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Call Me Racist, I Dare Ya

This is getting so tired. This explosion of victimhood that’s ripping the country apart is crazy. I’m almost 40 years old. I grew up in the 90’s. We didn’t have any racism, or victims then. Why now? What the hell as gone so wrong that we have become so despicable? What is it that all you white devils have been up to? When I was in high school the word “fag” was thrown around so nonchalantly that it wouldn’t raise an eyebrow of any teacher. That’s because it wasn’t ever out of hate or even said to a gay person. It was a way to call a dude a sissy, wimp, or just lame. Now it’s enough to see a grown man grovel for forgiveness over.

When I grew up there was a saying. “Sticks and stones will break bones, words will never hurt you/me”. What the hell happened to this? I was also brought up with adults that would call you a tattle tail and tell us to work it out ourselves. These two, seemingly common sense and practical, approaches to guiding youngsters has been lost. Helicopter parenting, play dates, and the constant surveillance of children has been bad. Now they are basically recording themselves for posterity to pick apart looking for cancel opportunities.

That is, if we don’t end this crap now. I think the current crop, so to speak, are just going to have to be separated out to find the wheat. The seeds of cancel culture have been rooted far too deep into these people. Those of us that still think need to begin to ridicule and verbally assault all of these people. We need to tear down all safe places. The snowflakes need to be melted and steamed off. I’m talking about a hard break with the culture that thinks it gets to decide what we talk about. No more yip yapping douche bags telling me I’m racist and morally bankrupt for using the wrong pronoun. You are either “sir” or “ma’am”, take it or leave it. If you are offended by either, than I’m hitting you with the verbal rocksalt I’ve got preloaded.

If I happen to get into it with another man and we get heated, all PC crap goes out the window. I’m bringing the most vile shit I can think of. If I’m about to square off with another man in what could be a life threatening altercation, I’m not holding my tongue for fear of offense. I’m going to say whatever I think most affects the other guys mood and focus.

Unfortunately, I’m not talking about the scenario above. These brats today get to cancel full topics, historical events, and races. White, is basically cancelled. Certainly saying anything good about white people as a whole or showing any pride or appreciation in one’s own blood, is out. Minorities in America are basically the rulers already. If an alien were to look at America it would not assume white people were ever a majority, much less the founding stock. Why would a people purposely replace themselves?

The truth is, they didn’t. Nobody ever asked Americans if they wanted to be replaced. I’m, quite sure they would have objected, as they have with every vote since I can remember. The winning line of all politicians in my life was border control and tough on immigration. Americans have consistently asked their representatives to stop giving away their country. The very first immigration laws show us clearly who the country was meant to be populated by. Something like white people of good character. I’m not saying that.

Thomas Paine put it this way in his famous pamphlet Common Sense

 “Europe, and not England, is the parent country of America. This new world hath been the asylum for the persecuted lovers of civil and religious liberty from every part of Europe,”

Europeans are, um, let me see… white! This country was intended to be a refuge for Europeans. It was never even considered that America should, could, or would become a country of divided people with no shared anything. It was commonly understood that religious freedom had nothing to do with voodoo or islam. Why would a faith which enslaved and conquered parts of europe be allowed to visit, much less hold office in a christian country. Catholics and protestants can coexist. Christians and muslims don’t.

The facts are clear. Whether you live in America, South Africa, or Sweden, you are being replaced. Why? Who the hell has been behind this and why can’t it be stopped. White people make up a small percentage of the global population. We are an extreme minority. The few places on Earth my people have made homes are under attack from within and out. All people have interests in retaining their individuality. The diversity in life is having distinct people who live in diverse ways. Celebrating diversity seems to mean celebrating white genocide.

This self hatred that exists within white people is not natural. It’s been propagandized into them from the time they enter school on. We are sending our children to reeducation centers that focus more on critical race theory than reading and writing. It’s more important your child know where they exist on the ladder of oppression, than reading and writing. In all situations of oppression there is an oppressor too. Guess who that is? It’s you white people. You are the reason for all the problems in the world. You are the direct descendants of not just slavers, but the inventors of slavery itself.

Disgusting. The fact is that slavery is as old as time. The one people that ever took the blood and treasure necessary to stop slavery were the British and it’s the British navy that swept the Atlantic slave trade away. It was the Europeans from the enlightenment that even began to consider that men were equal. That equality is made plain in our founding documents. It has also been completely distorted by jealous communists seeking to destroy America.

BLM, Antifa, and the KKK are all the same. Terrorist supporters of the democratic party. The use of black people to stir up division in America has been a plan for decades. I doubt they ever dreamed it would go so well. That’s where we are though. On the brink of a civil war and why? Wedge issues can be inserted when people share nothing. If America is an idea than who’s idea is it? If we are “united”, united by what? We were united until our so called representatives limited European immigration and encouraged the world to send their criminals and uneducated any way they can.

Could this country pull together like it did in WWII? Nope. It isn’t the country that was here in 1945. It’s just a bunch of people to pull democratic levers and remove control from Americans. Then loot Americans. Let the war come now before anymore of this crap is allowed to continue.

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