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Science, what science? #2

Science is supposed to be a method for discovering truths. It should never be settled by consensus. It requires strict scrutiny and dedicated research to prove any theory. The “gold standard” for scientific evidence is the peer review journals. Some of these are available to read for free. Most research papers on journals live behind paywalls. If it’s worthy of peer review, I say open it up to public review.

Sure, I’m no doctor or a rocket scientist. I do have a body that I want to keep healthy. I use science every day. Whether it’s the science of sales or the need to know how air conditioning works. I love science. If I were to do everything over again I might have gone into chemistry. I find the process of combining chemical compounds with one another in just the right medium and under just the right conditions, to be magical. Alchemy was the beginning of chemistry and definitely magical.

John Snow, and OpenStreetMap | Freakonometrics
Cartoon of J Snow

Human beings are just endlessly curious. (used to be, at least) We started by trying to isolate everything into its smallest definable component. The same time they were getting hardware to star gaze, they also were looking at smaller and smaller things. The telescope led to the microscope. While some were stuck in the clouds and obsessed with the heavens. There was others that were sure that there was more to see if they could only find a way to see it.

DNA, the atom, and now the nanoparticle have all been great discoveries. Before DNA (discovery I mean) and most everything for that matter, sickness and birth defects were either God jerking you around or bad swampy air. A conspiracy theorist of his time. Jon Snow discovered the cause of cholera. Well He must have been frustrated with the status quo. He was sure the source of the disease was the shared water source of the areas that got sick. The establishment called him crazy and alarmist. Water is life after all, how could it kill you?

Microbiology from A to Z - Micropia

Bottom line. Londoners were drinking their own awful when using one company’s water pumps as oppose to the other. One was downstream from the sewer. One upstream. This is the same era that saw doctors be offended by suggesting they wash their hands before delivering a baby. Doctors have always been “better” than you. Even if they have poison treatments or believe they can drain bad blood to fix folks up.

You’d think this incredible discovery would be treated with fevered intellectual curiosity. He didn’t know what Cholera was, he just knew that all the victims used the same well. Instead of looking into the water, that was common to all cases, they blew it off saying both pipes come from the Themes. It took many more lives and stress for Jon before it was found that the sewer for London dumped out right upstream from the well inlet.

Jon Snow was essentially the “kook” or conspiracy theorist of his time. I would gladly send Fauchi back to be drawn and quartered in trade for Mr Snow. Jon would have us all on Quinine or todays easier to digest, hydroxychloroquine. The establishment was in consensus. Dirty peasants breathe dirty swamp gasses and catch the measma. Dirty air around dirty peasants. Sound familiar? I sure hope so!

Science has been ruined and the minds that make use of the scientific method are filled with garbage. Hydroxychloroquine would have given people releif. It is giving people relief. It’s being used up all over the world regardless of the endorsement by Trump. Its been used for hundreds of years and it works wonders for the current Germ that people were being put on respirators for.

According to Fauchi, Gates, and the deputy Karen Masks we all need a shot before we can go outside and breathe. This is bothersome due to conflicting interests and special interests. Fauchi has money in vaccines. Gates has doubled his wealth since getting into the vaccine “charity” biz. If I sold something, anything, I would love to be able to force feed it on 8 billion non consenting buyers. I would even be tempted to inflate my death toll numbers while never mentioning any survivors, treatments, or hope in anything but the shot.

Truth is, I work in sales and I couldn’t, wouldn’t, be able to do what Billy and Tony are up to. You think your car mechanic or HVAC guy is robbing you? I look people in the eyes when I tell them they have to buy a new furnace. I don’t even tell them it has to be mine, just that theirs has to go. Even this is offensive to the ear, being told your property needs something new because the one you have is leaking CO. CO Like a virus, is colorless, odorless, and goes right through cotton. Unlike the Germ CO can kill babies as well as boomers.

Science is a method. kinda like terror. When manipulated in front of the masses it can buy enough fear to to make people lose their humanity and act like base animals. Just like sheep they are begging for the shear. Too stupid to notice the chop.

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