“What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate”

Civil War 2.0

This started as a reply on Reddit. It got wordy and a bit sensitive so I put it here.

When I hear folks accusing half of the voting public and anyone who didn’t vote for the donkey to be white supremacists. On what planet are you guys on? Racism absolutely exists but the idea that it solely exists in the broken minds of white people, and mostly just American white people, is 100% false and demonstrably so. We can go off any statistic you want. White devils still represent the majority in this country. Black people in total only make about 12 to 15 percent. Who commits more violent crime based solely on race and hate? Am I really to believe that black men are afraid of white people? No way. Do I believe the police are out of control? 100%.

Even with this, how many UNARMED black men were murdered by police in 2019? I think less than 10. Something like 15 unarmed whites were murdered. In the case of an Arizona man a team of black suited up psychos with rifles trained on a crying man who tries to crawl to them but at about 2 ft away he’s executed with five or so .223 rounds at arms length. How many of you folks have heard the name Daniel Shaver? Please look this up and ask yourself why you never heard about it.

How do white people know the police act this way if the media purposely ignores all cases of cops killing white people and they stoke hatred and incite actual violence over some shootings that were just not immoral or illegal. Ferguson? Hands up don’t shoot? Not even close. If I at 5’7” and 150 pounds punched a cop and grabbed at his gun, which I wouldn’t, you better believe the results would have been the same. Except for the media coverage, riots, and casual violence against white people who had nothing to do with anything at all.  

If I was racist I’d say it. I don’t think racists are typically the brightest or most useful of the bunch. I don’t think they are all cowards though. If half the country hated a 12 percent portion that they could easily distinguish from themselves, would there be 12 percent black population? I think not. What if the entire system was systematically racist in every way? To the point of re-education for whites to hate themselves. Add 70 million voters that are racist too and how could any army at that deficit win, let alone civilians that can be kidnapped in the night under no knock warrants for the word bribed out of some junkie to get out of a possession charge.

I’m a huge fan of Malcom X. I understand when he was younger and more taken in by the NOI that he hated whites. Even if I had tried to help him, which I wouldn’t have directly, he would have rightly so accused me of being an undercover rat. In his position I would do the same.

What I love about Malcom and am proud to call him my countryman is that he changed. He grew wise with time. His temper cooled. His heart came through. I don’t suspect he would ever except a white grand baby but I don’t care. The man was undeniably brave, unflinching in his convictions, and he loved his people enough to martyr himself. He knew the feds and the NOI were both capable and willing to get rid of him. 

The best clip I’ve ever seen is when he’s interviewed after his house was fire bombed. He told the white, douchey reporter that until his people were willing to pay the price for freedom they would stay second class citizens. The reporter very dumb like asks him, what’s the cost of freedom? Malcom don’t miss a beat. Jaw clenched eyes wild, he says the price for freedom is death.

That’s what the English spent 1000 years dying for. I’m almost all English and Irish. The Magna Carta was a deal with the landlords and management class. My home island was bathed in blood for almost all of that 800 years or so. The last and most effective civil war was maybe the 1600’s. After that I think the 100 year war in France began. Then the purposeful starving and trying to make the Irish extinct. My people there were still fighting for blood until the 90’s. Even today England holds Northern Ireland as its own.

If you all would just take a minute to appreciate the reality we are in, you will see what Malcom finally saw and talked about shortly before being shot to death. Theres a western conspiracy that aims to own the world and control every thing like gods on earth.

Technocratic control freaks that hate humanity and have brought war and death upon us through their efforts to decide and conquer us both. I have so much more in common with a peasant in Yemen than I do a Bush or Clinton.

If we don’t see what is going on and we continue to hate each other how does this end for anyone in America?  300 million guns legal guns. Billions of bullets. We don’t wanna fight. Trust me liberals, you don’t want to do this. Don’t be tools for tyranny and hatred. Black Americans, please don’t do this. And white people get off your knees and lead be example. Constantly “fixing” problems that ain’t yours continues to have the exact opposite effect. Before the 1960’s black fathers were around more than white ones. Blacks owned every business in their neighborhoods. They even ran the black market lottery called numbers. Then bussing, forced integration, the great society and welfare. And the final nail in the coffin was the war on Americans who prefer to self medicate with natural heroin instead of the pill form the doc gives ya.

If bigotry is the problem, its the bigotry of low expectations from your so called allies. The Republican Party was the party of Lincoln. Don’t mean nothing to me but blacks who thought he rescued them by killing a million whites and burning the south down while helpless women were were violated and robbed and maybe had there whole lives burnt down. Sherman’s March to the sea. Disgraceful and even the British didn’t do what Lincoln did. Hundreds of years of professional armies gave way to rules of war. Civilians were never targeted. The battle was men in a field until enough of one side was dead enough and then occupation or plunder.

Thanks to Lincoln the world saw the 20th century soak the earth with the blood of the innocent thanks to “total war” theory developed and used on the southern women while their men were in northern soil taking the fight to other men. After they began to hear of their homes it must have felt like a sucker punch on a fair fight. 2 men of honor walk into the arena. One gets destroyed after a long close fight. He comes to and his better tells him I burnt your house down while you were fighting men with guns. We just took from helpless women and kicked old timers to the dirt.

You would very soon realize that it was rigged the whole time. Then you begin to hear the yarn about the war of emancipation. News to you though because you know it was the south that initiated the actual taking of a fort and moving against a seriously inequitable trade system. Tariffs were brutal on the southern economy. Europe wanted tobacco, sugar, cotton and rum and it all came from the south. Taxed by export tariffs and then they were taxed again for importing the European farm equipment. Technology lag and intentional poverty from their so called brothers in arms became the spark of revolution. The south didn’t want to rule the north. It wanted sovereignty over its borders. Only about half the south seceded at first. The other states joined “the cause” after they saw Lincoln’s army invading their kin. This was not expected. After all the constitution gives no authority to stop a state from leaving, nor does it allow for the maintenance of the union by violent occupying “reformers”.


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