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A Rant That Was “Canceled”

I’m good at having my comments removed. This was canceled by a so called alternative news site.

Man, I’ve read several articles that are way too wordy and say so little considering word count.

You claim Trump was engaged in an insurrection. That he basically led a failed “armed” revolt that ended with the only gunshot fired into an unarmed lady’s neck. You also say that his language was illegal in questioning the legitimacy of the election.

Do you not remember the last 4 years? When did the democrats ever accept the results of the Trump election? As a private citizen he was put under surveillance without warrant or even suspicion of crime. Then a huge FBI investigation to slander him as a traitor with Russia. Nothing after years and millions of tax dollars. Impeachment 1.0. Another huge waste of the people’s time and money. 

Finally you have the absolute authoritarian governors, so drunk with the authority. Still they shamelessly flout their own edicts in the public’s face. Scared? So much that you can lock down a top 10 economy of the world, with no historical precedent, without even isolating the gene sequence of the virus, and solely based upon an outrageously inflated mortality prediction. Yet the hypocrisy stands.

Dr Fauci has financial interests in conflict with his work. He has patents owned personally. He has financial incentives to pursue vaccination vs treatment. Hydroxychloroquine has treated millions of people all over the world for this, as well taken prophylactically by medical experts. All who use it swear by it. What about the financial incentives to fudge DEATH CERTIFICATES? $13,000 Per covid patient. 6 Figures if they end up on a ventilator, which will kill them. 

Fauchi has been making Americans sicker since at least his work with AIDs. He delayed treatment in order to get the patent first. The US government has since the 70’s let grant researchers privately patent their discoveries. Now technology follows the war complex like smoke follows fire. Technology like weaponized Ebola is something humanity could probably get along without. But hey, too many people around anyway.

My real gripe with the article isn’t your desire to see Trump impeached. I think his aid to the Suadi regime against Yemen is criminal. But you don’t actually name a single offense. You know damn well he gave a political rally speech that explicitly called for peace. The passion of his speeches are the passion of politics. “Fight, take back, get mad, be involved, the other side is unamerican, so and so hates grandma, he’s owned by big, whatever, etc”. This, is political speech. Questioning the election is exactly what the entire left did for 4 years. Punctuated by full blown riots and lawlessness that led to the burning down of police stations and the armed occupation of an area of Seattle for weeks. All but applauded by the media and given free reign by authorities.

Now I hear ya can’t even comprehend the 74 million people who happen to make up half your country. It’s not about Trump any more than it was about Biden. It’s about advancing a set of ideas and having those ideas be executed by someone. The fact is, politicians lie and steal while giving no recognizable thought towards myself or those I care about. 

Say what you want, a country is defined by its geographic borders. The borders are often natural changes in terrain, mountains, valleys, rivers, etc. The modern nation state is a western phenomenon. The American project just happened to come at the right time and place that it became unstoppable. Then after being visited and studied by the world over, we have given the world a ready made blueprint for civilization.

Not just any old clan or tribe. The Declaration of Independence has been the template for over a hundred countries who chose it based upon the “self evident truth” Man is born naturally free. The economic system that naturally flowed from a free people was a free market. Free market of prices, labor, ideas, etc. Commies can’t work their economies simply because economics isn’t math, it’s Human Action. They can’t calculate prices and thus can’t gauge demand at all. Starving and communism go hand and hand.

What a rant. I had a point. Ah yes, the double standard. Knock this shit off. it makes you seem ridiculous. No. It’s insane. You are either straight up gas lighting your readers or you have lost the self awareness to even recognize that every word you write contradicts your very own behavior.

Difference is this, and it’s not small. You saw the Trumpkins win and what did they do to you? No tranny camps, no illegal alien camps, no mass deportations, no wall. California allowed their state to be ruled by a single man for months. So long the legislature had to sue him to try to get their jobs back. Newsome was found to be unconstitutional but seems to disregard both of the other branches that make up our government. A year on and no telling when we will be allowed to live some sort of life.

Suicides, drugs and alcohol, domestic violence, total neglect of all things non covid. This is insanity and everyone knows it. They live the lie with religious fervor because it’s easier than critical thought. To what end?

The constitution is clear here. The proper, legal role for the Feds was to offer the states help and the full authority to act in an emergency. A federal mandate of any kind is and will always be silly at best. Deadly at worst. The states were far more capable of meeting the needs of their unique situation. The Fed’s are only equipped to provide military aid. This would have been appropriate during riots, unacceptable for health management. If it were not for the 24 hour constant news manipulation there wouldn’t have been a pandemic in America. It would have shown up as a bad flu year and left at that.

Trump was a shot at the bell. He was better than Hilary on every level, including war, Russia, immigration, etc. He is going to stand out as the most openly hated by everyone except the people who elected him in history. Lies, exaggerated “scandals” that became so tired and pathetic. He handed out pardons to black people like no other president before him, including Barry Obama.

He’s scum for keeping  Assange, Manning, and Snowden out in the cold. Specially Assange. Wikileaks is not partisan but the timing couldn’t have been better for the Hilary dump. If Assange had that kind of dirt on Trump he would release it. The “collateral murder” video that dropped on Bush’s watch was far more offensive to the country, embarrassing and illegal. Our troops laughing about mini gunning a couple reporters? Kinda bad.

So he’s gone now. You get to deal with the people who put him there. He never lead anyone. He was chosen for his perceived ability to effect the swamp that is DC. Now we know a political solution is no longer viable. We also hear daily, liberal psychopaths that think trump voters need to be round up, drone bombed on US soil, or Gitmo. You keyboard tough guys are out of your minds if you think you want a civil war. You think Biden trusts his own military? Not the Guard troops. You really think the bulk of enlisted soldiers identify as liberals?

The US government has war gamed this to death. I will spoil it for you. Their conclusion is that as soon as the civil war has begun, the established system has already lost. It’s only a matter of body count and time. They expect to lose upwards of 80 percent of sergeant level and lower. Half or more of the alphabet agencies. From what I gather, the local police won’t even be considered due to their fear of revenge on families and such. A group of a dozen or so men could kill the power to SF in an instant. And the best weapon would be the 30.06 hunting rifle their dad got em. Sequenced attacks on power, water, and sewer would bring chaos enough to just back off and watch. Probably OAC isn’t the only fan of lists.

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