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Cannabis, Cali’s Only Redeeming Quality

Most of California sucks in every way. The only redeeming quality is, its laws and overall stance on cannabis. In general, where I live, weed is not paid much attention at all. There are several dispensaries within a few miles of my home. There are several delivery companies that bring smoke right to your house. It’s now legal to grow a certain amount of plants in your own backyard.

We are coming close to spring and it’s an exciting time for gardeners like myself. I get to actually use some of the atrociously overpriced land I pay for to grow something potentially profitable. Just like a family might do with your local farmers market, I will be doing in the “black/grey market”. Selling to a dispensary has been regulated and taxed beyond what can be considered “worth it”.

There is still a thriving black market that includes interstate commerce, despite, or because of the current legal insanity surrounding this plant. Insanity? Absolutely. Cannabis is safer than water. It has no effective lethal dose. Nobody’s ever witnessed an overdose to set anything empirical. You can overdose on water fairly easily. Not on cannabis, under any recorded circumstances. That this innocuous plant remains on the Schedule 1 drug list is outrageous. It should be regulated like tomatoes, or not at all.

The continued war on Americans that use, sell, or possess a short list of particular drugs is criminal. The fact that most of these substances have analogs that are readily prescribed by doctors for a variety of reasons is further outrageous. The fact that amphetamine is readily prescribed under the diagnosis given by teachers is another outrage. If “gateway” drugs exist they are adderall and vicodin/norco, and heavier opioids. Pot remains a pathway to getting off of these extreme drugs.

Are you in fact, the owner of the skin you’re in? The state would say, no. Maybe not in plain language but in legalese you are in fact, collateral for the national debt. My body, my choice? Only for abortion. Not for the food you get to eat, drugs you are allowed to use, or ways in which you can sell your labor/bodies. Hard to claim ownership of life, when all the things needed to maintain life are regulated or illegal. Even your water is “treated” with chemicals most would prefer it not be, fluoride. Any thinking person would call this forced medication.

The issue of self ownership is a big one. This is about weed and my excitement for the season. I plan to grow a tidy sum of high quality cannabis and to blow oil from all of the “waste”. Truly an enjoyable and relaxing hobby. It takes careful attention and care to avoid bugs, mold, etc. Labor of love for sure. The last thing Cali has going for it. Good growing to all those gardeners out there and good luck to all who choose to consume it.

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