good and plentiful platforms for buying and selling crypto have become readily available. Gold and silver remain easy to attain from buying rounds and bars through brokers, to pawn shops, to good old fashioned jewellery.

All this and we are seeing a fall in all investment classes as far as I can see. I don’t keep up on treasury bonds because I’m not retarded. What’s making the price of Bitcoin fall? According to Coinbase the trading activity is 80% buy and 20% sell. Still, the price continues to fall pretty steeply.

The stock market is a mixed bag but in general seems to be on a downward trajectory. This makes plenty of sense. Out of the three things I’m talking about Stocks are the one I expect to fall and hard. Nothing dramatic appears to be happening yet but talk about a house of cards.

Gold is down, silver has been literally unchanged for a year. WTF? What is going on, that can account for this? The actions taken during the last year should have seen gold and silver move huge. Like $3K gold. What accounts for the obvious suppression?

These are observations, I don’t have any answers. I have a feeling Bitcoin is going to correct upward for many reasons. The flight from robinhood and its greater and greater adoption, make it unstoppable, in my opinion. These are all questions we should be asking and trying to predict the future. I’m done letting the things in life “happen” to me. I’m playing for blood and I’m all in.

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